Hard-Hearted Hannah - Recap

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It turns out that Eric had called on Lorena to come back to mess with Bill's head and goals. She is Bill's maker and the last time they saw one another was seventy years ago. They flash back to a time that she and Bill were together. They were at a party and lured the hosts to potentially have a foursome with them. Instead of that happening, they ended up murdering these two people and stealing their home. On top of that, Bill and Lorena "made love" on the bed while the dead woman was laying there bleeding out and he stole this necklace that Lorena seemed to be fond of right off of her body.

Isabel decided to offer her human boyfriend Hugo to go with Sookie to infiltrate the church. They take the chance to talk about dating vampires. They talk about the great things, the bad things. Then Hugo brings up how his girlfriend doesn't want to turn him. Sookie has nothing to say about that as it hasn't occurred to her. They decide that they are going to become Rufus and Holly. They will be a couple that is engaged and looking for a church that is more in line with their "anti-vampire" beliefs.

They show up at the church and Sookie & Mrs. Newlin exchange cute southern compliments. They tell them what they are there for and they show them the temple. Sookie starts to tap into the Reverend's thoughts and realizes that he has some really messed up plans to hurt Godric. Unfortunately for them, the reverend is also quite smart and realizes why they are there. He decides to tell them that they are going to see his recently murdered father's tomb. This makes them nervous and they want to back out. Mrs. Newlin even begged the Reverend not to bring them down there. That is when they were dragged down the stairs in quite a violent fashion.

Sam and Daphne are talking on the pool table after having their sex and they discuss all of the issues about being shape shifters and being honest. She tells him that he shouldn't be ashamed of what he is. Back at Sookie's house, the water heater is broken. Maryanne demands to get it fixed because she hasn't had a hot shower. She is moody and rude. Tara and Eggs make the trip to go get the part needed two hours away. Back at the church, Jason and Luke are asked to build a platform. The Reverend tells Jason and Luke that this is for the "Meet the Sun" when they watch a vampire ignite when the sunlight hits them.

Eggs and Tara are on the road talking and for some reason he begins to remember the location they are at even though he's never been there before. He is compelled to have Tara turn into a drive way. He begins to walk off on a long, long walk and he doesn't know why. Arlene and Terry are at Merlotte's working and she tells him that she has a surprise for him. Daphne is still being a pretty horrible waitress. The detective goes in to talk to Lafayette. He tells him that he has noticed a difference that he has lost his pizzazz. Lafayette tells him that he was on a cruise, but he doesn't believe him. The detective snaps on him, laying it on real thick and then he says that he is going to lock him up and let him rot. That is when Lafayette starts freaking out, he clearly has post traumatic stress disorder, and the man would not leave him alone. Not only that, but he sees Eric's face instead of the Detective's. Terry is standing behind them with tomatoes and he tells him to leave him alone. He tells him off and tells him to leave. Terry kneels down next to Lafayette and hugs him and helps him find his center.

Hoyt comes into the bar and is angry because his overbearing mother has canceled his phone, despite him paying the bill. This is when he drops the bomb that Jessica is a vampire. After that, Sam and Daphne go out back and have some "fun". Jason and Luke are building the platform and they talk about what is a sin such as sex outside of marriage and adultery. Tara and Eggs are still walking through the woods and they find clothes and he says that he feels like he has been there before even though he hasn't. He finds a rock with blood on it and he starts crying. They decide to go home after that. He feels as if it is not a coincidence.

Pamela shows up behind Lafayette in the freezer. Eric sent her with a request and that he is going to sell V again. He doesn't want to because that was why they kidnapped and tortured him in the first place. When Sookie and Hugo are in danger, Lorena is on top of Bill and holding him down. She tells him that she will never be overpowered by him. Tara and Eggs show up at home and it is a pig sty. When they go out back they notice people are out back all having sex with one another and playing music as Maryanne does her vibration thing. Jessica gets up and realizes that Hoyt hasn't texted her. She gets up and goes to get two bottles of True Blood and pours it out. Someone knocks on her door and it is Hoyt. He is there with flowers and he apologizes. She can't believe that he came all that way.

Jason goes looking for the Reverend and his wife and he finds his wife. She is crying and he realizes that and asks if she is. She says no and then turns around. She tells him that she just found out that her husband is not the man she thought he was. She tells Jason that he is being trained to start a war. Jason is shocked by this. She soon tells him that she believes that God is commanding her to be with him instead and to have sex with him. Daphne is taking Sam to a surprise and ends up dragging him to where they are having that party with Maryanne. She drops her accent and then he gets drug by two people the ritual. Maryanne puts the horned hat on her head while everyone around her is having completely animalistic sex.