Soul of Fire - Recap

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Eric, Jessica, Pam, and Bill walk up to the shop to blow it up. Marney tells the group of hostages that they are out there with automatic weapons. Some of the hostages panic about getting out of there. The one guy that is on Marney's side says that it is like hotel California, "we may check out but we can never leave". Casey gets stabbed and killed, because Marney uses quick and simple magic to lodge a knife into her chest. She feels remorse.

Antonia hops out and Lafayette is the only one that can see it. Antonia is mad, because she murdered an innocent. Marney is doing a binding spell to get her back inside of her. Marney has gone crazy and if she does, they are all in danger. Marney won.

Jason comes and stops the vampires from shooting up the shop, because Sookie is there. They get frustrated and it seems like Eric and Bill want to go on with the mission, but Jason calls them both out on how she took care of them. He convinces Bill to abort the mission. Eric agrees. Jason also tells them that there is a protection spell that goes around the whole place. They want to figure out how to disable it.

Jason wants to know why Jessica is staring him down. She says she doesn't care how he feels. The vampires that are under Marney's control attack the vampires that are not under control. Sam is at the auto shop with a gun and asking the guy at the shop where Marcus is. He messes around and eventually Luna comes in wondering where he is too, because now he has Emma. Sam promises that they are going to find him. Marcus is at Debbies. He is trying to convince her to leave Alcide. Emma calls Luna's cell from Alcide's phone. Sam, Luna, and Alcide show up at Alcide's house. Luna takes Emma out of the house and then Sam and Alcide go upstairs. Alcide is incredible angry and jealous. Marcus calls Sam a pansy for having a gun and he says he will fight him like a man, despite the fact that Marcus killed his brother with five guys. Things get very serious, very quickly. Alcide is done Debbie and Sam stopped short of killing him, but Alcide finished the job. Alcide tells her that he is done.

Jesus decides to take Casey into the bathroom after saying that she wasn't completely dead and he could fix her. He uses her for black magic so that they can force Antonia out of Marney's body. Marney says she is terribly sorry about Casey and says that it was almost murder. She expresses she is tired of being a doormat. She is in control and prefers that way.

Andy goes through the woods and a fairy comes out of nowhere and they end up sleeping together. She leaves right afterwards. Bill is handling one of the vampires and that is when they learn that the sun is harvested in the protection field. They try to trade their lives for Sookie, but it doesn't happen. Pam stops and shoots the automatic weapon at Sookie to stop them from killing themselves. The shot goes in and explodes outwards towards the crowd. Jason gets burned a great deal and Jessica saves him. Eric and Bill both flip out on Pam and tell her to leave before she gets killed.

Jesus does dark magic over Casey, because it will be a very dark part of himself. He licks her blood and puts it on his chest.

Marney does magic to see what's going on outside. She sees that she is going to end up dead. She tells them to form a circle. They do and then they learn that she is trying to make the vampires walk through the protection spell so that they burn. Jesus is putting himself through hell to get this magic to work. Sookie ends up snapping and breaking the concentration. She has turned on Marney, according to her.

Jason gets fixed by Jessica. Then the vampires are drug by the power to the light and he figures it out and tries to save whoever he can. He grabs Jessica and Bill, but they are so close. She gets freaked out and breaks the concentration. She feels betrayed and she gets the rest besides Sookie against the walls while she puts Sookie in a circle of fire. Jesus gets his power and Lafayette checks on out there. Lafayette tells him that she is about to burn up. He gets all the strength he can and the demon face comes out. The magic is being killed by Jesus. She can feel a stronger magic and he gets Antonia out of her body and she leaves. The protection spell is gone. They all run in. They kill Roy and then kill Marney. Everything is over. Or so we think, when Lafayette and Jesus are in bed; Marney's spirit goes into Lafayette's body.