Let's Boot and Rally - Recap

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The scene opens with Sookie and Alcide getting busy on the couch. They go to the bedroom and Alcide tells her that he has been waiting a long for this. Suddenly Sookie vomits on his shoes. Eric and Bill appear behind them and Eric says that that Alcide sure knows how to treat a lady. Meanwhile, Lafayette is freaking out about the Demon controlling his body. He tries to smudge his place and pray to the religious artifacts. However, they come to life and he smashes them. He prays to Jesus and asks if he is there. In the bunker, Eller ties up Patrick and Terry. He asks if anything followed them there and Terry says that no one did. Terry tells Patrick that he is thinking that this wasn’t a good idea. Jason wakes up dressed in He-Man pajamas. He is dreaming that he is still a boy and his mom and dad are alive. However, when he sits down, their necks are bleeding from a Vampire bite. He wakes up to the phone ringing calling him into work. He realizes that he is naked. Meanwhile at Arlene and Terry’s, Andy wakes up naked as well.

At Sookie’s, Bill and Eric ask for Sookie’s help to un-glamour Alcide’s employee. However, Alcide says that he doesn’t want Doug mixed in all this mess. They start arguing back and forth, but all Sookie can hear is growling and barking. She laughs and says that this madness will never end and says that it is the same old stuff. She says that it must be Thursday in a singsong voice. She is still a little drunk. Meanwhile at Fantasia, Tara comes in dressed in one of Pam’s outfits and she is told that she looks halfway decent. Tara doesn’t agree. Pam tells her to bar-tend and Tara realizes that she is Pam’s slave. A girl talks to Tara, but Tara reaches over to bite her. Pam stops it and commands Tara to never feed on anyone in public. She agrees and apologizes. Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric get to Alcide’s works and talk to Doug. Sookie has him remember and she says that the person who dug Russell Edgington out was a woman belonging to the Authority. Bill suspects Nora, but Eric says that he trusts that she didn’t.

At the Authority, Nora is in the cell next to another Vampire. He tells her that her friends are dead and she sits there quoting a chant about Lilith rising. Salome comes into a room and tells Dieter to tell Eric and Bill that Roman has given them until dawn to bring in Russell Edgington. Salome walks into where Roman is. He is looking at a vile of blood. He says that the chancellor that he killed was a good asset. He says that people actually believe that the vile of blood that they are looking at holds the blood of Lilith herself. She says that the Sandinista are gaining ground and suggests that he needs to control the message on his own terms. Back in the bunker, Patrick says that there is no denying that Eller is the fire starter. Eller comes down and says that once they are dead then it will forgive him. Terry asks who will forgive him. Eller says that it is the Ifrit that is after them for killing those people. Terry remembers how they were ordered to kill the woman who survived the shooting and the woman cursed them with the vengeance from the Ifrit.

Jason and Andy get on scene where Suzanne and Emery were killed. Jason asks Andy about the night before and how the women were fairies. Andy smiles at the fact that he had sex with a fairy, but then shakes it off. He says that he has a good thing with Holly and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Andy talks to Sam and he says that Suzanne and Emery were shifters. He asks who would want them dead and he says that he doesn’t know. At Fangtasia, Jessica goes up to Tara and tells her that she knows what Tara is going through and that she wants to feed all the time. She asks Tara if she wants a girlfriend to hang out with. She says that she would like that. They talk about how the first time they tried human blood and Tara says that it was really good. Jessica says that she should try feeding while having sex.

In the car, Sookie apologizes to Alcide for vomiting on his boots. They pull into Babcock Hospital. Eric and Bill argue about how Nora could have orchestrated this entire thing and Eric says that is not true. Bill gets a call from the Tech Vampire from the Authority. She says that they have until dawn to bring in Russell or their chest stakes are going to go off and kill them. They realize that they have a shorter time frame then they had known previously. They go in. Back at the crime scene, Jason finds a wooden bullet with a silver tip. They realize that the killer is going after every supernatural being. Jason says that the Vampires have been killing humans way before them killing them and that maybe it is good to even the score. Andy says that a truck pulled up and killed those poor people in cold blood. Sookie, Alcide, Bill, Eric and Doug go further in the hospital and find a stack of dead bodies with rats on them. They are on the right trail. Tara goes outside for a smoke and Hoyt comes up to her and suggests that they go off somewhere. She laughs. However, when he walks away, she reconsiders. Meanwhile at the hospital, they reach the Morgue.

In the bunker, Terry is still in the trance of remembering the past. He sees that he actually saw the Ifrit and that Eller is telling the truth. He tells Eller that they are sitting ducks there and he unties them. Patrick punches Eller and congratulates Terry for the lie. However, he says that he is telling the truth. Patrick tells him to help him, but Terry leaves. Outside, Terry freaks out. Patrick comes out and says that they will turn Eller into local authorities. However inside the bunker, the Ifrit is there with Eller and kills him. Lafayette wakes up to see Jesus’ head on his table with his lips sewn. Elsewhere, Lafayette’s mother sees it too and calls out for Lafayette. Sookie, Eric, Bill, Alcide and Doug hear noises and run into a room with hanging bodies. One of them talks to them begging them to spare him. They ask where they take the bodies and he points to down the hall. Doug says that he is staying there and Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide continue down the hallway.

Sam goes over to Luna’s and says that Suzanne and Emery were shot. She invites him in and she can’t believe it. Sam hears a noise and Luna says that Emma is having trouble sleeping. She tells him that he should go and Sam says that he is going to come back to check on her. He goes outside and a group of guys dressed in masks shoot him. Luna runs out and is shot. Emma runs out, but changes into a wolf and escapes in the woods. Sam and Luna lay in the grass. Meanwhile, Roman is speaking to the other chancellors of the Authority and says that he is rewriting how they view things and that they need to ask themselves if they are willing to return hide or live as equals. At the same moment, Tara and Hoyt are feeding and Jessica hears it. They fight. Eric, Bill, Sookie and Alcide find Russell. He says that it took them long enough. He tells Eric to try his best to kill him. Eric raises the stake, but Alcide is taken and the episode ends.