Everything is Broken - Recap

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In this episode of True Blood, there is a lot going on. The actual "Authority" has made an appearance by sending Nan Flanagan (the spokeswoman) to talk to Eric and figure out what is happening and where the magister is. Eric confides to her that he has been looking for Russell for a thousand years and that he has been seeking vengeance on him since he killed his whole entire family, including his infant sibling. Eric and Pam get put on "house arrest" while Nan goes to figure out what to do about this whole mess. It turns out that they are going to release him and allow for him to seek his vengeance against the King.

As usual, Sookie has a mess to clean up thanks to Bill. He had to kill a werewolf or else he would've killed her. He just didn't get to cleaning it up because they were a bit preoccupied with one another. Sookie is starting to realize that Bill is hiding -something- from her. We realize that he knows what she is after having that "dream" with the fairies. It doesn't seem that he has told her what, though.

Sookie's cousin, Hadley, has called and said she wants her to meet someone. They meet up at an arcade and it turns out she wants her to meet her son Hunter to see if he can read minds because she is going to need to protect him if he can. It turns out that he can read minds and Hadley runs out with him immediately once she realizes that they are having a full on conversation without moving their lips.

Sam is having many issues. One thing is he has to deal with the fact that his brother is hooking up with women that are fairly loud. By fairly loud, I mean that they are scaring the neighbors. Not only that, but the "mystery woman" Crystal that is hanging with Jason has caused trouble for him too. Her father comes into the bar and flips out about the fact that he said he hadn't seen her. Not only that, but she had to go back home. He also calls him some not so nice names. Sam finally loses it on him and beats him to a pulp. Lafayette makes sure to get him to the hospital, but there is nothing on what's up with Sam after that debacle. Next week it is.

Things are heating up with Lafayette and Jesus. Hoyt and Jessica talk about the fact that he actually hates his girlfriend. He just doesn't want to be alone thinking about her all the time like he was doing. Jason is really confused because Crystal is very contradictory. She tells him one thing and then fights for her family, too. She has even lied about their relationship to them accusing him of rape and kidnapping.

We get a surprise when Franklin shows up and loses his mind on Tara. She was certain she had actually killed him and she kept it pretty strong that she doesn't love him. He of course was hurt and even had to go through the motions of pain. He was about to kill her after a bit of a dramatic "I will you mourn you till my dying day" type of situation. Unfortunately for him, Jason shot him with wooden bullets and he is now completely gone.

Russell is still completely psychotic over what happened to Talbot. He carries the last of his remains in a jar and brings him everywhere. He vows to get revenge. He also kills a newscaster just so that he could tell the world, including the "authority" that the humans are not equal to him and he fully intends on eating them after eating their children.