Timebomb - Recap

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Sookie buttons herself up and Godric snaps the man's neck. Godric tells her that she should not have come and then they hear someone come down the steps. Sookie thinks that it is Bill, but Godric says that it is not him. He says "come my child, I am down here" and then Eric shows up. Eric comes in and kneels in front of Godric. He tells Eric that he should not have had the humans come. Godric and Sookie tell Eric that Hugo was the traitor and then the emergency lights start going off in the basement. Godric tells Eric to save "the human" (Sookie) and to spill no blood on his way out. Godric also tells Eric that he is completely aware of the churches plans.

Jason gets up and thinks that he had the grace of God protect him from bullet wounds, but it was a paintball gun. She snaps on him and then tells him that they have Sookie. He completely loses it and takes the gun from her and pushes her down. He gets into the Jeep she came in and drives off without her. Back at the church, it is lock-in time and that also means lock down. Eric has to get Sookie out safe and sound, but he has to do it without hurting anyone. Sookie asks if Godric is his maker and he tells her to not use words she doesn't understand. She then says that he has a lot of love for him and he tells her not to use words he doesn't understand. There are four men standing with stakes. Eric goes over there acting like a hick. They are suspicious of him and he is almost attacked and he ends up knocking them out cold, but he doesn't have to kill him. He goes go outside. The guy says that the arrows are wood and that they'll never make it through. They go through the sanctuary and the reverend is in there. He says that there are several exits, but the best one is the quickest way to hell.

Sookie tells him to let them go because no one has to die. The reverend goes on a bit of a rant about how this is Armageddon and they are prepared to fight. She tells them that Godric got free, but the Reverend doesn't care. He can take any vampire, it doesn't matter and lookie there--we have one right here, as he said. The "army" has gathered in. Eric tells Sookie that he will be fine. Barry comes in and doesn't want to be fed on. Bill doesn't want her to feed on him either. She says that this one is different after she's tasted him and he bashes her head in. He grabs Barry and leaves. Jessica and Hoyt are having sex and then Bill walks in on them. Bill tells Hoyt to drive her home before the sun comes up.

Lafayette is reading Tara's tarot cards and he does not have anything good to say. Eggs runs in and asks Tara to help him. He tells her that he lost time again. He wants to know what is wrong with him. She gets Eggs home. Lafayette's spidey senses are definitely tingling. Jason drives up and says he is with the fellowship. He gets in and then pistol whips the man that lets him in because he figured out the gun he had with him was a paintball gun. Sam is sleeping in his car and his cell phone rings. It is someone who takes a breath and then hangs up. The number was coming from Merlotte's so he goes inside to check it out. The bar is fairly empty, but he realizes that the freezer door is open. He opens it up more and then notices that there is Daphne laying there with her heart ripped out of her chest. He is hurt by this. He starts to put bags on her body and then thinks better of it and stops. He decides to call 911 and then notices the police lights going outside of his house.

Maryanne is cooking a meal and has the heart that she ripped out of Daphne's chest. She is cutting it up to put in the meal she is making. Eric is held back by silver chains. He says that he offers himself in exchange for Sookie and Godric. The Reverend says that while that's nice of him, she is a traitor and she deserves punishment too. As he says that he bets that "marshmallow" would roast up nicely, Bill runs in. The Reverend pulls a gun on Sookie and then Jason comes and shoots the gun out of his head with a paintball gun. The other "soldiers" hold him back pretty quickly, but he has already knocked the reverend on his butt. Sookie takes the silver chains off of Eric and he gets up very angry. He is about to kill the Reverend but Sookie stops him. In fact, the Reverend kind of made him stop too because he said that Eric should martyr them as they are willing to die.

The Texas Vampires along with Stan show up. They tell The Reverend that they will kill all of their "soldiers" just like they killed his father. Stan then sends them on attack and as they are about to feed on them Godric shows up and stops them. He tells them that the people have not harmed him and tries to bargain with the Reverend. He says that he will not allow any harm to come to them if they give the vampires the same. The Reverend then tells him that he will not negotiate with "subhumans" and that Jesus will protect him if Eric kills him. Godric tells him that he is actually older than "his Jesus" and that he wishes he could have known him but he missed it. Godric grabs the Reverend and asks the "warriors" who would be willing to die for his madness. Then he asked for them to stand down. Godric tells the man that he has more faith in humans than he even does.

After all of this is over Jason goes to hug Sookie and apologizes. He says he doesn't know what happened. The Reverend tells him that he will see on the day of reckoning who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. Jason tells him "I reckon I've already been to heaven, it was inside your wife" and then he punches him. Bill grabs Jason and gets him to stop fighting. Sam is talking to the cops and he is trying to tell them that he was set up. They ask him what happened tonight and Andy comes in. He came in and said that Sam is a victim. He tells them that he saw Sam nearly get killed last night. He tried to corroborate but they didn't believe him. Tara is talking to Eggs about blacking out. Eggs tells her that he has this sick feeling that he did something bad. Maryanne comes in and says they'll ease up on the partying and tells them that a snack is ready. They dig in and end up eating her meal of what she called "Hunter's Souffle" which had the heart in it. They end up really into it.

Everyone at the party after saving Godric is going up to say their thanks to him. Eric calls him and Jason even from saving many lives. She wondered where Bill was for almost two days. He tells her that he was held. She asks if it was Eric and Eric comes up. He says he hopes they are speaking well of him and she asks why should she, she was led into a trap. He tells her that there is a strong bond between a maker and the turned and perhaps one day she will find out. Bill stares him down. Jessica and Hoyt have finally made it home and they are making out and seem like they are going to have sex for the second time. This is when she realizes that her hymen has grown back, because vampires heal to where they were right before they turned. She is horrified by this and she feels like a freak. She is upset because she will perpetually be a virgin. Hoyt doesn't even know how to deal with it.

Bill goes to Eric and tells him that he will cease all contact with Sookie. Isabel brings in Hugo and she says that is who betrayed them. Godric asks if he is her human and if she loves him. She says that she thought she did. Godric says that it appears she still loves him and she apologizes. Godric tells him that he is free to go and everyone is shocked by this. He tells him not to return as it is not safe for him anymore. He tells Eric to escort them out and that he is not harmed. Jason interrupts Bill and Sookie to talk to him. Sam is being brought to jail and the sheriff tells him that it is the safest place to be in jail. He realizes that most of the people in there are people that normally don't do this. Jason asks Bill to forgive him as he loves his sister and there is no reason that he shouldn't be able to. Bill thanks him but says he is also in his debt for saving Sookie.

Isabel comes in and looks at Godric, but then walks away crying and embarrassed. Eric offers Godric an A-B Negative human to feed off of. He thanks him but says that he is not hungry. Eric asks why he wouldn't leave when he first came to get him. Godric tells him that they did not treat him badly. Godric says that they are frightening and they have grown more brutal and predatory. He says he doesn't see the danger of treating humans as equals. He also says that the fellowship of the sun started because they never did that. He says that he could have killed them all in minutes but it wouldn't have proven anything. Back at Tara's, they are done eating. She says she never had anything that good. Eggs says he feels like a super hero. He says he feels invincible and then they start to physically fight. Tara hits him multiple times. He ends slapping her and she's into it. She wants him to do it again and then she climbs on him and they have sex because it made them that hot.

Lorena shows up and looks around. She realizes who Sookie is and introduces herself. Bill goes up to her and she asks if she is his maker. He says that she is but she released him years ago. She gets flirtatious and goes to touch Bill's face. Sookie grabs her arm and tells her not to touch him. Lorena tells her that she is nothing but a blood bank and that she will never win. Sookie tells her that she has already won because he has chosen her. Lorena gives it a good go and then attacks Sookie when she loses her temper. Godric grabs her by the throat and pulls her up from Sookie's neck. He tells her to retract her fangs and she does. He tells her that he does not know or care who she is but in this area and especially in this nest he is the authority. He asks her if she understands and she says she does.

Godric then tells Lorena that Sookie has proven herself a courageous and supportive friend of "their kind" and yet she plays with her like a "child does a dragon fly, pulling off wings for sport". He then says "no wonder they hate us". She tells him that she provoked her and he tells her that she provoked him by bringing such disruption to his home. He tells her that he could break her like a twig and he hasn't. He then asks her why he hasn't. She says that it is his choice. He tells her that it is. He also tells her that he knows she is an old vampire, but she hasn't made an effort to better herself at all. He says he fears for all vampires and humans if this behavior persists. Godric then asks that Bill escorts her from the nest. He then tells her that he wishes her out of his area before dawn. Lorena says she doesn't know how it got this way and that she still loves Bill. He tells her that the pain she suffers was inflicted upon herself. She asks when they will see each other again and he says never.

Luke comes into the home and Jason sees him. He tells him to stay away as he has nothing to say to him. Luke says "excuse me everyone, I am here with a message from the Fellowship of the Sun". He then presses the button of a bomb.