I Smell a Rat - Recap

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Sookie has just been told that she is a fairy. He tells her that there are many different names for the fairy people and that they would couple with humans. They were even known for forcing mating with humans, too. She is shocked by the fact that her "people" are rapists. He tells her about where he was and she says she was there, too. She tells him that Claudine, the fairy, said not to trust him and he tells her with good reason. He says that every supernatural he has ever met believes that the Fae were wiped out by vampires.

It is the aftermath of Jason killing Franklin and he is having some flashbacks of when he killed Eggs and when Eddie the vampire was killed. He says that they have to hide all the proof. Tara says she needs him to dig and then she says that he needs to start the truck and put the clothes in the back. She throws all of the vampire left overs into the dirt and tries to hide it all. She hopes he rots in hell and they drive off. Lafayette stops at his house because Crystal's dad won't make it if he goes all the way to the hospital without trying something.

Sam is having some trouble flashing back to when he was robbing people and had a girlfriend that used him to get rich and leave him behind with her real boyfriend. She wants to know how he does it, but he won't tell her. That is when the real boyfriend comes out and takes the stuff that they have stolen. He thought that they were going to get married, have babies, and the like. Sookie asks Bill why they think that they were wiped out by vampires. He says that according to legend fairy blood is the most intoxicating and delectable. He says that it is true. She worries that the feelings for her that he has is based on that alone. He convinces her that they are genuine feelings. He says that he'll never feed on her again if that is what it takes to prove that.

Eric is working on a will and Pam is not happy about it. He is going to leave everything to her. He is trying to cover his bases. He asks Evetta to witness signing the papers and she gets angry that he is leaving it all to Pam. Lafayette gives Crystal's father vampire blood and he comes back and heals. That is when he gets up and flips out because she "let those faggots put vampire juice in him" and smacks her. She chases after him and Lafayette says that they are a whole new dimension of trash. She talks to him and he says that they aren't supposed to mix so she shouldn't try to be with Jason. He says that she needs mate with who she was promised to and she says that she doesn't love him. He says that she doesn't have to love him, just needs to keep the bloodline going. She says she won't and runs off and he disowns her.

Bill sees Nan on the news trying to save the plight of the vampires. He gets worried due to Russell's outbursts. Eric shows up at Jason's house where Bill and Sookie are and he says that he knows what Sookie is. He asks if it is true that Sookie's blood let him walk in the light. He looks shocked and Eric says that Sophie didn't even tell him why he was sent to find Sookie. Bill says that he came back because it is his namesake. He asks if it is true and he says the blood works for a few minutes and then you do burn. Eric tells him that he killed Talbot. He asks why he is even there and he said that he is there to protect Sookie. He doesn't believe that. She shows up and says he won't get what he wants. He says to do what she wants because he won't be around for long anyway.

At the bar, Arlene is watching television and she says it was only a matter of time before they got caught on tv. Jessica loses it and tells her off. Hoyt is with his girlfriend and she decides that she wants to give him some loving to make him like her more. He doesn't think it is necessary. Jason and Tara show up to his house and he is shocked that Bill and Sookie are there. They want to know why she is there and she explains. Tara is not trusting of Bill, still. Jason and Bill go out to talk before he goes to ground. Tara tells Sookie what happened to her thanks to Franklin and says that Bill is just like the rest of them.

Bill asks Jason if he has a gun in the house and he tells him to get the shotgun from his truck so that he can do it. He seems nervous, but he says he will handle it. Lafayette and Jesus are hanging out and Jesus thinks he may want to try it. He says that he wants to do it with him. Lafayette is hesitant, but they do it. He thinks he is more like a shaman in a sunday hat. Jesus says that it is in Lafayette too and he knows that. He just needs a little push.

Sam show up and he wants the television to be shut off. He seems to be hung over and everyone is worried about him and even scared. He seems to be in an awfully hideous mood. He says he didn't kill anyone and that the guy is fine. The new waitress is giving him black kohash. He tells her that she is nosy and has bad boundaries. He says he has two rules in the bar and that is no dancing and no religion. His brother comes up to him and asks why he told them that the guy didn't die and thought he was finally getting some respect. Sam says there is a difference between respect and having people terrified of you.

Terry and Arlene have an emotional discussion out back by the trashcan. She confesses to him that the baby is really Rene's. She thinks that the baby is going to be evil and she wants to get rid of it. He says no to that and that they are going to raise the baby together like it is his own. Jason tells Sookie about Franklin and then tells her about Eggs. She thinks that he should tell Tara about that. He doesn't want to because he is good at protecting people and not telling her includes that.

Jesus and Lafayette are tripping. The religious statues are all dancing. The room is spinning and they end up going through what seems to be another world. There is a woman crushing up drugs, she is a witch. She is Jesus' grandmother. She could undo many spells and with her help she saved many people from evil. Then they go to a scene of a woman who helps fellow women with fertility problems. Now they are where a black woman is doing magic. She was a conjurer. She never had to sleep with her master due to the magic she had. After that, they go to another place that is much more dark. It is Jesus' grandfather and he's doing what seems to be voodoo. He practiced black arts. His mother drug Jesus all over the world trying to escape him because he had "big plans" for him. His Grandfather was a sorcerer.

Sookie is sleeping and she is having a dream about Eric. She talks to him about having feelings, they kiss, and then he says that she knows he can't trust Bill and it is not his blood talking but her survival instinct. Jason brings her Tara breakfast. He wants to confess that he killed Eggs but she and him get too close for a bit. They even kiss. He decides he has to tell her despite that and she is completely hurt. She says nothing back to him even though he begs her. She just runs out of the house and he realizes that Sookie is gone, too.

Sam flashes back to the time that he accidentally kills his ex girlfriend because she pulled a gun on him and then he had to kill the guy that she was with at the time. Sookie shows up at Fangtasia. He says that deep down she knows she shouldn't trust him. He says that there are forces beyond his control. He says that if he meets the true death before even kissing her then that will be his biggest regret. She asks why it feels like he is saying goodbye and he says that he is and then he kisses her. They kiss passionately for a bit and then she says she gets that she's irresistible but she still needs to know what is going on. Pam comes in and says there is a vampire emergency and he excuses himself to talk to her. Pam thinks that he should just hand Sookie over. She's shocked over him choosing a human over himself or her. He says that her lack of sentiment was the best trait and she shouldn't disappoint him now. She says that she knows that he would've done anything for Godric. She doesn't have any interest in gaining his property. He just needs to figure out how to use Sookie and fast.

Russell gets himself a male hooker and uses him as a replica of Talbot so that they could have "closure". Granted, the hooker didn't know that. He was weirded out by all of it. Arlene decides to ask the wiccan waitress if she can help with other ways of not being pregnant. Hoyt comes in and tells Jessica that he loves her and only her and wants to be with her. He tells her to tell him she's not in love with him if she isn't and he'll leave her alone. She doesn't say anything and he leaves. When he leaves Tommy starts messing with him outside and he just hits him and goes to leave. Tommy changes into the bulldog and attacks him brutally. Jessica comes out, smacks him off, and saves him. She lets him feed off of her and tells him that she does love him.

Bill and Jason are fighting because he lost Sookie. He snaps on Bill and takes back his invitation into his house and he is forced to leave due to that. That and then he hears some crashing around and there is what looks to be a panther in the room. It is really Crystal. Russell is getting weird with the hooker and he is confused. He is just pouring his heart out. Then he kills him so that they could "say goodbye properly". Eric comes back to Sookie in his office and decides to keep her prisoner in the basement.