Me and the Devil - Recap

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Tommy puts up one hell of a fight with Joe lee. His mother defends her husband. They knocked one another around until Tommy bashes his father's head in with a shovel. He takes the shovel to his mother and it seems he has killed the both of them.

Jesus wakes up marney and everyone is mad but him. A spirit has taken over her while she does that. Lafayette says this is going to piss off the vampires and they all leave her. Arlene is worried that Rene is coming back to take Mikey based on the writing on the wall. They decide to ask god for help. They want to get the house cleansed of evil spirits. 

Sookie is asleep and Eric goes to go in her room when Godric comes and is in his original, ruthless form. He smells her and wants to feed, but Eric defends her while not knowing who he even is. Godric takes Eric by the throat and forces him to. It turns out to be a dream. He wakes up and goes to her room with his fangs dropped. She wakes up and catches him. 

Jess and Hoyt have Jason and are trying to take care of him. Hoyt hugs her for saving him, but she isn't feeling affectionate. He feels like there is something she isn't telling him. Hoyt is going to stay with Jason and Jessica goes home.

Bill has an issue with Portia still wanting to be together and he decides to glamour her into being afraid of him after her arguing her case for the incestuous relationship. Eric is crying and doesn't get why. Sookie tells him that Godric was his maker and he loved him. He tells her he called him evil and she tries to sooth him by telling him it was just a dream. He worries he is evil. She tells him he wasn't always so gentle and respectful and is shocked she's in bed with him. He tells her he would never hurt someone as beautiful as her.

Pam goes to see bill and he sees her face. He figures out that she went to see the witch when she was told not to. Shes through making nice and wants permission to kill the witch. He says he doesn't plan to ignore the problem, but it is illegal to kill a human and the punishment is the true death.

Jesus and Lafayette are going to Mexico to see a shaman to get some answers on getting spells reversed and protection. Tara doesn't go and says she is going back to New Orleans. Lafayette doesn't get why they are going to Mexico to see a guy Jesus hates and Jesus says it is time to fight fire with fire. Lafayette doesn't think they have a chance. Jesus tells him about his grandfather getting him a goat, but wants him to sacrifice it.  He got a magic and a power. His mother got them out of there but he feels they need the force he felt back then. 

Tara calls her girlfriend and she seems to have figured out who Tara Thornton really is. Tommy goes to Sam and brings their bodies. They need to figure something out. Sookie talks to holly, because she is a part of the Wiccan group. She wants to know what happened with the attack and holly doesn't want to talk about it. She reads her mind and figures out where the coven meets.

Jason talks to Hoyt about being violated and kidnapped. He tells Jason about jessica's distance. Sookie sees how Jason is and Jason leaves. Lettie may and reverend Daniels show up at Terry and arlene's house. They are married now. They use gospel to chase them out. 

Sookie goes to the shop wanting to get a reading. She says they're closed, but she caves in. She thinks of a question and when she tries to read she says there is a presence and someone that passed not too long ago and describes her grandmother. Her grandmother says she is not to give Eric her heart and she reads her mind and is able to hear her grandmother telling her she's dangerous and should run. Sookie books it.

Tommy and Sam are in the truck and Tommy is freaking out over having killed his parents. Sam wants him to hold it together. Andy sees something suspicious and follows. He hides Tommy in the back and Andy takes a hit if V and goes to his car. He is aggressive and has a short fuse. He can smell blood and wants the doors unlocked and Sam doesn't want to.  Tommy turns into an alligator and gets him gone.

Katie shows up to Marney's and she tells her that she's being protected. She was set up and gets taken by several men with guns. Sookie and Tara are talking about her girlfriend. Tara talks about how she just fell for her. She wants to meet her but she doesn't know about sookie and barely about her. She wanted to get away from Bon Tempe and had a new life. 

Marney is praying and gets possessed. She has a vision of the spirit In which she learns what happened to her as a witch in olden times. She breaks out of the trance in a breathless confusion. 

Tara wants to sleep over with sookie and she is denied. She wonders why and Eric comes out. Tara goes into fight mode. She wants to know what he is doing there and he says he lives there. Tara is infuriated by the fact that Sookie never told her about it. She tells her about all of the things that Eric did and he seems bothered by this. Tara doesn't give sookie much of a chance to explain and leaves. 

Bill talks to Marney and asks her what she did to Eric, because he is missing. She claims she did a non specific incantation spell. He wants her to reverse both spells on Eric and Pam. She doesn't know the spells or how to reverse them. Bill goes to see Marney and glamours her. He asks her questions and she honestly doesn't know how to fix it. Pam is upset by it, but it is the truth.

Jesus and Lafayette make it to his grandfathers and he says he has been expecting them. A man alcide doesn't know knocks on the door and asks if he is him. Alcide wants to know who he is and he simply says he's not a happy camper. Alcide goes to close the door, but the guy forces it open. He is the leader of the Shreveport pack and Alcide hasn't register with that charter. This doesn't please him. He says he is exploring free agency. He tells him what's what and tells him to leave. He gets on his bike and leaves angry. 

Sam and Tommy dump their parents bodies in a lake. Tommy is worried that he is going to hell. he says bye to his mother and throws her in the lake. Sam says that killing is alright during self defense. He says he doesn't know because he hasn't killed people. Sam tells him he has. They  worry he won't sink and he throws marshmallows in for the gators to eat them right up.

Terry and Arlene make love and talk about how quiet it is. They say he hasn't slept that well in a while and neither have they. They talk about how they are going to be alright. Matches start on their dresser. Jason has a weird sex dream about Jessica. Hoyt is in the dream, too. Eric talks to sookie about what he learned. He wonders why he let's him stay there. She likes him the way he is right now. Eric walks out and she doesn't want him to leave. They embrace and she kisses him.

Bill rounds up the Louisiana sheriffs and tells them Eric is missing and it's due to witches. They discuss necromancing. He tells him about the first run of this. They also discuss that they want to kill Marney. Pam slips and ends up telling him where Eric is. She has accidentally betrayed him.