Scratches - Recap

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Driving home from Jessica's parent's home Bill and Sookie argue. We find out that Bill did not kill them as was worried would happen, but he did glamor the family. As left of, they were pulled over and Sookie got angry and left the car saying that she is going to walk home despite the distance. Jessica tells Bill that she wants her to chase after her but he tells her that she'll be back when she cools down.

Sookie hears a bit of a rustle in the woods and calls out for Bill thinking it was him. She was wrong as she was attacked by a strange creature that had claws and a horned head. Bill and Jessica hear it and Bill goes to see what happened. He finds her and she is in complete pain. She says that she can't move and he goes to let her feed off of him. When she does that she ends up foaming out of the mouth having a bad reaction to the blood.

Daphne comes into Sam's office and tells him that she is short. He snaps on her and says she is going to have to pay for it. Daphne gives him all of her tips and walks out. Tara comes in and tells him that if he doesn't give her positive reinforcement she will never do better. He snaps on her too, telling her he doesn't want Maryanne in the bar anymore. Tara says that he doesn't even know her and Sam says that she doesn't know her either.

Sookie has been taken to Fangtasia and they have an older, female doctor helping. She tells Bill and Eric that Sookie has been poisoned. She likens the poisoning to Komodo Dragons. The doctor asks for privacy and Eric and Bill talk outside. They talk about what Sookie believes she saw. Eric asks if he gave her his blood but Bill tells him it didn't work. Eric says that after a thousand years one would think he has seen it all. He sends Chow and Pamela to look for this "bull" person.

Eric asks how things are going with Jessica and Bill tells him that she is petulant and afraid. Eric tells him that being a maker can be very rewarding. The doctor is pouring some sort of liquid into her back and then pulls out a sample of the poison. Sookie is in complete agony.

Jason wakes up from a nightmare and then realizes he did not wake up really as Eddie is next to him in bed and is about to feed on him. He wakes up for real this time and then prays to God because he feels he needs help. Sookie's poison has been burned out of her and now she can accept the vampire's blood. Eric offers to allow her to drink his blood but Bill will never allow it. Bill does and then Pam and Chow came in to say that the foot prints were human but the smell was animal.

Bill does not want to move her until she is healed. Bill won't leave her and Eric offers the old vampire that Bill killed's coffin to him. Bill thanks Eric for his hospitality and doesn't know how he'll repay him for saving Sookie's life. Eric tells him that he knows exactly how he can do that.

At the Mansion that Maryanne stays, Karl is making something delicious that could use more juniper according to Maryanne. Tara wakes up and realizes that it is looking extra party-ish and asks what is going on. She says that she is having a few people over and then Tara asks why Sam hates her. Maryanne tells Tara that she thinks it could be because of jealousy.

Sam is bringing boxes out of his trailer as Terry pulls up. Sam hopes that Terry can take care of the bar for him until he gets back. Terry tells him that he doesn't know that he could because he doesn't deal well with people. He isn't his first choice and Terry realizes he has no choice. Terry asks him about him cutting and running and Sam says that he isn't. Terry tells him to remind him never to get stuck in a foxhole with him and calls him a coward and then drives off.

At the leadership meeting there is a group and they are all sharing. They ask Jason to share and he says that he isn't a vampire victim. Jason is conflicted and easily swayed but tells his story. Jason is a bit judged and realizes that while he thought God had a purpose for him he must have been wrong and walks outside. Mrs. Newlin follows him outside and tells him that they have a lot in common. She tells him that they both want to see the best in people while overlooking the worst. She says when the coffins came out she went to their equality march and then her sister eventually got hooked on V and disappeared.

Jason has an emotional breakdown and then he feels like it is his fault they all were murdered. He tells Mrs. Newlin that he wishes he was dead, too. She then asks him to pray with her. Sookie wakes up and realizes that she is perfectly healed. She is wearing a Red Fangtasia shirt and checks to see if she has any scars on her. Ginger, the worker, comes and brings her a "two top sandwich". They have some small talk and Sookie asks how often she works. She says she used to come in just for deliveries but now she comes in often.

Sookie reads Ginger's mind and realizes that Lafayette is in the basement of Fangtasia. She asks her to tell her about what she was thinking is clearly upset. Ginger hopes that Sookie doesn't make her get the gun and then Sookie does go to get it before she can. Ginger is screaming and Sookie demands that she bring her to him. They make it to the basement and she sees Lafayette. She demands that Ginger uncuff him and she says she cannot do that. Sookie makes a promise and swift determination to get him out of there.

At the mansion, Eggs is rocking out with his little acoustic guitar and is playing for the party guests. Tara is supposed to be going to work, but she decides that she is too wasted to go in. She seems to not care as she does tend to burn through jobs. At Fangtasia, Bill comes into to see that Sookie is doing great. She tells him that Lafayette is in the basement and she is fuming mad. She tells him that he better not know anything about it. He doesn't have a clue about it.

Eric shows up and says that Lafayette was trading his "services" for V. Sookie snaps on Eric telling him that he should be ashamed of himself and then slapping him. He waits for a minute to allow Bill and Sookie worry about his reaction and then he says with a smirk that he is glad she is better. Sookie keeps going off and then threatens him. Eric is finally done tolerating her attitude and tells her that he doesn't respond well to threats. He cools off pretty quickly and then asks if she can go to Dallas to find Godric. She says she will go to Dallas with him to help find Godric as long as Eric frees Lafayette.

Sookie and Bill get to take Lafayette home and offer to take him to the hospital. He says that he will handle it all on his own and he just want's to go home. So, they drop him off and he gets into his house and just lays down on his couch. This is when he expels all of the emotions that he has accumulated over the past two and a half weeks of being trapped in essentially a dungeon.

Jason is invited to have a cook out with the Newlin's. He finds himself sexually attracted to Mrs. Newlin. They all have a great time, however. He is told that they are going to upgrade him to a higher level of service. This is when he starts staying in their extra bedroom. Maryanne is having a party that turns into a massive orgy. Andy is there and sees the pig and realizes it is probably the same pig that Tara thought she saw.

Jessica is bored and decides to go out on the town. This of course means that she is going to Merlotte's. She meets Hoyt and they seem to like one another a whole lot. They end up going home to Bill's house and making out...a lot. Bill and Sookie come home and Bill loses his mind. He ends up throwing Jessica off of Hoyt and then tells him that he needs to leave. Jessica is absolutely horrified with embarrassment and Hoyt tells Bill that they weren't going to do anything. Bill tells him that Jessica is not the one that is being protected in this situation. Hoyt tells her that he doesn't believe that she was going to hurt him--not for one minute and then leaves.

They turn to Jessica and she tells them that she would have been happy enough to go on kissing him all night, as she's not ready for more than that. Then she asks if it is her fault that her fangs drop when she gets turned on. She realizes what she said and then she giggles and runs up the steps.

When Sam decides to go for a run with Dean the dog for one last time they go and Sam jumps into the lake. Dean wouldn't and just barked and ran way. Daphne comes out nowhere and they talk for a bit and then she jumps in the lake with him.