It Hurts Me Too - Recap

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In the beginning, Sookie pulls the trigger on the werewolf but Eric jumps in front of the bullet so that he can question him. Unfortunately, it was a waste of a gun shot wound because the werewolf wouldn't tell him anything about who he is working for or why he is there. Sookie can read his mind--although garbled--but she gets "Jackson" out of it. After that, Eric murdered the wolf. They bury the wolf and Sookie wants to go to Jackson, Mississippi so that she can find Bill since she thinks that he may be there. Eric doesn't agree that she should do that, but Sookie cannot be stopped.

Due to Bill throwing an oil lamp at Lorena, they rush to save her by physically rolling her in a carpet and then the bodyguards take her elsewhere so that she can heal. Bill has to talk to the king and he tells him that Lorena has a thirst for blood that goes well beyond their natural instinct. She wants to kill Sookie and there really is one way for Bill to avoid that. he needs to work with the king so that she doesn't get killed. So, despite his not wanting to be a sheriff--he may just have to be.

Tara and Franklin--the new vampire in town are getting busy at a local motel. He tries to get to know Tara and her friends a bit better but Tara shuts down and pretty much leaves him there because she's not ready for much more than just sex. She refuses to even tell him her name.

Jessica's body has gone missing and it seems that Franklin has found it as he brings the man's head as a gift. He uses it so he can try to get information out of her about Bill and Sookie. Elsewhere, a man has shown up at sookie's and his name is Alcide. He tells her that Eric has hired him to protect her. She tells him that she needs to find Bill and decides that they are going to go to a were bar. It wasn't a safe situation and he eventually ended up having to beat them up pretty brutally because they were all eying her up.

Bill has decided that he needed to save Sookie and devotes his loyalty to Russell. Bill has a lot of flashbacks about his past--such as his relationship with his wife and finding out about his child dying. They even had quite the naughty sex scene between him and Lorena. It was brutal and full of gore.

A lot of other pretty dramatic things happened. Jason has decided he wanted to become a cop after getting a criminal arrested and finding drugs on him. He studied and studied but after that he ended up burning the application. Arlene has just found out that she is pregnant, but she is definitely not pregnant by Terry--even if she told him he's the father. Who could blame her, though. The father was Rene and we all know how that turned out.

Eric has decided that he should give Lafayette a pretty sweet car. He asked for a dollar to avoid the gift tax. This is so he will sell more and more V. So, Lafayette gets in deeper. At Merlotte's, Sam's family has showed up to take advantage of his good nature. They eat there for free and then his father allowed his underage brother to drink alcohol. He wasn't cool with that so he eventually kicked them all out.

Tara gets called out of work for Eggs' burial and it comes out that Sookie has paid for it. She tells her that it was the least she could do and that if she doesn't want her there that she'll go elsewhere. Tara tells her that she should stay there with her because she's one of the only people to show up really. Tara is going to move back into Sookie's house.

Later that night, Franklin shows up at Sookie's to see Tara. He is really trying to dig for information. He asks her if he could come in, she denies entry but he pretty much gets his way through glamouring her. Merlott's is being robbed overnight and Sam has found clothes that belong to his brother.

When the guys (Jason, Hoyt, and Lafayette) are at work, Hoyt has found body in a ditch. There is no identification as the head and arms have been ripped off. This is exactly why Bud has quit his job because he is tired of finding dead bodies.