And When I Die - Recap

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Lafayette and Jesus are having breakfast and something is up, because Marney has taken over his body. She has learned all of what Jesus did and ended up stabbing him in the hand with a fork.

Sookie is making coffee and she has a flashback of finding her dead grandmother. She hasn't slept and her nerves are shot. Tara is there and Sookie asks if she thinks if Adele is in heaven. She feels like Adele is still around them, not crossed over.

Sam is at Tommy's funeral and Hoyt's mother shows up. They talk about how no one taught Tommy how to love without hurting someone. She tells him that he can call her Momma from now on, as they are the only family they have got. Luna and Emma come to the funeral to support him, too.

Jason is sitting in his truck prepping himself to go speak to Hoyt. He looks nervous and scared and he tells him that they have to talk. Jason tells Hoyt that he slept with Jessica. Hoyt thinks he is kidding and laughs. He beats Jason with a few hits and kicks. He is upset, understandably. Hoyt tells Jason that he had his pick and there was a code. Jessica was the only one that he had and loves. Jason tells him that he couldn't help it, because he had her blood. Hoyt tells him that it is because he makes stupid, selfish choices.

Jesus is tied up and leaking blood. Jesus tries to talk to Marney, but she has lost her mind. She is evil and she is ready to attack. She wants all of Jesus' magic. She also threatens to hurt Lafayette if he doesn't stop calling her Bitch.

Sookie just found out Sam's brother died and she goes to give him condolences. She tells him that despite the firing, she still would've been there for him. He doesn't remember, because it wasn't him. He just tells her that he wasn't himself that day and let bygones be bygones. She starts her shift immediately and it is Halloween.

It is when the veil is at its thinnest betwixt the spirit world and our own. Marney is serious and willing to kill Lafayette to make Jesus give her his magic. She tortures him with threats and he genuinely fears that she will hurt him or his magic will hurt a lot of people, because it is seriously dark. She says that she will fight darkness with darkness.

He starts doing magic and is giving Marney his magic, it seems. Once he turns, she stabs him and licks the blood. She gets the demon in her now. Remember, Lafayette is taken over by Marney.

Terry gets a visitor and it is a fellow veteran. He is just passing through. His name is Sgt. Patrick Devins. Sookie talks to Alcide about being mad at her. They talk about Debbie and her breaking up. He basically tells her he wants to be with her, but she can't help who she loves.

Tara goes to check on Lafayette only to find Jesus dead. Holly is smoking a joint and Sookie can't smoke, too. Tara shows up and tells them what happened. They need to save Lafayette. Eric and Bill are tied to a post by silver. Holly is doing magic and then Marney sets the vampires basically on the fire. They are trying to figure out a way to stop it, before they actually burn.

Sookie snaps and does her magic on Marney, but that only makes her more angry and the demon comes out in her. Holly, Sookie, and Tara form a circle and call all of the spirits that look over them. It brings out the spirits from the graveyard. Bill and Eric are still almost burning.

The ghosts come back. There is Antonia and Adele as well as many other spirits. Antonia puts the flame out. Antonia wants her to cross over to the other side and Marney seems to refuse until Adele comes and pulls Marney right out of Lafayette's body. Antonia tells her that life is pain, but once she crosses over it will be okay. She convinces her and they go to cross over.

Adele tells Sookie that she can be alone, it is okay. Follow her heart. Arlene is complaining, because she is doing all of the work and can't find anyone to help. She takes the trash out and Rene is back. Rene says that Terry is bringing trouble of the worst kind from his past and she needs to run. He told her he loved her and really doesn't want anything to happen to her. Terry comes out and comforts her.

Jessica dresses as Little Red Riding Hood and comes over. They are having sex and she tells him that she just wants to see one another, but not get serious.

Pam is looking for Eric and is tired of Sookie. her heart seems to be breaking. She loves Eric and she is sad that Sookie took him from her. She finally breaks down.

Lafayette is crushed, because he feels like he killed Jesus. Sookie is feeding both Bill and Eric at the same time. She is so conflicted. She is leaving both Eric and Bill. She tells them that this is the hardest decision she has ever had to make.

Lafayette is sleeping and he hears something. Jesus shows up as a ghost and tells him that he just needs to remember to breathe. He says everything is temporary, too.

Sam gets ganged up on by a pack of of wolves. Jason is tired of hearing about Hoyt. Jason is fond of Jessica and they want to take it slow.

Someone knocks on the door and it is the anti-vampirical pastor and he is now a vampire. Alcide is looking for Marcus' body, it seems.

Nan shows up to speak to Eric and Bill. She got fired and she wants to join them against the AVL and the Authority, but she ends up calling them puppy dogs and they kill her and her goons.

Debbie shows up with a shotgun to shoot Sookie. Tara gets shot in her head and Sookie kills Debbie. She lays on the floor crying and holding Tara.