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Let's Get Out of Here - Recap

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Alcide runs to take Sookie home and Bill takes her from him and rushes to her house. He tries to feed her his blood, but she won't drink. They are worried that she is not going to come back to them. Alcide wants to know what they are going to do and Bill says that their best bet is to pray. Alcide says that with him being a werewolf and Bill being a vampire, who would listen? Bill tells him that he does not know that.

Everyone from the coven is back at the Wicca shop. Antonia has brought Eric back, in her control. Everyone is up in arms over the fight they were just in. Tara asks Antonia why she rejected Bill's offer of an olive branch. Antonia doesn't really answer that and wants to get into a circle so that they can put a protection spell on themselves. She is pretty demanding and Tara wants out. Tara stands up and says she wants nothing to do with it and some people join her in her thoughts. When people do try to leave, Antonia locks them into the shop. She threatens Tara and all that want to stray from the cause.

Antonia wants to go to the Festival of Tolerance, so that the whole world will see what vampires are capable of as well as what they are capable of.

Sookie wakes up to Bill and Alcide. She's confused and wonders where Eric is. Bill says that they are looking for them. Alcide wants this to stop, because she just almost died because of vampires again. She tells Bill if they wait any longer and Alcide interrupts to tell her that he is done. She thanks Bill for the blood and then he leaves, too.

Luna comes out and talks to Sam. It took Emma a while to go to sleep, because she was worried he would come back. Luna worries too and tells him to go home. Sam invites them to go on a camping trip to get away from Marcus and to get back to nature. She is convinced after a little rejection.

Deb is at home watching Cheaters and crying. Alcide comes in and she pretends to be a sleep. He comes in, gets undressed and gets into bed. She smells Sookie's blood on him and is angry about it, but says nothing then.

Jessica is crying to Nan about her boy issues. Nan is rude and tells Jessica that while she thinks sometimes that she should put her career on hold so she can be a maker, she is glad she hasn't so she can avoid such inane problems. Bill shows up and Nan wants to know what the deal is and what he screwed up. They all end up taking to the silver again to protect themselves. Bill wants to cancel the event and Nan doesn't because there are several huge reporters at the hotel right now waiting for this event. She doesn't get how he could not prevent this "mess" and he tells her that she has turned a blind eye to suit the media and really only cares about what goes into that.

Nan gets angry and tells him that she would like to see him say that when they aren't bound by silver. He tells her that is what he has been saying all along. She wants to bolster security if necessary, but the festival of tolerance will be on still. Hoyt wakes up hung over in his trashed house. He gets a box together of all of Jessica's stuff and yes, he is still very bitter.

Lafayette walks into Hoyt's house with a gun and Mikey, as Mavis, and chases Hoyt out by brandishing it. Mavis is convinced it's her house. Arlene and Terry have called Jason and Andy to get it figured out. Hoyt calls Jason and tells him what happened. Andy takes V and they go to deal with it.

Sookie has an interesting and sensual dream about being with both Bill and Eric. They end up having a threesome.

Marcus shows up at Merlotte's and is looking for Sam. Tommy intercepts and takes a message. He wants to meet up somewhere with Sam, so they can handle some jealousy business. Tommy takes the card, he does not relay the message.

Jason and Andy get there and he goes to talk to Lafayette. Andy is being too intense and things get crazy. Lafayette, as Mavis, starts shooting after Andy kicks in the front door. Both Jason and Andy run outside and then Arlene and Terry pull up. Jason isn't happy about this, because he told them to stay at home.

Sam, Emma, and Luna are camping and enjoying nature. Emma wants to pet a nature bunny and Sam shifts into a bunny so that she can pet one. Deb relapses on V.

Jesus shows up at Hoyt's house and Jesus goes inside. He wants to get things fixed and get the baby back. Jason is nervous, because he is just a nurse. Jesus goes in and tries to help. He convinces her that the baby is not her and that she is not still alive. She just wants to hold her baby one last time and asks if he has that kind of magic in him. Jesus says they will try.

Deb shows up at Sookie's and brings flowers. She talks to her about Alcide and how jealous she was. She knows she is in trouble and wants to help. She wants to try and make things better and Sookie reads her mind and believes her. They hatch a plan.

Mavis is heartbroken and Jesus does magic to see what happened. He asks her to tell him the last thing she remembers. She says that she just wants to know where her baby is. It turns out Mr. Virgil stabbed her, because she would "ruin his life and family". She gives the baby back and they say they still love him.

Alcide is talking to Marcus about moving up in the pack. Marcus wants to keep him to deal with Sam later on. He wants to scare Sam away. Alcide doesn't know he's talking about Sam, though. Andy is contrite and very sorry. They start digging for the bodies and Mavis got to hold her baby. Jesus does the magic and she gets out of Lafayette's body and is seen holding the baby as a ghost. Everyone is amazed by this "miracle". Mavis moves on with her baby.

Deb goes to The Moon Shop and offers Sookie up to Antonia. Sookie finds Eric and he tells her to leave. Tara finds them and things get loud. Tara gets charged when she has a gun pulled to her, because she told her telepathically, too. Whether that is a set up completely planned by Sookie or not, Sookie still gets out of the situation reasonably safe. Antonia leaves and locks everything and when Tara grabs the door knob, it is burning hot.

The tolerance festival is on its way. Hoyt convinces Jason to bring her stuff over to her. Tommy shows up as Sam and they inevitably beat him until Alcide stops it, while the real Sam is off with Luna. When Tommy switches over, they realize that it is Tommy and Alcide takes him to get help.

Nan is speaking at the tolerance festival. Eric shows up and lures a group of vampires to Antonia. She gets control over them and sends them to kill several people and drop them from the balcony.

Jason brings Jess' stuff to her. Jason and Jessica end up sleeping together.