Authority Always Wins - Recap

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The scene opens with Tara going after Sookie and grabbing her by the neck. Lafayette tries to come to her aide, but is pushed back. He looks to Pam for help and she says that she is. Tara bites Sookie and Pam goes up to her and tells Tara to leave Sookie and Lafayette alone. She takes Tara inside and tells her to stay inside. Sookie looks to Pam for help to heal her wound. She does and tells them that she is leaving now. Lafayette looks to Sookie and they realize that taking care of Tara is going to be harder than they thought. Meanwhile, Eric, Bill and Nora are being escorted into the Authority’s and Salome, another chancellor, comes up and tells her that she is disappointed in her. She welcomes Bill and Eric to the Authority and Nora tries to defend herself. However, Salome slaps her. She leads them down into the reception and to their cells.

The wolf pack are still eating the body of Marcus and Alcide says that he is not going to partake in their feast. Martha says that it is his duty as new Pack Leader to do so. He tells her to find a new Pack Leader and walks away. Luna takes a very injured Sam back to her house. Meanwhile, Arlene wakes up to find Terry standing over her in a trance. He smacks him to get him out of it. He says that he is tired and goes to sleep. Arlene is mortified. At Sookie’s, Lafayette and Sookie try to come up with a way to help Tara and Lafayette gives Tara a True Blood. Tara pins Lafayette to the floor and screams. She runs off upstairs and destroys more of the house. Pam gets back to “Fangtasia” and she asks the waitress if Eric called. She says that he hasn’t. Pam remembers back when she was a Madame in San Francisco. She remembers that was back in 1905 and one of her girls was killed by a Vampire. She calls Eric’s cell phone and it goes to voice mail.

At the Authority’s, Nora sees that Nigel, a Nurse Practitioner who was eating babies, is in another cell. The voice of Dieter Braun, another chancellor, comes on the PA system. He asks Bill for the truth and Bill lies to him saying that Nora is innocent. However, this is seen through and Dieter turns on the UV lamp. At Luna’s, Sam and Luna sit down. Martha comes over. She tells Luna that Emma is just as must her blood as she is to her. However, Luna tells her to get out and says that Emma is not going to be in anyone’s family besides her own. Martha asks what Luna is going to do when she changes. However, Luna says that Emma could be a shifter. She tells Martha to leave. Sam talks to Luna and says that it may be a good idea to allow Martha into this. Luna snaps at Sam and he leaves. At Sookie’s, Lafayette and Sookie talk and Sookie says that they have to get Tara into Eric’s room quickly. Lafayette goes upstairs to distract Tara with his blood. Sookie places a silver chain around her neck and they carry her downstairs.

Jason and Andy are driving down the road and Andy asks Jason for some women advice. However, Jason doesn’t give him much help. Andy brings up Jessica and Jason says that he is alright with the open relationship. However, it is clear that he is not. They pull up to an abandoned car and Jason finds out that it is Debbie’s car. Inside the car, Andy finds V, but gives it to Jason. He says that he is a good man and dumps it out. Sookie goes into a Vampire Killing Supply Store and the clerk is watching Rev. Steve Newlin talk about him being a vampire. The clerk says that Steve was his hero. She asks for some supplies and he offers her a silver mister. She hears his thoughts about taking her to a vampire execution and having sex with her and Sookie tells him that staking anyone human or vampire is against the law. At Merlott’s, Terry keeps having flashbacks from when he was in Iraq. Arlene comes up and is pushed against the wall. She demands answers and Terry denies anything. At the house, Sookie installs the mister and hears Lafayette talking in his mind. She runs down to Eric’s room to find Lafayette about to stake her. She tells him that Tara will turn around. He agrees with her.

Jason watches the same interview that the clerk was watching and hears Steve say that he is in love with a woman. Andy comes in and tells a deputy to expunge a speeding ticket that was given to Mayor Clemmens’ boy. The deputy is shocked at Andy’s request, but agrees. A boy comes into the station and asks for Jason. He comes up to him and punches him. He says that is what he gets for sleeping with his mother. Jason can’t remember who his mother is until he shows a picture. Andy comes in and breaks up the fight. Pam remembers when it was 1905 again. She remembers walking home one night when a man comes up trying to kill her when Eric comes up and kills the man. She remembers him introducing himself to her with blood on his fingers and disappearing.

At the Authority’s, Dieter has Bill strapped to a machine that will inject pure silver into his blood stream if he will not cooperate. He asks about Nan Flanigan and Bill lies and says that he doesn’t know what he means. Dieter asks if Bill knows what Bible he has. Bill says that it is the Vampire Bible, the original testament about Lilith, a vampire. Dieter says that humans are food for them and tries to get Bill to turn on his friends. However, Bill doesn’t go along with it. Dieter starts up the silver injector and Bill struggles from the pain. In another room, Salome talks to Eric and tells him that Nora met the True Death and that he doesn’t have to protect anyone. He denies even knowing that Nan Flanagan is dead. Dieter tries to turn Bill against Eric by telling him that Eric is free and that he turned on Bill. However, he doesn’t believe him. In the other room, Eric doesn’t believe Salome when she tells him that Bill has taken his title back as King. Eric doesn’t believe her either. They are taken back to the their cells.

At Bill’s house, Jessica has the frat party kids over and sees that one of the girls is going to vomit. She drops the keg and tells the girl not to puke in the house. Steve Newlin comes in and one of the girls says that Steve was a massive dick before being a vampire. Steve asks for a private moment with Jessica. They go into Bill’s office and Steve offers her $10,000 for Jason. Jessica says that he needs to make it $20,000. She describes Jason’s rock hard butt and he gets excited that his fangs come out. He agrees to it. Jessica laughs and says that she doesn’t sell her friends and tells him to get out. She tells him that her dad is the King and Steve tells her that he isn’t anymore. Jessica goes out to her party and tells them all to leave. Arlene goes to Patrick’s hotel room and asks for some advice what to do with Terry. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. It is Terry. He asks Arlene to give him a moment with Patrick. He says that one of their team members isn’t dead, but off the grid. Patrick realizes that is who must be killing everyone off. Terry says that he knows where he is holding up.

Jason goes over to Hoyt’s mother’s house and tries to apologize to him. However, Hoyt doesn’t want anything to do with him. Hoyt’s mother tells him to get out and whispers a thank you to Jason for breaking up Jessica and Hoyt. Meanwhile, Luna tells Emma that it is late and to go to bed. When she gets in the room, she sees Emma has changed into a wolf. At Sookie’s house, Tara gets up and Sookie asks if she is alright. Tara tells them that she will never forgive them. She runs off and runs into the silver mister and then runs off screaming. Bill and Eric are brought before the Guardian, Roman Zimojic. Eric sees that Nora is alive. Roman chants a ritual and gives them his blood to everyone in remembrance of Lilith. Nora tries to participate, but is forbidden. He has Nora escorted away. He asks Bill and Eric about the death of Nan Flanagan. They put it up for a vote. However, Bill suggests that they bring them Russell Edgington instead. They are intrigued about the news. At the same moment, Russell is in a bed slowly recovering. The episode ends.