We'll Meet Again - Recap

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The scene opens with Pam walking into the tanning salon. She finds Tara in one trying to kill herself. She tells Pam to leave her alone. She says that she is not allowed to do this to herself. She doesn’t listen to her until she says the “as your maker” line and Tara stops. Meanwhile, Lafayette comes outside and asks Sookie what she is thinking of telling Alcide. She says that she is tired of lying. Lafayette says that Sookie is the angel of death and that she always survives, but leaves a bunch of bodies in her way. Bill and Eric are dropped off in the middle of nowhere. They get a car and Eric says that Bill’s escape plan almost went off perfectly. Bill says that they don’t have many suspects as to who could have broken Russell out. Eric says that there were four of them who knew about Russell’s location.

At the Authority, Salome and Roman are in bed and Roman is watching the torture of Nora. He says that she knows something and tells her that she is going to have to talk to her. Sookie runs to Jason’s and tells him that he needs to lock her up for killing Debbie and turning Tara into a Vampire. Jason tells her to stay quiet and that they will figure this out. She says that she ruins people’s lives. Jessica comes out and can’t believe the news. Pam and Tara go into “Fangtasia” and Eric and Bill are there. Pam thinks that Sookie came through with her promise. Pam tells Eric that she had to turn Tara and tells Eric that he is a Grandfather. Eric has Bill take Tara into another room and Bill tells Tara that the cravings will pass. Tara says that killing herself won’t happen because Pam commanded her not to. Bill asks about Sookie and Tara tells him not to worry about her. Eric meanwhile, is choking Pam. She cries and says that she can’t believe after all they have been through together that he would think that she would betray him. She tells him to release her if he thinks that.

Eric gets into the office and says that Pam doesn’t know anything and Bill says that Tara doesn’t either. They start to think who could have been the leak. Meanwhile, the rest of the Authority are watching their trackers as they see Eric and Bill are still at “Fangtasia”. Dieter says that they could be rallying the Sandinista. They talk about the radical believers and watch Nora praying. Dieter zaps her with UV light. Andy talks to Holly when the Mayor comes up and invites him and Jason to a party. He tells Andy to not let anyone put a picture of his private parts on the internet because it won’t hold up in court. The guys have a laugh. Brock and Hilary, the shifters Sam ran into once, come to the bar and ask Sam to come running with them. He says that he will do that. Meanwhile, Sookie is starting her shift and can hear everyone talking about her and how they can’t believe that they turned her best friend into a Vampire. She goes into Sam’s office and cools down. Outside, Lafayette sees Sookie’s car and goes into Demon Mode again and curses her car.

Alcide goes up to Gordon and Barbara Pelt and tells them that he knows what happened to Debbie. He says that Marcus killed her and he in turn, killed Marcus because of it. Gordon gets angry, but sees the pain that this is causing Alcide already. They tell him to leave so that they can mourn. Later, Sookie gets into her car and it is cursed. The car drives itself fast and Sookie jumps from it just before it hits a tree. Meanwhile, Terry and Patrick are driving down the road to find the last member of the team that was with them in Iraq. Terry remembers the night and how they all got drunk and high and watched the explosions. They laugh and one Iranian comes out yelling at them. The member that they are looking for shoots him. The team makes their way down and asks him why he did that. Other Iranians come out yelling and mourning their son. Suddenly a sniper tries to take out the team. Terry sees that the family of Iranians is all killed. Terry wakes up from his nightmare.

Sookie gets home and pulls out a bunch of liquor from the cabinet. Jason walks into the station and Andy says that the Pelts are going back to their home, but he says that they are going to still search. Jessica comes in and offers her “charming” to convince Andy to give up on the case. Jason says that he is glad that she is his friend. Meanwhile, Pam looks at Tara when Eric comes up. He says that Pam is going to have to know that he is a dead man either way. He says that she is right and says that he has to release her because she is her only prodigy and he needs her to live. He releases her and she cries. Andy and Jason get in the car with 2 other ladies and the Mayor has his own. They have bags placed over their heads and the Mayor tells them to relax. At Bill’s, Jessica asks what they are looking for. He says that it could be a bug or transmitter. He finds drugs there and tells her that it is alright. She asks if he has seen Sookie. He says that he hasn’t. She suggests he see her since she is feeling down.

Roman and Salome go visit Nora. Roman threatens to kill Eric and Bill if she doesn’t give them information. Salome goes a different approach and swears on the blood of Lilith that Eric and Bill will be safe. She cries. Meanwhile, Jason, the Mayor and Andy are escorted and it turns out that the girls are Fairies. They disappear in the middle of nowhere and appear in a club. They get drug by other fairies. Andy runs into Morela, the fairy he had sex with before. He asks if this is a dream and says that he wouldn’t care if it was. Sookie is having fun singing and being drunk. Lafayette calls and asks if she is alright. She says that she is and he says that he has to tell her something. However, Alcide comes by and Sookie doesn’t hear what Lafayette has to tell her. Alcide tells Sookie that Debbie’s parents are gone and that he told them that Marcus killed Debbie. She says that she is thankful.

Meanwhile, Terry and Patrick arrive at the Marine’s house and Terry finds a trap door. They go down and realize that he is the one who has been starting the fires. They turn around to find him aiming a gun at them. At the same moment, Sam walks up to Brock and Hilary and finds them dead. Later, Pam tells Tara that she has to feed and Tara refuses. She commands her and she eats. Pam trains her how to drink the blood. At the Authority, Nora told Roman that there is a traitor in their midst. He goes around the table and stops at the boy Vampire. He plays a video with an encrypted message to the Sandinista that Vampires are the superior race. Roman quickly stabs the boy and tells the others that they will stop the rebellion. Meanwhile, Sookie makes a “Tara Special” for Alcide and he doesn’t like it. She says that it will get him drunk. They start flirting and they eventually kiss. Bill is watching this and tells Eric that they are going to need her help with this. He tells him that they are not going to give her a choice.

Back at the party, Jason is making out with a fairy and she reads Jason’s thoughts about being in love with Jessica, a vampire. He realizes that she is a fairy and sees Hadley working there. She asks where Sookie is and says that she has to be with the fairies for when the Vampires are going to drain all the fairies dry. Jason is confused and tries to follow Hadley. She runs off and Jason is interrupted by a man who tells him to calm down. Andy tells him to let him go and they are eventually pushed out of the party. When they look up, the men are standing over them and they shoot something in their face. The episode ends.