In the Beginning - Recap

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The scene opens and Russell Edgington pins down Eric. The other Chancellors tell one another to assume Protocol Number One, which means that they are going to get shocked with UV Light as the team comes in. Nora is in her cell praying to Lilith as she is burned with the UV Light. It is dark and Bill is screaming out Eric’s name. The team takes down Russell with a silver net. Eric is hanging by his neck, but is unharmed. Meanwhile, Jason waits as Claude and Claudette help Sookie come back to consciousness from being shot with the light. Jason is told that they are restoring her luminescence. Jason asks him to speak in simpler terms. Sookie wakes up and she is told that she is depleting. She is asks if she has been having disturbances. She is told that she will run out of her magic and become normal. She thanks them for the night and they leave. Jason hears that there is more things that Sookie can do. She says that they are going to say goodbye to Hadley before they go. Andy is getting questioned and Coroner Spencer comes in and tells them about his wild erotic night. They say that is just too much information. Andy gets interrogated and is told that his basic training tells them that they watch where they are. Sam sniffs out the masks that the killers were wearing. He gets on the floor and rolls around. He says that there are 5 of them.

At the same moment, the sups killers meet with Hoyt and tell him that vampires are bad and that they need to protect themselves. Hoyt tells them that he hates Jessica and they agree with him. One of the killers comes out and says that Junior, the guy who ran the weapon shop, is dead. At the Authority, Bill and Eric are still trying to figure out who dug Russell up in the first place. They ask Molly why the i-Stakes didn’t work. She says that she is trying to figure that out. They are called to meet with Salome. When they get there, Russell comes out and says that he has been reborn. Nora tries to warm up to Eric, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Nora tells him that she wanted to protect him. Salome admits to digging Russell up and says that she followed Eric and Bill when they were instructed to kill Russell. Salome says that she is regretful for Roman’s death, but she wants them to join them with honoring Lilith. Bill says that he still believes in the co-existence of humans. Salome tells them that Bill and Eric are welcome to participate.

Alcide and Rikki train to take J.D. down as Pack Master. He says that J.D. is on V and that they need to prepare to lose. Martha comes in and tells him not to challenge J.D. because it is his turn to be Pack Master. Alcide tells her that J.D. is on V and she says that she doesn’t believe him. Emma comes up to her and tells Alcide to back down. Arlene is watching her wedding video of when she and Terry got married. Holly comes up and comforts her. She tells her that Terry is running from a smoke spirit and Holly says that in the town, there is nothing they haven’t seen. Sookie wakes up to Jason having breakfast for her. He asks her not to beat herself up on it and says that she has never taken it out on him for anything and has kept her temper. He says that he won’t let her take it on herself. Andy goes up to Bud’s house and asks him about the killings. He tells Andy that he is “busy”. It turns out that Bud is cheating on his wife while she is gambling.

Lafayette goes to the home of Don Bartollo. He walks in to find Jesus’s head on a chair. Don Barollo comes up behind with a shotgun and Lafayette spits on him. In the hospital, Sam tells Luna that they are going to find these killers and Sookie comes in and gives Luna some things and offers to buy Sam a coffee. Sam starts to talk to her about how the killers are still out there and how they went after Emma too. Sookie asks him if he had the chance to give it away, would he. Sam says that he would be able to have his friends back and everyone else if everything was normal again. At Fangtasia, Tara is on the stripper poll when her mother comes in and sees her. She tells Tara that she is no longer her daughter and that she is dead to her. Tara doesn’t seem to care and tells her that she can leave. Pam watches this.

Eric and Bill are with Nora, Russell, Salome and the rest of the chancellors. Salome says that they are going to drink from the blood of Lilith. Dieter says that this is blasphemy and says that he won’t do it. Russel chops off his head and asks if there are any other objections. Salome opens the bottle and passes it around. Bill asks Eric if this is good and Eric says that they are vampires and that it shouldn’t matter. However, in the next scene all the vampires who took the blood of Lilith are walking up the streets high from the blood. They walk around and tell a taxi driver that they will walk where they want and that no human will tell them otherwise. In Pam’s office, Tara is obviously heartbroken from what her mother said and Pam says that she will forget about her in 100 years. Tara hugs Pam and she says that break is over. At Don Bartolo’s, he has Lafayette tied to a chair with his mouth sewn shut. He tells him that they are going to get the “gift” that Jesus gave to Lafayette and give it to his unborn son. However, before Don Bartollo can kill Lafayette, his wife stabs Don Bartollo and kills him. She takes the knife and cuts the strings holding his mouth closed.

J.D. meets with the pack and tells him that a vampire has given his blood for them and told him that the end is coming and that it is going to be a war against Vampires and Humans. Some of them accept it. However, when he tries to give it to Emma, Martha comes up and tells him that she doesn’t even know him anymore. Meanwhile, the killers have enlisted Hoyt in their killing spree. At the hospital, Sam is told that visiting hours are over and that he has to leave. On the way out, he spells a sent that he recognized at the crime scene of Junior’s death. It is one of the orderlies. He tackles the guy and says that he killed his friends. Sam punches him. At a private party, Russell and the other high vampires crash it and start to feed off of them. Terry and Patrick are in a field and talk about what is going to happen to them. Suddenly the Ifrit comes up behind them and starts laughing. Terry pulls Patrick’s gun on himself and Patrick says that he can’t kill himself. He tells him that he is better then that. Terry drops the gun and cries.

Jessica is feeding off a human when Jason comes over. He says that he is confused and that he knows that a Vampire killed his parents. She says that not all Vampires are the same. Sookie gets home and starts to drain her powers. Back at Jessica’s, Jessica kisses Jason and he tastes the blood. He says that it disgusting and she says that Jason has eaten a cow before. He gets up to look for the guy she is feeding on. She tells the guy to go back to the room. Jason says that all Vampires are the same and that she is no different. He calls her a “fanger” and she bites him. Jason shoots her in the head. The protection team comes out and Jessica says that she can’t believe that he shot her. He says that she will heal. He gets her blood and heals himself too. He goes outside and sees a light. Back at the club, a woman is materialized from the blood and they see that it is Lilith. Eric sees Godric and is told that this is wrong and that Eric needs to tell his sister, Nora, that. The episode ends.