You Smell Like Dinner - Recap

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Jason wakes up in a cold, damp room. He sees Maggie and she says that they are not supposed to talk to him. One of the kids from the compound is licking his wounds, because they are all shapeshifters. He tries to get them to tell him what is going on, but Philton is back with a rifle. He threatens him with it, while Jason is tied to a bed.

Sookie and Eric are still discussing the fact that he does not own her. He tells her that she is going to need protection from other vampires that figure out what is in her blood. He tells her that he cares about her a great deal. She is not easily convinced. He tells her to let her fairy side speak for her more so that she can keep on living longer. He owns her house now, therefore she cannot ban him from entrance.

One of the women from the coven circle is with Bill still. They discuss what happened with the bird and he tells her that her job is done and he'll take it from there. There are picketers at Fangtasia. One of the protesters calls Hoyt a fangbanger. He snaps on the guy about how he has love in his heart. Another picketer calls Jessica a “vampwhore” and they almost get into a fight. They go to walk away and then there is a huge fight where Hoyt is jumped, but they cannot help.

Sam comes up to one of his female shapeshifter friends. He hits on her a little bit and wants her to tell him about her, because they know nothing about her at all. She goes to kiss him and then she runs away turning into a horse as she goes away. Her name is Luna. Sookie walks over to Bill's to see that his house has been remade and is quite bright. Bill is having sex with the woman that was planted in the coven. Sookie learns right then that Bill is the king of the vampires now. She walks in there and it is completely remade and abolutely high end. Sookie walks into his room to find Bill and Katerina getting dressed.

Jesus is talking to Lafayette about what happened. He worries they are dabbling in black magic. Jesus tells Lafayette that there is no white or black magic, it is the practitioner's decision to use it how they see fit. Sookie tells Bill that she does not want to be Eric's. She wants Bill to help her, but he can't. He is vague with his reasons. He says that he will try to figure something out, but it may not work. He wants her to seek shelter in another human's home.

Bill has a bit of a flashback to a time where he was in London back in 1982. He would dress up as a punk rocker and get his victims at shows most of the time. He would never kill them, he would heal them and then glamor them into forgetting that that happened. Nan saw him and wanted to talk to him about wanting to join forces in making a better future for vampires that do not want to kill humans.She also tells him about this new “real human blood” that is made in the labs. She had been watching him for weeks and she asks why he didn't kill the punk rocker he just fed off of. Bill believes that they don't have to die to be dinner. She asked him to help and they have been in cahoots ever since.

Sookie wants to talk to Sam. She apologizes to him that she made a lot of people for being gone so long. She also tells him that one day she will tell him when she is allowed. Terry and Darlene show up to work with the baby and Sookie met him for the first time. They have common talk and Darlene flips out and runs away crying.

Andy shows up to the compound Jason is trapped at. He is looking for V. The guy that has him captive gets one of his compound buddies to bring Andy some 'v' and then he leaves. Crystal goes in to see Jason and she is on V. She is trying to keep him quiet and undressing him. She tells him that she has a plan to get them out safe, but he needs to keep as quiet as possible.

Jason is completely weirded out by Crystal's behavior. Sam goes into his office and Luna is waiting patiently. She tells him that she is not into talking about her problems, but she really wants to let him in and she is going to try. They start kissing and she invites him out tonight. Sam's brother sees this and asks who she is. Terry wants to watch a DVD and goes on, but Darlene is staring hard into her son's eyes. He is smiling at her, but she is freaked out. A blood vessel bursts in her eye and she snaps. She tells Terry that the baby isn't right and runs away. Terry tells him that he is his daddy and he is not evil and neither is he.

Sookie is walking into her house, but Tara runs up and she has a bit of a flashback of fairies but realizes it is Tara. She asked where she has been and Tara says New Orleans. They go inside to update one another. Eric has left new stuff around Sookie's house including secret doors to a sleeping area for him. Jessica wakes up and goes to talk to Hoyt to see if he's okay. He took quite the beating. She wants him to feed on her to heal. He tells her he doesn't “need that shit” and she is upset by that, because it is her blood. She is really hurt and leaves saying she is going to get advil. She decides to drive to Shrevepoint.

Tara shows up and sees Lafayette and Jesus. She looks happy. They tell her they do wiccan things and asks if she's going to come or what. She does. Eric goes to meet with Bill. He talks to him about the house. He asks if he can sell it back to her or him. He says no to both. Bill tells him that there is a coven that are necromancers. They brought a bird back. He asks Eric if he understands the implications, because that means that they would end up being able to control the vampires. Eric understands this very well. Eric says that he'll go tonight to deal with it. Bill has a flashback to fighting The Queen. They fought, but he brought back up. She was killed by a team and AVL. Nan asks what is so special about Sookie. He says there was nothing to his relationship with Sookie. That is when he was made to be king.

Sookie is trying to ask Pam for her to talk to Eric about what is going on. She wants her to ask him to leave her alone. Pam tells him to be somebody's or she won't be at all. She also tells her that Eric cares a great deal about her. Jessica shows up back at Fangtasia. She walks through the protesters and looks for the guy she saw the last time she was there with Hoyt.

The gang goes to the coven meeting. The leader wants to bring a person back next time. Not everyone agrees with that and Tara walks out. Sam and his friends are talking about what they do. Luna shifted into her mother once. She tells them about how on her father's side she is Navajo. On the reservation, they would tell stories about the skin walkers. They were shifters that could shift into absolutely any animal including other humans. They had to kill another shifter to become one and she did that, because her mother died giving birth to her. They smell another shifter and Sam runs for him. He shifts into a bird, as does Tommy...who was sneaking around. Tara calls her girlfriend and tells her that everyone there is completely insane. They miss one another.

Eric walks into the wicker shop where the coven meets. Lafayette was wondering where they would get a dead body. Eric shows up and drops fang. Lafayette gets scared and Eric says “oh, Lafayette, I didn't know you were a witch”. Sookie walks into the bathroom and hears her hooking up with another man. She is wondering what she is doing there. She asked if Hoyt knows and Jessica tells her that she can eat who she wants.

Sam and Tommy fall naked and he is wondering where the limp is. He was lying about the limp. They both lied to one another. He wanted to know why Tommy followed him and he said he wants them to be brothers. He says it is going to be a problem, because they don't trust each other. Sam's friends look for him and then he takes off. Eric puts out candles at the meeting. He wants to speak to Marneyand she stands up. He tells her that this is the last time her coven convenes. He says that there is no behind his back, he will know if they do it. Eric tells Lafayette to tell her that he is no negotiator and he does. Tara goes to get Eric with a stake, but he prevents it. That is when they join hands to control him so that he stops. Marney starts speaking a different language. One that Eric understands. It is dark and even Eric is a bit freaked out by this madness. He looks like he's going to cry. She flashes back and forth and he leaves scared.

Crystal and her boyfriend come in and he wants her to make a baby with Jason, because they can't on their own. They are going to make him a panther first. They eat at him to turn him into one. Sookie is driving home and sees Eric almost naked and walking home all deshelved. He has no clue who Sookie is. He asks her why he smells so good.