Whatever I Am, You Made Me - Recap

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The scene opens with Tara looking at how she heals quickly and the new sight that she has. She hears Sookie and Lafayette trying to find her and she takes off. She comes upon a woman with car trouble and gets ready to attack her. However, upon looking at herself in the car window, she stops and apologizes. Meanwhile at the Authority, the council argues and Dieter says that they need to meet the true death. Roman tells them that he will take it all into advisement. He tells Salome to stay. Roman says that they better not fail him getting Russell Edginton. The new “Nan Flanagan” comes in and it is Steve Newlin. Sookie goes up to Pam in “Fangtasia”. She tells her to get lost and pushes Sookie. She in turn uses her fairy powers and pushes Pam against the wall. Sam goes outside to find a very hungry Tara in the woods. He is shocked and asks what happened to her.

At the Authority, Roman tells Steve that he is going to have to tell the media that Russell Edgington is alive. However, Steve says that humans are gullible and will believe everything they say. Roman doesn’t like Steve’s attitude toward the humans and says that without them, they wouldn’t exist. Steve gets nervous around him and Roman says that he is going to need a trusted vampire who can tell the media that everything is alright in case Russell gets away. Roman says that Bill and Eric are too be scanned. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric get fitted for a tracking device. The vampire putting them on tells them that they are going to have this attached to them and if they do anything stupid, the device will pierce their heart and they will die. Back at Sookie’s, Lafayette says that everywhere is closed and that he doesn’t know where to even look for Tara. Sookie is worried that the sun is coming up soon and hopes that she has enough sense to go to ground. At Merlott’s, Tara is drinking bottle after bottle of True Blood. Sam asks if he can call Lafayette or Sookie. She slams a bottle down and tells him not to tell them that she is there. He agrees, but wonders what happened. She passes out and Sam carries her.

The next day at the station, the receptionist and a deputy laugh. Andy asks what is going on and he finds out that there is a naked picture of him on Facebook. He tells them to get back to work. Gordon and Barbara Pelt, Debbie’s parents, come into the station. Meanwhile at the grocery store, Jason runs into his old High School teacher, Ms. Steeler. She says that it has been a long time. She says that she is divorced. There is sexual tension between them and Jason asks what kind of pickles he should get. At Merlott’s, Arlene tells Terry that she loves him, but wants to know what is going on. He says that he is going with Patrick somewhere right now, but can’t tell her anything else. Lafayette and Sookie get in and ask Arlene if she has seen Tara, but she hasn’t. Sookie goes into Sam’s office and asks him. He says that he hasn’t but upon reading his thoughts, Sam lets it slip that Tara is in the walk-in freezer. She tells him that Tara was going to die and she had to get her turned. He tells her that Tara will come around. Lafayette says that they are going to need help with Tara when Sookie come back. Holly asks if Sookie is working because they have prep to do. Meanwhile, Pam remembers back in 1905 how Eric came in and how Eric helped her out when Bill and Lorena were around killing her prostitutes. Bill tried to challenge Eric, but is stopped. In Pam’s coffin, she cries.

Jason is over at Ms. Steeler’s house and says that he has had some messed up relationships, but is most fond on their time together. He puts his hand up her skirt and kisses her. Gordon and Barbara visit Alcide at his work and ask about Debbie. He says that he doesn’t know and that Debbie is back on V again. He says that he dismissed her for cheating on her. He suggests that they look somewhere else and says that she is probably with some Fanger. Barbara says that she can feel that something is wrong with Debbie. At the same moment, Andy asks Sookie if she has seen Debbie. She denies seeing her. Andy presses further, but Sookie keeps her cool. Andy asks to talk to Holly outside and Lafayette gets nervous. Sookie tells him that everything will be fine.

Andy talks to Holly outside and shows her the picture of him naked. She apologizes and tells him that she will get it taken down. Andy says that it doesn’t matter and wants to pursue their relationship into the next stage. She agrees. At Ms. Steeler’s house, she tells him that she needed that. However, Jason says that she was right about it being a mistake. He gets dressed and leaves. Bill meets with Salome and they talk about her history as a vampire and the power that she has. She says that the humans back then were savages. Bill is more interested in her power and she tells Bill that he is wise. She tells him that she admires his heart. She says that she wants to help her. They have sex. Meanwhile at Trixie’s, Jessica talks to her and Trixie badmouths Jason. She tells her that she is jealous because Jason turned her down after fooling around with her. A man comes into the shop and says that he is picking up an order for his sister. Jessica says that he smells awesome and chases him down. He finds the car, but no man. Hoyt gets into “Fangtasia” dressed in a Goth outfit and Pam says that they are going to eat him alive. He says that is what he is hoping for.

Pam remembers back when she was with Eric again and how she told him to make her a vampire. He says that being a Maker is a big responsibility and that to take it lightly is an abomination. She tells him that she will die alone in the dark. She gets up and stabs herself and Eric is forced to turn her. At the Authority, Eric meets with Salome and she tells him that he surprises her because he didn’t try to save his sister, Nora. He says that he didn’t have a choice. She tells him that she mentored Nora. He tells her that he heals quickly. Salome gets naked and says that she wants to be his friend. He accepts her invitation. Meanwhile, Nora is getting tortured for her answers and after several injections of the pure silver; she admits that vampires are the true race. This is after the chancellor threatened to activate Eric and Bill’s chest stakes. Jessica gets to Jason’s and says that she met a guy who smelled like baked break, sex and everything that is good. She says that she wants to have sex, but Jason says that sex doesn’t fill the hole in his heart. He says that he needs a friend. She says that she will be that for him and says that they can just talk. He says that he would like that.

At Merlott’s, Arlene walks into the walk-in and Tara comes up behind her and attacks her. However, it was a dream and Lafayette says that they need to get her out of there. Tara says that she doesn’t want to be touched by him. Alcide goes to Merlott’s and asks Sookie why she is so brave with the news that Debbie is gunning for her. She says that nothing is going on. However they hear a crash and Lafayette is on the ground. He says that there is a problem. Tara comes out and asks why Sookie won’t tell the truth. Sam tries to tell Tara to be nice, but Tara says that she doesn’t need them. At the Authority, Eric brags about having sex with Salome and Bill says that he did too. Roman goes in to Salome’s room and asks how they are. She says that they are not who they thought they were and that they love human/vampire equality. He kisses her.

Back at Merlott’s, Arlene is disgusted with Lafayette and the demon inside of him comes out as he pours bleach in the soup. He realizes what he has done and dumps out the soup. Outside, Sookie tells Alcide that she had to shoot Debbie after Debbie shot Tara. Alcide is upset that Sookie wasn’t going to tell him at all. She apologizes to him and asks what he is going to tell others. At that same moment, Tara goes to a tanning salon and breaks in. She walks over to the tanning beds and climbs in one. She turns it on and screams. Elsewhere, Pam hears the screams of the vampire she made and the episode ends with Pam saying, “You stupid Bitch”.