Where the Heart Is - Recap

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The scene opens with Ethan, Mike and Adam playing basketball and they talk about how Adam tells Callie everything in their relationship. He says that it is fine, but they know it is not. Later, Callie and Adam talk about how she “took care” of herself when Adam was sleeping. He says that he is a little offended and says that she is the first woman who does that. Callie tells that she is not the only one and all of Adam’s past girlfriends did it. Callie calls Lisa up and she tells that she has never done that beside Mike, but in a bathtub, she has. However, she would never tell him that because guys are sensitive. Lisa pulls up to a fast food place and gets a milkshake. Lisa tells that she sneaks a shake and doesn’t tell Mike about it because she teases him about what he eats and it would be awkward.

Mike, Adam and Ethan go to the bar and Lisa calls. He tells that he would like to go to the movies because he hasn’t gone in a long time. Adam tries to tell him that he went last week, but Ethan tells him to be quiet. Mike lies and says that he is going to the gym. Lisa tells that she knows that he is at the bar because their new phones have GPS in them. He tells the guys that she is tricky, but he has her where he wants her. Ethan gets a call to work and says that he is delivering organs. Adam gets to work and Kevin tells that he loved his article and says that he feels bad about the promotion and says that says that Sextasy is his next article. Adam says that the books are depressing and Kevin says that there are others, but Adam decides to do the Sextasy article. Mike is at work and finds that Lisa is getting a milkshake. Ethan is on a date and made Gumbo. There are oysters in it and the girl says that she is allergic. They rush her in the ambulance and he tells that he didn’t bother asking the girl.

Adam gets home and tells that he smells like a limo driver because Kevin hugged him. The deliver guy gets there with the food and Callie looks through Adam’s bag for his wallet. She finds the book and quickly hides it. The delivery guy says that he saw it and says that it is alright to go with it and improvise. Adam comes out and the delivery guy says that he must be getting ready for the big night and winks at him. The next day, Callie talks to Lisa and says that she didn’t tell Adam that she saw the book and just bought it instead. She tells her to give Adam a part of the book and amaze him. Mike calls her up and tells that he is tracking her on the GPS and tells her to take a different route because of traffic. He forces her to quickly turn as he is at the fast food restaurant getting a milkshake. Lisa calls back Callie and tells that she has the moral ground right now and can’t give up the GPS. She decides that she is going to get a milkshake. She pulls up and finds Mike dancing in his car drinking a milkshake outside the fast food restaurant. She tells herself that Mike woke a sleeping giant.

Mike gets home and she tells that she upgraded the GPS and that it now sends a text every time they leave their location to the other’s phone. He is not happy about it and she shows that it works. Callie gets home and tells Adam to hit the showers. He showers and Callie joins him and they get “busy”. The next day, Adam talks to Mike and Ethan about the conquest and Ethan congratulates him. Mike tells that she is trying to spice up their love life and Adam says that is not true. Meanwhile, Callie and Lisa talk about it and Lisa says that she tried it and now she will take it to the trash, but puts it in her purse. Mike tells Adam and Ethan that he doesn’t need any of that and says that his love life is great because they do it and then Lisa takes a bubble bath and purrs like a kitten. At work, Mike’s secretary tells that “The Vengeance”, the movie Mike wants to see is playing in town and Mike calls Lisa up and tells that he is going to be in a disposition for a while. He switches phones with his secretary. Meanwhile, Ethan gets another organ to deliver and sees Rene an old fling and says that he has a few hours to kill. Later, Adam joins Callie in the shower and tells that she was only doing that because of the book.

At the bar, Ethan tells Rene that they could get to the room and says that he can’t really wait that long. Back in the shower, Callie asks if he is happy with what they have and he says that he is, but wanted to continue with the role play because of the character development. Lisa meets Mike at the movies and tells that she knew that he was going to be there. He says that he knew that she was going to be there too and got her a milkshake, but it really isn’t and she tells that he got outwitted and he says that he did today. Ethan gets out of the bathroom and it looks like Rene is eating the heart that Ethan had on ice. She turns around and it is a sandwich. He realizes that they mixed up coolers. Mike and Lisa start making-out in the theater and Mike goes a little far with the sexy talk. He says that he is sorry. Ramon opens the cooler and finds the heart. Adam and Callie roll-play and he pulls out paper from Callie’s bra and is impressed with the detail when the cops up. The next day, they go to the theater and meet Callie’s old Coach Saunders; the same name that Adam was roll-playing with. Callie tells that they are going to get Adam a large Popcorn. The episode ends.