I Will Rise Up - Recap

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Luke has blown himself and the nest up in the name of the Church of the Light. Bill runs in after having told Lorena she is dead to him. Eric had shielded Sookie and told him to get the humans. Bill runs out after the rest of the people that were there with Luke. He feeds on one of them after he tells him that he didn't think he really would do it. Bill tells him that it is too late. Godric and Isabel go in to see what happened and check the damage. Sookie pushes Eric off of her and says he weighs a ton. She calls for Jason and realizes that he is okay. Eric tells her that he is dying and there is silver in it. He tells her to suck it out because he is "dying". Bill tells the man he fed on that he should tell his Reverend that sends children to fight his battles that the vampires had compassion when he had none and the guy runs off. Back in the nest, Godric asks who is dead and Isabel tells him that Stan, Paulo, Katherine, and two human companions are dead.

Bill comes in and asks Sookie what she is doing while she is sucking silver out of Eric's chest. She tells him and Eric says that she was superb. Bill tells her that Eric was in no danger. He says that the bullets would push themselves out. He says that he did it so she could drink Eric's blood. Now he will be able to sense her emotions and they are connected. Sookie is really angry about this and calls Eric a big lying A-hole. She says she will never do anything again for him. Godric announces that they will probably come back so they should leave and go to the Hotel Camilla. Bill and Sookie leave and Eric is left with Godric. Godric has nothing to say and then walks out.

Sookie and Bill are at the hotel room and she is still grossed out and feels stupid. Bill tells her that Eric has had over a thousand years to practice in deceit. She realizes that he will always know where she is and how she feels. Bill tells her that she shouldn't be surprised if she feels some attraction to Eric sexually. She's shocked by it since she can't stand him. He says it is a consequence of the blood. Jessica and Hoyt are talking about her being a permanent virgin. She wonders if she'll get used to it or if there is a surgery for it. She gets insecure about it and says he should break up with her. He says not to mention it again and then tells her that he wants her to meet his mother. She gets excited about that. Then it is time for her to go to sleep as it is about dawn.

It is morning and Tara and Eggs are awake. They realize that they are bruised. Tara tells Maryanne that she doesn't want to black out anymore. Maryanne tells her that blacking out is a higher state of consciousness. She then goes on an emotional tangent about how the saints and mystics of every religion. People thought they were crazy and she says they were ecstatic and wanted to lose themselves and unite with their God. She also says that a few bumps and bruises is a small price for bliss.

At the jail, the cells are filling up with all of the locals that have been taken over by Maryanne's "influence". They are currently themselves and they want out. Sam is there and he is also freaking out, because they have no evidence. Sookie gets up and goes over to Jason's hotel room. She tells him she can't sleep so they go in and talk about everything. He tells her that Steve and Sarah seemed to like him for himself. Jason doesn't want to feel anything and doesn't want to talk about Gran, either. Sookie says that they have to talk about her and that they can't just forget about her or stop loving her. Jason is saddened by being alone and being the only two left. She tells him that means they have to grow up and be good to one another or they'll be letting them down. Jason apologizes to her for everything he ever did. She tells him to use his brain because it is there--he's not dumb, he's lazy.

When they go to lay down and watch television the Newlins are already on television. They are arguing with Nan Flanagan (the leader of the Vampire Rights group) about how they sent a suicide bomber and had kidnapped a prominent member of their society. The Newlin's say that he offered himself to them. Then they go on to bicker some more. Merlotte's is hopping, but they are short and of course Daphne was murdered so Arlene is nervous. Terry is stranger than usual and doesn't know what they did. She was nervous that he was mad at her, but he isn't. Eggs and Tara show up and Lafayette notices her bruises. He ends up snapping on Eggs because he doesn't want his cousin getting beat. He tells her that he may end up killing her if she doesn't leave him and Eggs goes on the attack.

Back at Hoyt's house he is getting reamed by his mother because he went to hang out with Jessica in Texas. He asks why she has so much hate in her because she says that the vampires are devils. She says she doesn't have any hate in her. He lists everyone and everything she hates. He says she is absolutely full of hate. He is trying to convince her that he is grown and he can make his own decisions and then walks out. Sookie is dreaming that she is in bed with Eric. He tries to convince her in this dream that she would be perfect to be a vampire--she has the right temperament. Lorena shows up and says "Bill" and she goes "Bill? Where is Bill?" She is trying to convince her that she doesn't want Bill, that he means nothing to her. Then she and Eric have sex. She wakes up and realizes it was a dream and then cuddles up to Bill.

Maryanne shows up at the jail and everyone gets riled up. Sam gets worried. She turns the sheriff into one of those zombie black eyed people under her spell. She goes back and frees the prisoners because Sam has disappeared--having turned into a fly. Hoyt, Jessica, and his mother are having dinner and she is short and nasty to Jessica. She says she wishes she could meet her family. Jessica tells her that she was forced to become a vampire against her will, so she no longer has any family. His mother tells her that she is sorry because that wasn't fair BUT Hoyt has a "bright future" as in "in the sun". She tells her that if she thinks she is going to let him run around all hours of the night with an orphaned vampire she has another thing coming. This has upset Jessica a great deal and her fangs have dropped. She tells her that she believes it is up to Hoyt. His mother says she will fight for what is best for her son and Jessica says that she will too and she can give him everything that a human could. Her mother says that she can't give him babies. This breaks Jessica's heart and she starts to cry and leaves. Hoyt tells his mother he won't be coming home, pays the tab, and leaves.

Tara, Eggs, and Maryanne are playing cards and then Lafayette and Tara's mother show up. They tell her that they are taking her away and Maryanne tries to get them to sit and hang out. They spend some time mocking Tara's mother and Lafayette asks Tara if she is even in there. Tara and Eggs snap and their eyes go black. They start to attack Lafayette and Tara's mother. Lafayette is really throwing down in regards to Eggs. Tara's mother refuses to hit her back. Tara goes after Lafayette and he grips her up and takes her from the house. Eggs goes to chase after but Maryanne tells him that she'll be back and she'll bring them with her. The fly that Sam has turned into is flying around and was watching the whole situation transpire. Once Lafayette drives off, the "fly"/Sam leaves too.

The Texas vampires are all meeting with the mouthpiece for the Vampire movement. She is cursing them out--pretty angry--about the "mess she has to clean up". She talks down to Godric and Eric tells her not to talk to him like that. She looks at him and says not to talk down to her, either. She asks about how Godric got kidnapped and then fired him. Godric is done and none of this matters to him. Nan--the mouthpiece--demands that he tell her about everything that happened. Godric apologizes for all of the harm he has caused, all of the lost ones--human and vampire--and he will make amends. He feels the sorrow and no one else does. Godric tells him that he should meet on the roof. Bill tells him they have a score to settle and then punches him in the mouth. Eric leaves and Sookie tells Bill she is going to find Godric. She can tell he is in pain and she has to do something. She says she just has to be there for him.

She goes up to the roof and Godric is telling Eric that 2,000 years is enough. Eric says that he won't accept this. Godric tells him that they don't belong here and Eric yells that they are there. Godric says that vampires just aren't right. Eric tells him that he told him that there is no right or wrong. Godric says that he told a lie as it turns out. Eric tells him that he will keep him alive by force and Godric asks him "Even if you could, why would you be so cruel?". Eric starts to tear up and begs him not to do it in his native language. Godric says there are centuries of love and faith between them. He begs him more not to do this to him. He says "father, brother, son--let me go." Eric tells him he won't let him die alone and he cries even more. Godric says "as your maker, I command you" to let him die alone. Eric gets up and leaves the roof. The sun is rising. Sookie tells Eric that she will stay with him as long as it takes. Godric tells her it won't take long, not at his age. She tells him it wasn't smart, the Fellowship of the Sun part. He says he knows, he thought it would fix everything somehow. He tells her that he doesn't think like a vampire anymore. He asks if she believes in God and he asks how he will be punished by him. She says that he doesn't punish--he forgives. Godric says he hopes she is right and she tells him that we all do. Godric asks if she will look after Eric and she says she's not sure. He says he can take the blame for that too and she says that Eric is pretty much himself. She asks if he is afraid when he starts to burn. He says he is full of joy. She says that she is scared for him and then starts to cry. He says "a human with me at the end and human tears?! 2,000 years and I can still be surprised. In this I see God." He then turns around and motions for her to back up. He takes off his shirt and then lets himself "meet the sun".

At the bar, Hoyt's mother is talking about all her miseries in regards to raising Hoyt and wondering how he could ever disrespect her. Maryanne comes in to the bar and demands that they all look for Sam. Sam shows up at the hotel where Andy is.