Nothing But the Blood - Recap

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Sam goes outside to throw trash out and hears both Tara and Sookie screaming. He runs towards them and they are still at the car with the Detective. They tell Sam that there is someone dead inside. The detective tells them to step back so he can see who it is. Tara is worried that that is Lafayette, but it isn't. It turns out that it is the woman who did the fake exorcisms to Tara and her mother. The detective checks for a pulse, but when he lifts what is covering the body he realizes that someone ripped her heart out. Tara realizes who it is and screams. The rest of the cops show up and Sookie is listening on everyone's thoughts. Tara is worried that the police will figure out that she knew who the woman was and Sookie hears her thinking about how she went and pushed her at the store where she works. The officer asks her if she is not telling her something and Tara tells her no. The detective tells the sheriff that the woman is in full on rigor mortis. He wants to work and the sheriff tells him he should go home because he is overworked and drunk. The detective tells him in a shocked tone that he is not overworked!

Sam and Sookie are talking as they watch the woman's body get taken away. He tells her that he has seen enough dead bodies to last him a life time at this point. Sookie tells him that she doesn't get this particular murder. She says that with the people that Rene killed, you can see his rage but with this particular murder--ripping out the woman's heart---someone just wanted to see her suffer. Tara comes over and tells Sookie she is ready to close up and go home if she is and Sookie asks her how she knew that woman. Tara tries to fight it by saying she already told her she didn't but she stops--tired of lying--and tells her that she was the woman that gave her and her mother the exorcisms. Sookie hugs her and says she is sorry and she had no idea. Sookie told her that she has to tell the police and Tara says she'll probably be up all night answering questions. She tells them that her mother is going to fall to pieces when she finds out. Sam tells her that him and Sookie will close up shop.

Bill is at his house telling the new vampire Jessica his rules. He tells her that her bedtime is 4am, not a minute later. He tells her that as long as she lives under his roof she will not feed on people and he says that they also recycle in that house. He tells her that True Blood and other glass items go in the blue container and paper items go in the other container. When Bill's cell phone rings Jessica asks if she can have one and he tells her no. Sookie is on the phone to tell him that something awful has happened and she'll be a bit late. He tells her to take her time. Bill tells Jessica that they are going to have a guest and she asks if they can eat her. He tells her no and then she asks who she is and if she is his girlfriend. He tells her yes and then she asks if she's a vampire. He tells her no and she asks if she has to be nice to her. He tells her to go upstairs and take off her make up and to make herself look more presentable as he won't have her looking like a "slatter". She asks what that is and he clarifies that that is a lady of the evening. She tells him that is awesome.

Jason is at home reading a book called Children of Light with a highlighter. It says that if the children of God are the creatures of light then undoubtedly the creatures of the night are the children of Satan. He is enlightened by this and then remembers Amy and all of the wonderful times they had. He misses her and cries on her side of the bed. Tara is at the police station telling them about the exorcism. The lady officer doesn't believe her because last time when she was drinking she told them about the woman and the pig in the road. She tells her that she has quite an imagination. The detective gives her a hard line of questioning. She tells them that she has a voodoo bus out in the middle of the woods. He gets angry and tells her that he knows she is pulling something. The sheriff tells him that he is done for the night because he tells him that he can be either a material witness to a homicide or a suspect. Tara's mother comes running in asking what happened to the voodoo woman Miss Jeanette. Tara sits down to tell her that there was never a real Miss Jeanette. She was just a fraud. Her mother doesn't believe her. She thinks that she is just telling her that because she is still mad at her. Tara tries to tell her that she gave her peyote and a drug that induces vomiting to make her think she was getting rid of her demon. Her mother tells her that it is a sin to speak ill of the dead. She tries to tell her that it was a scam. Her mother says that she cured her and then asks if she is alright now, which proves that she was cured.

Lafayette is in a dirty basement chained up like a slave. He is with three other people and they are pushing what they are chained to in circles. One of the men that set the house of vampires on fire has been thrown into the dungeon and he notices Lafayette. He asks him what he is doing there and Lafayette tells him that he wishes that he knew. He asks him where the hell they are and who the other people are and then he starts getting loud. Lafayette slams his chains and tells him to shut his mouth and calls him an inbreed. He asks him where that other guy was going that was taken out and Lafayette tells him he doesn't know but sometimes there are screams. He asked him how long he has been there and Lafayette says he doesn't have a clue. Sookie gets to Bill's and tells him about what happened with the woman being found in the car with her heart ripped out. He tells her that he is sorry she had to witness that. She tells him that she couldn't get the voices to quiet down. She said that she was too freaked out to resist. She tells him that it is the first quiet moment of the whole night. He tells her that he needs to tell her something and she tells him to be quiet and kiss her.

Jessica comes out wrapped in a towel. She says hi to her and says she must be Sookie. She tells Bill she loves his shower. Tara apologizes to her mother outside of the police station. She tells her that she didn't want to tell her that because despite everything she has done there is a sick part of her that can't bare to see her unhappy. She tries to tell her again that Miss Jeanette was a fraud and her mother tells her that there wasn't a fraud. She tells her that she is living, breathing thriving proof that she wasn't a fraud. She says that she is still healed and stronger than ever. She tells her that she is going to pray for her. Tara tells her not to because she is actually doing a lot better than she has in a long time. Her mother tells her then they should pray for Miss Jeanette because there is evil out there that was out for her soul and if she is not careful it will come for her's too. Maryanne pulls up and hugs Tara and tells her she came as soon as she heard. She asks if she is alright and Tara tells her that is her mother. She introduces herself to her mother. She tells her that it is a rare experience to meet someone so devoid of emotion and compassion that she would abandon her child when she needed her most. Her mother is caught off guard by this and asks her what? Maryanne says that she just knew that she was empty inside. She tells her that there's always something outside that gets the blame or all the credit like Jesus and gin. She also tells her that it is extraordinary that despite all of the abuse and neglect Tara is still capable to have love for her and that she is a hell of a girl and takes them home.

Bill, Sookie, and Jessica are talking about what happened. He explains to her what his punishment was and she asks how old the girl is. Jessica tells her that she is seventeen and Sookie asks where her parents are. Jessica asks Bill if she is always like this. She asks if Jessica and him had sex and they didn't. He tells her that this was a punishment as he had to create another vampire to replace the one he killed to save her. Jessica realizes the situation and then says "so, this is all your fault?" to Sookie. Bill tells her that she needs to retire to bed and she tells him that she is not tired. He lays a heavy hand to her verbally and tells her to go. She tells him that compared to Fangtasia this blows. Bill and Sookie are alone and he tells her that they can't turn her out yet because she is a very young vampire and she hasn't gotten control on her impulses or behaviors. He tells her that she is dangerous. Sookie asks where she has been and he tells her that she has been with him and before that she was with Eric and Pam at Fangtasia. Sookie asks if it is at all possible that she killed the woman at Merlott's and he tells her no--probably not. He is unsure. She is upset because this happened two weeks ago and they talked about everything under the sun but he still didn't tell her. She is hung up over how he had to sleep with her over night in the grave. He tells her that during his whole "life" as a vampire he has never turned a person due to the pain that it causes. He would have never wanted to do this. She is upset that he kept this from her and asks how she is supposed to trust him. She told him that she has shared every dark corner of her life with him and asks what made him think she couldn't handle his. She tells him that she is a lot stronger than he thinks and walks out.

The reverend and the spokeswoman for the American Vampire League are having a debate. The reverend tells her that they have no respect for life and says then therefore there is no respect for death. He also tells them that they have cheated death. She tells him that she has much respect for life as they have had their own at one point. She also tells him that obviously his kind has no respect for life either and that vampires can certainly can die. She tells him that it is a thinly veiled way of inciting people to kill them. He says that no amount of political grandstanding will hide the fact that she knows who killed his family and their blood is on her hands. She tells him that it is an outrageous accusation. He tells her that it is a sunny day in America and wishes she was there. The vampire spokeswoman tells him to give her twelve hours and she will be right there. The reverend's wife tells him that he did a great job and they go to meet up with people afterwards. Jason is introduced to the reverend and Jason tells him that he has been reading his father's book and it has been making him think. He tells him that he thinks Jason would be perfect for the institute that they have. It would cost him $1200 dollars. The reverend tells him that there is no price for salvation.

Sam shows up at Maryanne's house with the bag of money. The man that answers the door says that she was expecting him last night and Sam tells him that there was a murder in his parking lot. The man goes to see if Maryanne is available and Sam looks around to find a statue that he lifts up and flashes back to when he showed up on her property as a dog. He runs up and goes into the doggy door and goes to human self and picks up what looks like either a turkey or chicken leg. He feasts and then steals all sorts of items from the home. Maryanne catches him and tells him how had he broken the statue she would have been very angry. She tells him that he is interesting and asks how old he is. The man snaps him out of his memories and tells him that Maryanne is still asleep. He tells him to tell her that he has something for her.

Sookie is alone at home listening to music and she decides to go into her Grandmother's room that has remained untouched since her death. The bed is not made, the water is still next to her bed, and her medication is there. She picks up knitting needles as she was working on something. She decides to go through all of her things and separate them into boxes for the Good Will and what to keep. The door bell rings and there is a man named Mr. Lancaster shows up and tells her that her great uncle Bartlett has passed on. He tells her that they found him when he washed up on the shore. They think that he got too close and fell into a creek behind the house. She asks if he had marks or anything on his body and they tell her that there are gators and fish in the water so there wasn't much of a body to speak of. He apologizes and says he was proud to call him his friend and tells her that he left her $11,000 dollars because of how special she was to him.

Tara, Maryanne, and Eggs are outside by the pool smoking a joint. They are staring at an art piece of a God and his human lover. Maryanne tells them that it could have been anyone of them as at one point Gods were not as untouchable as they are now. Tara says that except for her mother who has a direct line to Jesus sarcastically. Maryanne tells her that she has an uncanny ability to connect everything to her mother. Tara tells her that she deserved every word that Maryanne gave her, but still. Maryanne tells her that if she took care of herself for once instead of protecting her--she'd still be her mother she would just be happier. Maryanne runs into to get more papaya and Eggs says it seems like she has an endless supply of that. Tara says that she also has an endless supply of pot. Eggs says he didn't notice that because he's been smoking weed since he was ten, but he had his first kumquat a few months ago. Tara tells him that she thought she was bad sneaking cigarettes when she was twelve. He tells her that if she thinks that is bad he doesn't even want to tell her the other things she's done. She asks him if he's hooked up with Maryanne. He tells her that she must be high, because Maryanne is above him.

She says that she just saw her first dead body last night and he said that she is lucky she made it this far before seeing a dead body because he's seen more than he'd like to remember. He goes to kiss her and the man interrupts them to give them fresh towels. Tara goes to get ready for work and Maryanne slaps Karl (the man servant) because she was upset. She was upset because nobody needed towels. Jason and Hoight are talking about how he kind of misses Rene because that was his best friend. He tells him that he has begun going to the Fellowship of the Sun. Hoight isn't okay with that and tells him that he can just go to the church that teaches them to be a good Christian and a good person--not to hate vampires. Jason tries to convince him that there is more to it than just that. Sookie pulls up and tells Jason that their great uncle passed away and that he left her an inheritance but she doesn't want it so she gives him. Jason asks why her why he left it to her because he mowed his lawn. She says she doesn't know, but she doesn't want it.

Sam flashes back to a time where the woman Maryanne is having sex him. She starts to vibrate and flash as if she was static-y; he freaks out and asks her what she is. She tells him that he isn't the only special person in the world. Arlene knocks on the door and tells him that he needs to hire a new waitress because her and Sookie are about to pass out. She has a woman with her that worked at a Cracker Barrel and he says that he'll interview her. Arlene asks if she can start parking near his trailer instead of where the woman was killed and he tells her she can. He introduces himself to Daphne and she tells him that she thinks it's French because her mother is half Cajun. Lafayette and the other prisoners--including the man that he had issues with at the bar are pushing the bars around again. The man is confessing all of these stupid and awful things that he has done. Lafayette tells him that he does not need to be telling him these things. The man asks what they talk about if not that. Lafayette tells him that he mostly keeps to himself and think. He thinks about why he is there to begin with. He says that his life is a dead end despite the things he's done. Lafayette tells him that if it makes him feel better to continue telling him about all of the bad things he did. He tells him that his butt is magnetic because he had to get metal hips. He asks him if he's done anything and Lafayette tells him that he once got into trouble for "punching three dumb rednecks at his job at the bar". The man tells him that he is sorry that he hassled him for being gay. Lafayette says at least he got through to him. The man tells him that if it makes him feel any better at safety patrol camp he let his bunkmate blow him.

The detective is questioning people all over the bar about if the woman who was murdered was familiar to them. The waitresses are gossiping and a woman is asking Jason to have a drink with him. He tells her that he doesn't drink anymore because he doesn't do anything to screw him up. She says that he doesn't have to get wasted to bang her and he tells her that he is turning over a new leaf and not doing that anymore. She tells him that it is his loss and offers herself to Hoight. He takes a minute and she says nevermind because she doesn't teach, she absorbs. Jason tells him that if he wants to go with her, it's not a big deal. Hoight tells him that he likes them nicer than that.

The detective is still asking questions and tells them if they know anything to call him.After he walks away two women start gossiping about how they heard that to punish Rene, they made him one of their own. The one lady says to becareful because Rene might still get them and they laugh. Arlene is bringing the beer to them and she gets upset. She asks if they have any shame and tells them that his name was Drew Marshall and he is dead and buried and he is never coming back and she walks away crying. Terry notices this happening and he pays for the table's drinks and tells them that they all need to get out. Arlene hugs him and tells him that he didn't have to do that and he smells her hair. Jason tells Sookie about a leadership conference and asks what church and he evades the question. She tells him that she was trying to pack their grandmother's things away and she couldn't bare it. He says that maybe they will teach him why God had to take such good people away such as Gran and Amy. Sookie says that Amy was a V addict and Jason tells her that she was still a good person and he loved her and to truly love someone you have to love all of them. The detective beckons Jason telling him that he has questions to ask him. Sookie hugs him and tells him to remember that he is toasted and to have a great time at church camp.

A few people come in after winning line dancing. Sookie goes and asks Tara where Sam is and Tara tells her that he is out back and has been acting weird. Bill is having Jessica try the different variations of the True Blood. She tries the A negative and she doesn't like it. He tells her that she has to feed somehow because 2/3rds of new vampires don't survive their first year because they don't feed. She tells him that she can't help that she doesn't like it and that Eric let her feed on a guy with tattoos and nipple rings. Bill tells her that he isn't Eric and she says that he so isn't. Sookie goes to check on Sam and says she hasn't seen him around much and asks if he is okay. He tells her that he doesn't feel like talking much and she says okay. She asks him if she can cut out early because she has to go see Bill and she goes on to tell him about the fight they had but he cuts her off telling her that he doesn't need to hear every detail of her life. She tells him that she's owed him an apology for a while now and she never meant to hurt him and tells him he knows how much she cares about him. He tells her that she seems like she is always apologizing or yelling at him and asks if she ever gets sick of it. He tells her that he does get sick of it and he can't be whatever she wants whenever she wants anymore. He tells her he is tired of her putting him on the backburner. He then tells her to get in early to make up for lost time.

Back in the bar the detective is getting wasted and questioning senior citizens about where they were at the time of the murder. One man has a cane and has an oxygen mask. He then walks away and finds the sheriff standing behind him. He tells him that he is clearing his name because he is a suspect. The sheriff tells him that he is embarrassing himself and takes him off the case. The detective tells him that he doesn't do anything and begs that he doesn't take him off the case. Sam is in the back thinking about when he was younger. She was taking a shower and he decides to get dressed, take her things and money and take off. The woman shows up and tells him that he has something of her's. She says that Carl said he stopped by with a gift and says she does love presents. He takes the bag of money out and gives it to her. He tells her that he doesn't know how she found him but he assumes she wants the money. He apologizes and says he was young and scared at the time. She takes the bag of money and she says she remembers. She laughs when she finds out it was money. She tells him it is not the money she wants. He tells her that if she thinks she can get back at him for all of that with Tara and she interrupts him. She asks him how in the world he would think it was about him. Eggs is visiting Tara at the bar and tells her that since Maryanne was coming down he thought he would tag along. She tells him that he is either dumber than she thought or way too good for her. She tells him that drinks are on the house and he tells him to give him something sweet. She tells him she can make him all these drinks and he kisses her and says that is more like it. Sam and Maryanne come out and see Eggs and Tara kissing. Maryanne smirks and Sam looks angry.

Sookie shows up at Bill's while he is trying to get Jessica to get down with some True Blood. She tells him the last one he gave her wasn't so gross. He says that it is two parts O negative to one part B negative. Sookie says that she needs to talk to her alone. Sookie tells her that they got off on the wrong foot and she never gave her a chance to get to know her. Jessica is shocked that she really wants to get to know her and Sookie tells her that of course she wants to get to know her. She tells her that she deserves that and she is curious about her. She just wants tonight with her boyfriend and they'll have all night tomorrow together just the two of them. He tells her that he is impressed and she asks if he had anything to do with Uncle Bartlett's death. Bill tells her that he hurt him. She asks him if it is that easy to kill. She asks if human life means so little to him that he can just kill on command. She tells him that she can't have people dying every time she confides in him. She says that she never felt more than human than when she had to kill Rene and now she feels like she killed another person and it makes her sick. She tells Bill that she thought that despite how different they are that she always thought that they could still be together but now she doesn't know. She asks him to say something and starts crying. He doesn't know what to say and she goes to walk out. He appears in front of her and tells her that he cannot and will not lose her. For all the ways that he has grieved or dismayed her he swears he will atone. He tells her that he is not sorry and refuses to apologize what she has awakened in him. He tells her that she is his miracle and for the first time in 140 years he feels something he thought he could never feel again. He then tells her that he loves her and for that he should never feel sorry. She tells him that she loves him too and kisses him. They go into his bedroom and they make love again for a while. He then feeds on her again and she kisses him.

The man that is locked up with Lafayette tells him that he has a plan. Eric comes down with aluminum foil in his hair for highlighting. He tells him that that Lafayette doesn't need to shoosh him because they hear everything. He tells him that while he is down there he is going to take out some trash and takes the man with him. The man smashes silver into his face and tells him to die. Eric snaps on him and ends up feeding on him in a torturous way and blood splatters on Lafayette's face.