Shake and Fingerpop - Recap

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Sookie, Bill, and Jessica are landing in Dallas. Sookie is pretty much wasted from drinking airline alcohol. Sookie goes up to talk to the limo driver who is thinking some pretty nasty and impatient thoughts. She gets naturally defensive and grips her up trying to kidnap her. Bill pops his way out of the coffin and saves Sookie. Soon enough Bill is teaching Jessica how to glamor by glamoring this quasi kidnapper. They find out that the Fellowship of the Sun actually paid him to do this.

Eric shows up at the window of Lafayette's house and scares him. Eric tells him that he is there to offer his blood so that he can heal. Lafayette doesn't want to because he realizes that if he does Eric will be able to track him if he does. He asks him why he wants to keep track of him and Eric tells him that whatever is important to Sookie is intriguing to him. Soon Lafayette eventually feeds off of Eric until Eric bats him away telling him not to get greedy. Lafayette realizes how healthy he is and is pretty excited about it.

Eric leaves and books it to Dallas. There are the Dallas vampire law brigade. They try to figure out how to get Godric back. They bounce off a few ideas and then come to the conclusion that Sookie should go try to join the church. Sookie goes to the hotel room and soon meets a fellow mind reader. Unfortunately, he does not embrace his gift.

Bill and Eric speak and Bill begins to wonder why this is so personal to Eric to find Godric. He doesn't get his answers on this episode, however.

Jason goes to where he was bunking and thinks he found all of the guys brutally murdered. It turns out to be a joke and Jason snaps. He says that vampire hunting is not a joke. He exclaims that this is a straight up war and we should all take it very seriously! He then goes off to have a nice ride with Mr. Newlin. They go on a paintballing adventure and he ended up "killing" every single vampire. This made Mr. Newlin very happy. This is when he ends up being accepted into a higher level of the group and is now not only a man but a weapon himself.

Today is Tara's birthday and she is spending it crying watching television at home. She had decided to move in with Sookie, so that is where she is. Maryanne and the others show up to have a party for Tara's birthday. This party turns into one massive orgy as the others only worse. All of this of course, is after going through a pretty serious conversation with Maryanne about moving out. Tara asked Maryanne to tell Eggs that she was leaving. Maryanne told Tara that she is going to miss her and is sad she's going to leave. Maryanne, Eggs, and the cook show up at the house with a giant cake and just kind of move on in to throw her that party. They invited all these people and as already stated, it turned out like a mass orgy. Everyone had their black irises and did things that they normally wouldn't with people they normally wouldn't.

Things at the bar are no better as Daphne is still trying to get a handle on her position. Sam has had to cut off the (ex) Detective because he's terribly wasted and Arlene is being bitter and nasty in her southern way to Daphne. Since there was only one person there (the detective) Arlene wants to leave early since Tara is having a party. Sam is invited but Tara's mother comes in looking for Tara. Sam decides that he'll stay to speak to her instead, but he still ends up having to go to the party because she gives him Tara's gift.