Beyond Here Lies Nothin' - Recap

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Lafayette tells Tara that Maryanne wants her downstairs with the egg now. He tells Sookie to take off her clothes. He then makes her put on a bridesmaid dress and they are all waiting for her. She turns around and Maryanne is wearing her grandmother's wedding dress. Eggs is holding Sookie back but Maryanne asks them to excuse her and Sookie. She wants to know how she does the electrical thing she did the night before. Maryanne asks her what she is and Sookie tells her that she is human/a waitress. She says if she were human she would have been in control of her by now. Hoyt's mom decides that she can leave now that Hoyt is sleeping. Maryanne wonders if she ever felt someone or something watching over her. She says that it was God and she said it's not the one that the blind billions worship. She says that she lives off of human energy but she can't do that with her. She asks if she is marrying Sam and Maryanne tells her that she is marrying a God. He is just the catalyst.

Eric is still at the Queen's home playing Yahtzee with her. The Queen tells him she is sorry about his maker. She tells him not to get involved in with the Maynad. She asks Eric why Bill knows about the blood and then threatens him. Jason and Andy are going into the house. People are starting their preceding for the event. They are going through and then soon they get gripped up and turned in no time. Bill is at Merlotte's and is talking to Sam about the Maynad. He needs to help and brings Sam. Back at the house, everyone is licking an Ostrich egg to "anoint it with his blood". Jason and Andy run inside. It is time for the wedding and Jason is given the task of making Sookie take part in the wedding. They go outside and see everyone waiting for her to come out. Bill brings Sam and tells her that they will trade Sam for Sookie. He is taken and put where he belongs. They call forth their God. Lafayette demands that everyone worships him.

Maryanne starts to pray that it will work out. People play the wedding song out of tune and then they tie Sam up. She then has Eggs stab him. Everyone gets excited and is happy. Sam goes to her in her thoughts. She apologizes to him, he tells her to destroy everything. She slams the egg and then destroys the monument. Maryanne snaps and attempts to sacrifice all of them. She digs into the ground and then becomes a clawed monster. She chases Sookie again and then a horned bull comes out. She stops and she is so happy to see her "husband". She finally believes that it worked and then the bull ends up shoving his horn into her and kills her and then Sam turns and rips her black heart out of her chest. She looks at him and asks if there was no God and Sam squeezes his heart. She blackens and dies. Everyone wakes up and wonders what has happened. Sam is turned back into his human self and Sookie thought he was dead. Bill promised him that he would bring Sam back. Sookie asks Tara if she remembers anything. Sookie tells Bill to get rid of the body. Jason and Sam go to get everyone home.

It is over and Hoyt's mother realizes that it is done and that Jessica went to feed on her. He explains that she was provoked to do that. He explains that she said a lot of spiteful things. He asks about what she said about his dad and she says it was the truth. He flips out and says that he should've known the truth years ago. His mother had kept him from having a life, going to college, and etc. He is upset because she lied to him because she didn't want to be alone. Hoyt is so upset that he wishes Jessica had finished her off and walks out the door. Everyone is getting it together to figure it out. Jason offers her a ride and then Boathouse realizes she cut her finger off. Jason says that he has to take her to the hospital. Lafayette isn't sure how he got there and the Sheriff decides to give Andy his badge back.

Sam is sitting and he sees a doe. He starts to cry. Bill shows up and thanks him for trusting him with his life. He says that he is grateful to reveal his gift for the good of the town. Sam says he has realized you suffer more when you are hiding your gift. Eggs is washing blood off of his hands. He asks what happened and Tara tells him that he should trust her and there are things he doesn't want to know. Tara apologizes to Sookie for bringing in the craziness into her home, Maryanne just made her feel like she was part of a family. Sookie tells her that she's her family and then says they're going to clean every part of the house. Sookie goes upstairs and asks how long before sunrise and Bill says 41 minutes. She asks him to hold her for forty.

The next day, Merlotte's is booming and everyone is talking about what happened but not clear on the real deal. They all gossip about what happened. Arlene apologizes to her kids for not being there. Sam tells these women that the vodka was made of pure ethanol and every one went crazy after that. Jason and Andy are sitting back and listening to Boathouse talk about how she isn't sure how her finger got cut off. Jason says that they are heroes and Andy doesn't understand how they are. Jason convinces him that he is. Sam and Sookie are working and they have a bonding moment. A woman named Autumn delivers a beautiful dress to her work. It is beautiful and the color of lilac. Eggs shows up and asks her what happened. He is consumed with the thought that he might have done something wrong. He begs her to tell him what he did. She taps into his mind so that he could see what he has done. He freaks out because he killed people and she tells him that he had no free will. He is upset and walks away.

Jessica is sneaking off looking beautiful and Bill is ready to go to see Sookie at dinner. Sam shows up at his adopted parents home. He is there to ask them who his real parents are. She apologizes that she abandoned him and cries. She is scared to tell him who his parents are. She says that they are bad people. Then an alert goes off. He follows her to the back and his adopted father writes the names of his real parents down and apologizes. Hoyt goes to Bill's to see Jessica and she is not there. Jessica is at the truck stop hooked up with a man in a truck. She tells him she's a virgin and he says he kind of likes it and she said "Really? Well I don't like it one bit" and then she feeds on him. Hoyt leaves her flowers at the door and walks away. Bill and Sookie are at the restaurant and they dance together. Andy goes out to his car and Eggs comes up to him. He thinks that he is going up to kill him. He is confessing and Jason sees him and thinks he is going to kill him. Jason shoots him. He then feels guilty that he shot him and killed him. Andy covers up for him. He tells Jason to get out of there. People start coming out and then Tara sees that Eggs is dead.

Back at the restaurant Sookie is eating and he proposes to her. She doesn't know what she wants and goes in to the bathroom to freshen up. While she is in there realizing she wants to say yes--Bill is kidnapped. She comes out to say yes and he is gone.