Hopeless - Recap

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The scene opens with Alcide getting pulled by a werewolf. Russell Edgington goes up to Sookie and she uses her fairy powers to blast him back. Eric goes up to Russell ready to stake him. However, Bill stops him and tells Eric that if Russell dies, they die. The Authority comes in and takes over from there. Meanwhile at Fangtasia, Tara throws Jessica out of the bathroom and tells her that is what she gets when she comes into her house. Pam yanks Tara by her hair and takes her in the back. She tells her that she likes how she fought back there, but says that this is not Tara’s house, it is hers. She insults Tara by calling her a dog. At Keller’s, the fire comes out of the cellar and Terry tells Patrick that he was right. Patrick sees the Ifrit and they run away from it.

Back in the hospital with Russell, he says that the Authority better pray that he is not around. He says that there is no Lilith and is taken away. The Chancellor asks why Bill and Eric involved a wolf and a human. They tell him that they were already here and that they brought Doug, a human who has been here before. He says that they know too much and Bill says that they can glamor them. Bill pretends to glamor Sookie and Eric glamors Alcide. The Chancellor goes up to Doug and the other humans and tells them that everything will be alright. Bill continues to fake glamor Sookie and tells her that she belongs with her own kind. Sam and Luna are rushed in the hospital and Emma finds her way to Martha’s house. She picks up Emma and says that she is safe now.

Hoyt goes up to Jessica at Fangtasia and tells her that she still has feelings for him. She says that she doesn’t and says that they are over. He laughs and she says that this is not him. He stands up and screams that it is him. In the van back, Sookie is crying and Alcide has forgotten everything. The Chancellor tells Eric and Bill that Roman will be pleased. Eric says that he is tired of the religious crap and Bill says that he is just covering himself. The Chancellor goes up to the humans and thanks them for their patience. He goes around to all of them and kills them. Jason wakes up to see his dad sitting on the couch. His dad says that he has to fear something, but Jason wakes up before he is told.

Alcide wakes up in Sookie’s bed and wonders what is going on. He comes downstairs and has flashbacks of him and Sookie kissing. He asks if they slept with one another. She says that they didn’t and realizes that Eric really glamored him. She makes him remember everything and Alcide is upset. He says that they kept Russell alive for no reason. At the hospital, Sam goes up to Luna and tells her that Emma got away. Martha comes in with Emma and says that she came to her as wolf. Martha says that she only wants to be part of Emma’s life. She asks Martha to watch over Emma until they figure out who is killing Shifters. Terry and Patrick are driving and Terry asks him to stop the truck. He runs off into a field and Patrick tackles him. He says that he should have never shot the woman and says that they are cursed. He comes to his senses and says that he will see him back at the truck.

Lafayette visits his mother in the hospital and she is lying stiff with her eyes open. Thinking the worse, Lafayette begins to cry, but she is not dead. She tells him that Jesus came to her and that he had his mouth sewn together. She says that he is under an evil curse. Lafayette says that it is Don Bartolo’s fault and his mom tells him that he has to do something about it. She tells Lafayette that Jesus loves fags and that he loves Lafayette. At Merlott’s, Arlene talks to Holly about what Terry is going through. Sookie comes up and says that she is hungover and says that a guy is looking at her breasts. Jason comes in and says that Vampires killed their parents. He says that Hadley is working at a fairy nightclub. Hunter is there too. She says that they need to get them out. She says that they need to get them out.

Andy meets with Sam in the hospital and he says that he can help Andy track them down. Sam says that he better let him help, or he is going to find them on his own. Alcide gets into the pack and says that he is going to accept the position as Master of the Pack. J.D. says that he is the Master of the Pack. Alcide says that he will fight and J.D. says that he has to have a second. One of them stands up and says that she will be. Bill and Eric get into the Authority and congratulated. The stakes are removed and Salome says that they should know soon more about who Russell had help from. Eric asks to see Nora and she says that she has revealed herself as a Sandinista. Roman comes out with aged blood and he says that they are going to execute Russell. Salome asks why and Roman says that they are at war. Eric asks Roman if he can visit Nora and he says that he is able to.

Back at Merlott’s, Terry shows up and tells Arlene that he has to stay away from her and the kids because there is an Ifrit after him. She tries to fight him on the decision, but it is no use. Sookie and Jason find the fairy nightclub. They find Hadley and another fairy comes up and says that he helped Sookie escape from Queen Mab. Meanwhile, Andy gets into the weapon shop and asks about weapons to take out sups. Sam gets in and the cashier gets nervous. Sam gets a crossbow and shoots the cashier as he is about to shoot him. At the same moment, Hoyt is getting drained by a Vampire. He asks if they should quit and Hoyt tells him that he doesn’t care. The guys going around killing sups roll up and kill the vampire. They help Hoyt into the van. Back at the club, Sookie asks about her parents and the fairy says that the Vampire who killed her parents was drawn to a used band-aid with Sookie’s blood. She says that she doesn’t want to believe it and tries to use her powers. However, they short out and three fairies shine their light on Sookie.

At the Authority, Russell is getting escorted to his execution. Eric is with Nora who keeps reciting scripture. Nora says that it is happening. Eric asks what is and Nora says that it is being made manifested by Lilith. Roman begins the ceremony and Russell says that he is the only one that is honest here. Roman tells him this is about order instead of chaos. He is about to push the button on the app to kill Russell. It doesn’t work and Russell grabs him and stabs Roman. The other vampires watch and Nora is in her cell praising the name of Lilith.