Evil is Going On - Recap

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Eric and Russell are still in the sun slowly burning. Eric's truly dead maker, Godric, shows up in his mind as his conscience. He tells him to forgive him as forgiveness is love. He wants to end all of the hate and that love is all. He says he swore to his father that he would get vengeance. Godric tells him that only peace follows death, even for Russell. This makes Eric angry and in what seems to be emotional agony. Sookie is running through the woods and finds a light that looks like a chandelier. It turns out that this is a dream. Bill is waking her up and she gets up pretty angry. She smacks him and yells at him for betraying her again. He tells her that he only betrayed her (again) so that he could save her life (again). He says that it worked and that Russell is gone. She asks where Eric is and his progeny says that he is outside burning with Russell.

Sookie decides to go outside and try to stop him from doing this. Bill tries to stop her, but she makes it very clear that he does not own her. She goes outside to try and stop it but he tells her to go away. She says that this is stupid and Godric (unbeknownst to her) is still trying to convince Eric to forgive him in the short time that he has left. Russell threatens her and says that he will beat the true death and kill everyone she cares about. She uses her magic to get them apart and he tells her to drag her the "f" inside. She tells him to watch his language after sending him across the lot against a gate with her magic and then drags Eric inside Fangtasia.

After having brought him inside she demands that Bill bites her so that Eric can feed as Pam unlocks the handcuffs. Tara is watching the news where the vampires and anti-vampire people are still debating. Tara is still with Sam. He made them pancakes for breakfast and he decides to tell her why he barks in his sleep. He tells her that he is a shapeshifter despite the fact that she seems to be tired of everyone in her life being supernatural. This seems like something that he demands she accept. Elsewhere, Eric has finished reviving himself with Sookie's blood and demands that they go get Russell because Godric appeared to him and told him to spare Russell. The others are not into this idea as he is a psychopath who wants to kill all of them. He asks Sookie to, but she won't do it. They just want him to fry. Eric says that he will go out there himself. She grabs a chain and goes out there to save him. She's not too happy about that.

Tara is not happy about the fact that he is a shape shifter. She wishes she could just reboot. He tells her that she can. She asks if the old him caught up to him and he says that it does but you just have to keep moving forward. Back at Fangtasia, they are still trying to convince Eric to kill Russell. He asks Sookie to hold on to the chains and pull back. He drops his fangs (even though he just lost one from being burned by the sun, so he is ash right now basically) and looks like he wants to feed on her. She says "don't even think about it, bitch" and he says that it is all he will ever think about. Eric says that they should go underground to get rest and that Sookie should watch Russell. She's not pleased about it, but they don't have an option as she is the only person that isn't glamoured. Bill wants to stay with her, but she says he should go to sleep because he has the bleeds. She's not happy at all, she doesn't want to look at any of the vampires as she feels like she has been betrayed.

Andy is at the station with the DEA about the blood ring. It seems Jason wants the DEA to back off. They are going in today. He is going to go warn Hot Shot about it so that they don't get caught. Tara is having some serious issues with all of the horrible memories that have happened at Merlotte's. Hoyt comes to work and he finds his mother and his ex girlfriend sitting at his work site that. They also brought in the guidance counselor from his old school. This is a small intervention over the fact that he is with Jessica. He snaps over it. He says he is not leaving her and if they can't handle it then they don't have to be in his life. He says he wishes Summer the best and the best husband in the world, but that isn't him.

Lafayette shows up to work early so he can get some stews going and he forgot his keys. Sam goes to get his keys figured out and Lafayette is still having strange flashes and hallucinations. He sees blood all over Sam's hands and hears a weird voice say "cross me and pay" or something like that. Lafayette backs up and is scared, but tries to act like nothing is really wrong. Back at Fangtasia, Russell tells Sookie that he has an offer to propose to her. He says he will give her $5 million dollars, kill Eric Northman and Bill Compton (or neither, or just one of her choosing), and her house in Mississippi if she releases him. She says no and he tries to explain to her what vampires would do for her blood. He is shocked that Bill can control himself. He says that he is either a true gentleman or very, very smart. She wonders why this is and he says that it is a basic tantra. By controlling himself he is able to experience the benefits for long. Other vampires are known for their compulsions, however. She sprays him with the watered down silver. He says that she better hope that he dies because he will do horrible things to her if released. She brings over Talbot's "leftovers" and asks why he is carrying it around. It seems that he thinks he will bring him back by using her blood. She pours Talbot down the garbage disposal in a sick and twisted way while Russell is in agony.

Jason and Crystal show up to her trailer park to tell her pack that they are about to get raided. Jason tells them that he is just trying to help, but Crystal's father is still against him. They are trying to get rid of the vampire blood despite that. Her father says that they don't need help, never needed any help. Jason is actually really offended by the conditions of the people who are dirty, look very hungry, and there is obvious inbreeding issues on top of the fact that there are health issues. When trying to get rid of the blood, Crystal's ex fiancee/brother comes out and shoots one of them and says that he is not going to let them get rid of the vampire blood because there is too much money in it. He ends up blowing his father's brains out.

Sam drives up to see Terry. He is outside crying on his porch and he apologizes about how he treated him. He cries even harder as he keeps going. He is really happy it turns out as so much is great. He is so happy that everything is good and he feels lucky. He doesn't ever want it to stop. While he is normally slightly crazy, he seems crazier than usual. Sam goes to where his brother was staying and it turns out that he destroyed the house and left things on and then left. Phil wants to shoot more people and is threatening to shoot Jason if she doesn't go with him. She decides she has to go with him and makes it so Jason has to take care of everyone that is left. He promises he will find her and that he will help them out. Tara shows up at her mother's and finds her with the married reverend. She thinks that he is going to leave his wife for her. She thinks that she is going to be a minister's wife and be happy at last. She tells her good luck and hugs her and leaves.

Sam shows up at Merlott's and goes to his office to find that his money is missing. Arlene goes to get an order from Lafayette and as they are speaking to one another he can see Rene. He is telling him while he holds her throat that he is growing inside of her right now. He flips out and and scares her, but then Terry comes in and yells at her for working at all. Sam is completely livid and takes his gun with him. Lafayette is on the phone with Jesus and he says he is seeing all kinds of scary things. He's wondering if he's schizophrenic like his mother and Jesus says he will be on his way.

Alcide shows up out of nowhere because Eric called him to help him. He asks if everything is okay, but Debbie has gone missing. He says that he has been thinking about him a lot. He says he even had a couple dreams about her. She tells him to stop being such a good guy and he says he can't help it. Eric drags Russell out and she takes back the invitation for all vampires to enter into her house so they shouldn't even bother coming. Andy is tempted to take some V and then Jason comes in arrested. He says he knows he did the right thing. Jesus shows up and Lafayette runs to him. He is asking what is going on. He says he thinks he opened up something inside of him. He says he doesn't want to be sensitive to it. After a while he got used to it after he got trained in it. He tells Lafayette that he is a witch.

Sookie gets home and Tara has cut off her hair. She loves it and she decides that she is going to run over to Merlotte's to see Lafayette. She says she won't be gone long, but it seems like she is planning on fleeing. Russell is being poured into concrete that is encased in silver. He decides to keep him with his grief for a hundred years. Godric, as his conscience, says that he makes him bleed because of so much hatred. Eric loses it and says that this is who he is and this is who he made him. Russell says he will regret it. Eric says maybe but right now it feels good and then pours the concrete on him. That is when Godric disappears and Bill pushes Eric into the wet cement, too. He then calls someone pretending to be Eric and says for him to kill Pam, too. Hyde is taking Jessica to what looks like their new house that they can share together. He also wants to marry her. His mother is at a gun shop purchasing a rifle for obvious use.

Bill knocks on Sookie's door and says that they must talk. She invites him in and he tells her that he ended Eric along with Russell. He wants to make sure that she is safe and since he has tasted her and intends on giving them the true death. He even intends on killing the Queen. He says he will keep her safe even if it means not being a part of her life. He tells her that he has never loved nor will he ever love as he has loved her. He goes to leave and Eric has climbed out somehow. He asks if Sookie knew that he originally was sent to "procure her" for the Queen. He says it is true but then he grew to know her. She asks if he was ever going to tell her and he hoped to someday. Eric asks "what about the fact that you let two psychos beat her within an inch of her life so that she needed your blood, think she'll forgive you for that?" She asks if that is true and he looks like a down dog and apologizes. She rescinds her invitation again and never wants to talk to him again. He flies out of the house and she also demands that Eric leave, too. He tells her that he is sorry to see her suffer like this, but he thought she had the right to know. Tara pulls up to Merlotte's and decides to drive off instead.

Tommy has been tracked down and starts running as fast as he can. Sam starts to chase him and shoots the gun and points it at Tommy. He tells him he can't read and that he can't get a job. Sam doesn't care and Tommy is really hurt by all of this. He decides he isn't going to shoot him and runs off or tries to. Sam pulls the trigger. The Queen shows up at Bill's and asks if she looks like a great widow and he says she is a sight. She asks if he is pleased that Russell is no more. She wants the girl. He decides to fight against her. Sookie runs to Gran's grave to talk to her because she is so lost. She followed her heart and failed. Then the fellow fairies come out and ask that she come with them. That is when many other fairies including males come out and then they disappear.