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Treasure Hunter: Kirsten Gum Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Sunstones

First aired: Dec/05/2006

Mining sunstones in the Oregon high desert; gem-faceting techniques; kayaking and snorkling Florida rivers for fossil teeth from the C. Megalodon, an ancestor of the shark.

2 :01x02 - Gold

First aired: Dec/05/2006

Becky searches for gold at Roaring Camp in northern California, where she learns to pan and sluice. Afterwards, she take her haul to a jeweler to have it appraised.

3 :01x03 - Diamonds

First aired: Dec/12/2006

Becky looks for gems at the Crater of Diamonds Park in Arkansas and meets a man who found a flawless yellow diamond worth more than $15,000.

4 :01x04 - Sunken Treasure

First aired: Dec/12/2006

Becky searches for sunken treasure off Key West, with assistance from Mel Fisher's Treasures, eventually uncovering a rare silver coin.

5 :01x05 - AquaMarines

First aired: Dec/19/2006

Becky hunts for aquamarines in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, finds them by dynamiting mine walls, and then has them cut, polished and appraised.

6 :01x06 - Meterorites

First aired: Dec/19/2006

Becky searches for meteorites in Kansas, uncovering one that is valued at $129,000. Also: meteorite hunters in New Mexico and at a gallery show in Dallas.

7 :01x07 - Sapphires

First aired: Dec/26/2006

In Montana, Becky looks for sapphires and visits the Sapphire Gallery in Phillipsburg, later travelling to the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine in Helena. Also: heat-treating sapphires.

8 :01x08 - Civil War Relics

First aired: Dec/26/2006

Civil War artifacts are uncovered along the Potomac River near Fredericksburg, Va. Host: Becky Worley.

9 :01x09 - Fluorescent Minerals

First aired: Jan/02/2007

Becky looks for fluorescent minerals at the Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, N.J.

10 :01x10 - Truffles

First aired: Jan/02/2007

In Cotton Grove, Ore., Becky hunts for truffles, the most expensive fungus in the world, and gets instruction from Jack Czarnecki on how to prepare them.

11 :01x11 - Opals

First aired: Jan/09/2007

Becky hunts for opals in northern Nevada's Virgin Valley and in Oregon. Also: polishing the gemstones.

12 :01x12 - Thunder Eggs

First aired: Jan/09/2007

13 :01x13 - Amethysts

First aired: Feb/17/2007

Becky visits an amethyst deposit at Jackson's Crossroads, Ga., and takes her find to be cleaned and polished.

14 :01x14 - Antique Bottles

First aired: Jan/23/2007

Becky digs for antique bottles in New York and Oregon.

15 :01x15 - Fish Fossils

First aired: Jan/23/2007

Becky digs up fossil deposits in Kemmerer, Wyo., and takes them to GeoDecor, in El Segundo, Cal., to have them evaluated.

16 :01x16 - Megalodon Teeth

First aired: Jan/30/2007

Becky kayaks and snorkels the rivers of Florida in search of fossilized teeth from a megalodon, a prehistoric shark.

17 :02x01 - Emeralds

First aired: Dec/04/2007

In North Carolina, Kirsten visits the North American Emerald Mine and learns to recognize natural features that indicate where emeralds are.

18 :02x02 - Herkimer Diamonds

First aired: Dec/04/2007

Kirsten hunts for Herkimer diamonds, a type of quartz crystal, in upstate New York.

19 :02x03 - Turquoise

First aired: Dec/11/2007

Kirsten uses dynamite to unearth turquoise in Tonopah, Nev., and has her find appraised at a gallery in Scottsdale, Ariz.

20 :02x04 - Agates

First aired: Dec/11/2007

Kirsten dives for agates in Lake Superior.

21 :02x05 - Tourmaline

First aired: Dec/18/2007

Kirsten travels deep into a Himalayan Mine in Mesa Grande, known as the largest gemstone mine in North America, with Simon King to hunt for tourmaline.

22 :02x06 - Alaskan Gold

First aired: Dec/18/2007

Kirsten learns the skill of panning for gold from an old-timer known as 'Goldrush' Peck, while in Hope, Alaska.

23 :02x07 - Morel Mushrooms

First aired: Jan/01/2008

Host Kirsten Gum scours the Wisconsin woods for morel mushrooms, with guide Chris Matherly.

24 :02x08 - Copper

First aired: Jan/01/2008

Kirsten travels to the Caledonia Copper Mine of Lake Superior.

25 :02x09 - Petrified Wood

First aired: Jan/08/2008

Kirsten is in Oregon, searching for valuable petrified wood that is over 30 million years old!

26 :02x10 - Dinos

First aired: Jan/16/2008

Kirsten, along with paleontologist Pete Larson, participates in the Waugh dig for dinosaur fossils in Eastern Wyoming.

27 :02x11 - Star Garnets

First aired: Jan/23/2008

Kirsten, with Louise Darby a.k.a. "the garnet queen", dig, sift and sluice to discover deep purple, raw 'star garnets' which can be worth thousands of dollars.

28 :02x12 - Ginseng

First aired: Jan/30/2008

Kirsten hunts for ginseng root in West Virginia.

29 :02x13 - Fire Agates

First aired: Feb/06/2008

Kirsten searches for Fire Agates at the Opal Hill mine.

30 :02x14 - Jade

First aired: Feb/13/2008

Kirsten finds herself in the treacherous waters of Big Sur, searching for Jade off the coast of California, at Jade Cove.

31 :02x15 - Colonial Artifacts

First aired: Feb/20/2008

Kirsten travels to Connecticut to participate in the annual "Grand National Relic Shootout'.

32 :02x16 - Trilobites - Utah

First aired: Apr/02/2008

Kirsten digs for trilobite fossils in Delta, Utah.

33 :02x17 - Benitoite - California

First aired: Apr/09/2008

Kirsten searches for the rare gemstone benitoite in an underground tunnel in San Benito County, Cal.

34 :02x18 - Rose Quartz - Georgia

First aired: Apr/16/2008

Kirsten searches for Star Rose Quartz at the Hogg Mine.

35 :02x19 - Rock Candy - Canada

First aired: Apr/16/2008

Kirsten hunts for minerals at the Rock Candy Mine in Grand Forks, British Columbia.

36 :02x20 - Topaz - Utah

First aired: Apr/23/2008

Kirsten searches for gems on Topaz Mountain in the Thomas Range in Utah.

37 :02x21 - Antique Bottles - California

First aired: Apr/30/2008

Kirsten finds herself in California's Sacramento Valley, chiseling past asphalt to discover the valuable and ancient bottles beneath.

38 :02x22 - Lobster - California

First aired: Apr/30/2008

Kirsten is after Spiny Lobsters, a valuable delicacy, on Catalina Island in Southern California. After a hard day 'bugging', she flirts with the notion of selling her treasures at a local fish market before turning her treasure into fine cuisine.

39 :02x23 - Brazilian Aquamarine

First aired: May/07/2008

Outside the Brazilian city of Governador Valadares, Kirsten sifts the tailings piles of the Jaco Mine for aquamarine.

40 :02x24 - Brazilian Bling

First aired: May/07/2008

Kirsten searches the Rio Doce in Brazil for morganite, a form of pink bery

41 :02x25 - Australian Black Opals

First aired: May/14/2008

Kirsten travels to Lightning Ridge, Australia, home to the world's richest deposit of black opals. She climbs to the top of the Sydney harbor bridge, checks out an underground opal mine, and heads deep into the bush, hunting opals.

42 :02x26 - Australian Geodes

First aired: May/14/2008

Kirsten searches for exotic "thunder eggs" in Australiass Queensland region. She visits "Thunder Egg Park", where she explores the Australian wilds. Kirsten then heads to the city of Gold Coast, where her thunder egg is transformed into a necklace.

43 :02x27 - Aussie Gold Rush

First aired: May/21/2008

Kirsten is treasure hunting for gold in Australia's Golden Triangle. After a look at what life was like during the Australian gold rush, she goes modern with a metal detector. She brings her gold to "The Mining Exchange" for a cleaning and appraisal.

44 :02x28 - Aussie Sapphires

First aired: May/21/2008

Kirsten is in Australia, hunting for blue and gold sapphires. She spends some time with Koalas, Kangaroos, and Crocodiles and visits a public fossicking area. She finds sapphires in many colors and has one special green stone fashioned into a ring.

45 :03x01 - Cascade Crystals

First aired: Nov/06/2008

46 :03x02 - Golden Treasures

First aired: Jan/03/2009

First, Kirsten battles death-defying cliffs, explosives and a locked forest service gate in search of the rare combination of Pyrite and Quartz Crystals. Pyrite is often called "Fool's Gold," but there is no fooling around during this high adventure for our treasure hunter. Then Kirsten turns back the hands of time - mining for real California gold like the 1849ers. She ultimately uses modern tools as well - diving into the freezing waters of the Mokelume River to get those shiny, valuable nuggets.

47 :03x03 - Volcanic Treasures

First aired: Jan/10/2009

Kirsten is on the hunt for treasures created by volcanoes. First, she travels to the big island of Hawaii where Mt. Kilauea has been erupting for over 20 years. She dives for rare Hawaiian shells that live in lava tubes and tries her hand at the ancient art of spear fishing. Next stop is Modoc State Park in California to find the beautiful Rainbow Obsidian - a volcanic glass - that has been used by the Native American tribes here for centuries.

48 :03x04 - The Wild West

First aired: Jan/17/2009

Join Kirsten Gum as she takes her treasure hunting skills to the peaks and valleys of the Wild West. First, she climbs to the top of a 14,000 ft. peak in Colorado in search of valuable gemstones: Aquamarine and Smoky Quartz. Then she saddles up her horse to work as a ranch hand in the desolation of West Texas to get some rare Red Plume Agate - the only place in the world where it's found.

49 :03x05 - Bones & Relics

First aired: Jan/24/2009

Treasure hunting isn't all about gemstones and this week Kirsten is going off the beaten path for unusual finds. She will dive off the shark-infested coast of Florida in search of fossilized sharks' teeth and then brave the hot, sticky swampland of South Carolina to recover relics from the time plantations were a way of life.

50 :03x06 - Treasures Of The Deep

First aired: Jan/31/2009

Kirsten never passes up an opportunity to treasure hunt in the ocean. This week's treasure is the delectable Dungeness Crab found off the Pacific Coast. Crab fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs around and she'll come face to face with rough seas, dangerous equipment and the wrath of these razor-clawed crustaceans. Then it's a beachcomber's dream. Kirsten kayaks to a hidden beach in the middle of San Francisco Bay and battles the dangerous surf off Santa Cruz in search of Sea Glass.

51 :03x07 - Tresures of the Wild West

First aired: Feb/21/2009

Kirsten is on the search for aquamarine and smokey quartz in Colorado. Then, she heads to Texas and looks for red plum agate while working as a ranch hand.