Trouble - Recap

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Tara and Franklin are still waiting for the King and then they (Bill, Lorena, and the King) come in. Tara is shocked by the fact that Bill has come in with them. Bill asks why Tara is there and Franklin says that she is his and that she wants to be with him (despite the fact that she is tied up). Franklin and the King retire to his study and Tara asks Bill what is wrong with him. Lorena "agrees" with Tara and says that his behavior has been somewhat erratic. She asks him to help her and he says no and then walks away.

In the study the king is looking at pictures and Franklin wants cash payment, but he refuses to and says he will put it in his trust because the last time he paid in cash he ended up getting into a lot of trouble. The King asks why he is dragging yet another girl around with him and Franklin tells him that this one is "spectacularly different". The king wants him to get Sookie, but finds out that she is already in Jackson. Lorena is still on Bill about being together and he tells her that she played herself into a corner and closes his bedroom door in her face. Sookie and Alcide are speeding off because things went horribly wrong at the party/initiation they were at. Sookie wants to talk to the King and Alcide won't allow for that to happen. Eric has been brought to Russell and he wants to hunt for Bill because they "believe that he has been selling vampire blood". Russell brings out Bill and Bill has already told Russell everything since he has pledged his allegiance to him as his king. Bill comes out and is a little shocked in a cocky way that Eric would try to set him up for that. This is also when Eric learns that Sookie is no longer his. Eric decides to confess to selling the blood, but for his queen and asks what he is going to do because if the magistrate finds out he will kill his progeny. The king says that they will figure something out and asks that he sleeps there.


Sookie awakens to Alcide arguing with Debbie. She shows up to supposedly "save his life" and Sookie comes out. Debbie gets really angry and jealous because she assumes that they are sleeping together. She gets angry over the idea of him having sex with her in her house and thinks to herself about how she slept with all kinds of men in their house. Sookie says that she slept with multiple men and tells her that she made the choice to leave a good man for those slobs. Franklin has Tara tied to the bed and she is wearing a fairly prudent sleeping gown. He is obsessed and creepy and doesn't allow her any control. He brings up the fact that she got a text and gets really jealous. He asks who Lafayette is, jumps on her and chokes her. She tells him that Lafayette is her gay cousin and tells him to tell her she's okay and to "trust me, mothafucka". Franklin is a bit like a child in the regard that he needs her to watch him do cool things and will do it again just for her to be able to watch and give him the verbal pat on the back.

Jason walks into the police department and says hello to Kevin and Kenya and then grabs a donut. They want to know why he is there and he says that he is at work. He says he is ready for his first day and Andy takes him to give him a desk. Jason wants to be out on the field, but Andy tells him that he is in charge of the phones. Sam is helping his family move in and he notices that his brother is a bit rough with his father. His brother is bitter and it seems like there may be a good reason for that. That's how it feels. Sam isn't comfortable with the disrespect, but that is just how they are. Terry pulls up and he has items in his truck bed. Sam asks if that means that he will be moving in with Arlene and he says that it is what he is doing. Sam is happy and congratulates him. Terry is so happy that something normal is happening to him. Sam tells Arlene that he is happy for her and she says that she is not feeling very well. Sam is very creeped out by his father, but offers him work any way. Then he brings his brother to the bar.

Tara is still tied up trying to get out while he sleeps by use of her mouth. Sookie is taking off nail polish and hearing Alcide's thoughts. He says that things are getting too deep and that he needs to contact his packmaster and then comes in and tells Sookie he is going to run a few errands. She asks him what a packmaster is and he is upset that she was listening in. He says that it is against the law to tell her anything about anything! He tells her that the packmaster is the alpha and keeps them all alive because most do not have the sense that is needed to live like anyone else. Sookie convinces him to take her with him. Jason is bored at work and building chains out of paper clips and drinking coffee. He goes crazy because he has ADHD. Tara has freed herself from the ties and starts to run. She gets out of the castle and then gets chased by werewolves. The werewolf that gets her is Cooter. Lafayette has taken Tommy under his wing a bit and is telling him about cigars. Jesus shows up (for those that don't remember, he is the nurse of Lafayette's mother) and he thinks that Jesus is there to tell him about his mother dying. That is not the case as he really went by to see him. Lafayette gets weird and thinks someone has told him about his business. Jesus tells him that he just wanted to ask him out on a date. He is working and can't go with him but he decides to hang until he is done work.

Alcide and Sookie have met up with the packmaster and he worries that he will be punished for bring a human into the business. She tells him that it is not his fault because they only wanted to tell him what they saw. The pack master already knows about it and they ask if he has a plan. The plan is to do nothing and tell no one because of the king. The king has had werewolves working for him for centuries and there is nothing that they can do. Alcide is shocked, but Sookie can read the master's mind. The master is scared and he has no one to help him. He even considers just fleeing. Sookie tells him to leave his master alone as he is scared. Alcide is told to obey. Jason has been regulated to washing cars and he sees a beautiful woman that he remembers from the night of the massive party and decides to steal a cop car and pull her over for speeding. She calls him out on not being an officer and is very vague with him and then drives off. He seems to be intrigued.

Jessica is having a problem with Arlene not looking her in the eye. She also notices that Hoyt is there with another girl. Jessica looks hurt and Tommy asks her what is wrong and she says that her ex is there. Tommy tries to calm her down and gets a call from his father. His father is demanding that he get home and he says he won't be because he is working. Franklin and Tara are back in the bedroom and Franklin is having a bit of a hissy fit/temper tantrum. He doesn't understand why she ran away and why she is scared. He tells her he ties her up to keep her safe. He begins sobbing like a baby and tells her that she has no idea how much she hurt him. She apologizes and says it is her fault because she is confused and asks that he forgives her. She tells him that she's scared of the other vampires and he says that he won't let them touch her.

Russell talks to Bill about the papers he saw with the geneology of the Stackhouse's. Bill has circled certain names, according to him but Bill denies having seen it. Cooter comes in and asks if he could talk to him. Andy tells Jason that he has to take the physical exam and the written exam. Lafayette and Jesus are playing pool and getting to know one another. They have a nice conversation with flirtation and sweetness. Sam is walking through and his brother asks if he can stay with him tonight for brother time. Sam wants to know what is going on and his brother says nothing is going on and that Joe Lee is just a prick. Cooter walks into Bill's room and Bill demands he gets out. They get into a bit of a disagreement and Cooter is quite the bully with his information. He tells him that everyone knows that Bill is on the king's "shit list" and he also tells him that Sookie is in Jackson doing it with a werewolf. Bill snaps and demands he know where she is and they end up getting into quite the fight. Bill seems to be winning and Cooter definitely gets his butt beat. When the security guard comes in to check on him, Bill shoves his face into the silver plating on the door.

The girl that Jason wanted to talk to and invited to the bar shows up and she decides to leave. She says that she shouldn't be there or near him because it just isn't right. Jason asks that she take a little walk with him at least. They hold hands and go for a walk and then they end up kissing at the river. He asks if she is happy out in the woods and she says maybe so. They seem to be bonding and thinks there is something going on between them. She worries that he will care about why she can't be around. He is upset that they can't be together but they end up getting together despite that even if it is just for "right now" like she claims. Eric tells Russell that he can help him with something, but he says that he should let Talbot show him around. Lorena shows up and she is shocked that he is there. Talbot tells her that it is boys only and Eric asks that he show him everything.

Sam and Tommy are watching the animal channel and their father comes banging on the door completely wasted and demanding that Sam give him back his "boy". He gets physically violent with him and Sam throws him off of him asking him who he thinks he is banging down the door like he did. He demands that he go home and his father tells him that he owns Tommy. Sam says he's not going anywhere and that he doesn't own anything--he lives in the house he owns and if he doesn't leave he won't be living anywhere. His father apologizes saying that he can't think straight due to being liquored up. He says that he needs to learn responsibility and that it'll be better in the morning. When he leaves Sam asks what it was about. Tara is at the kitchen table and crying because she can't eat day lilies. He snaps and tells the guard to go tell Talbot he doesn't want the salad and to also not come back because she belongs to him. Tara tells him they need to talk. She tells him that she's really into him, but he needs to remember that she is human and has needs like food. He wants to take her out and he wants to turn her into a vampire after that. He asks her to be his vampire bride and she panics inside.

Eric and Talbot are looking around the house and looks at random art. Talbot shows him a crown that is viking. Eric is angry because it seems that the king killed his family. We have now learned that Eric is part of viking royalty. While Eric is having relations he hears screaming and finds that his family has been attacked. His mother, little sibling and his father have been attacked by werewolves and a mysterious man. The last wish of his dying father was vengeance and he has been reminded of this. Eric says that it is beautiful. Sookie wakes up and goes to the living room to find that Bill is there. He demands that she needs to go and be taken away so that she can be saved. Cooter, Russell, and the guard show up to go get Sookie and Bill. When Cooter goes to grab her she gets angry and defensive and throws her hand into his head. That is when she does the jolt thing that lights up and knocks the average person or dog on their butts. The king laughs and says that it is fantastic that she can do that.