Gone, Gone, Gone - Recap

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The scene opens with Sookie watching a news report on the bombing of a TruBlood factory in Romania. She gets disgusted and turns it off. She takes out her Chinese Take-Out when there is a knock on the door. It is Mike, the cornorner. He says that he is there for her body. He shows that he is a vampire. She shoots him, but that doesn’t stop him. He starts to feed on her and she takes chopsticks and stabs him. She is left in his guts. She is not happy. At the authority, Molly is brought in and has an iStake on. She tells them that they are destroying the world based on a book centuries old. Bill pushes the button and she dies. Steve cheers and Salome tells him to be quiet. They bless the blood and Russell Edgington says that they need to go out and eat. Salome says that they have a TV appearance. However, she agrees to allow them to have a little fun. Hoyt’s mother drives Hoyt home and he tells her that he took a job on a drilling crew in Alaska. She tells him that she needs him, but Hoyt realizes that it is just so that she can baby him.

The new Sheriff of the region is counting Pam and Tara’s money. He says that the fee has gone up and gives them a little bit of the cut. He also tells them that they have a procreation mandate and that they are going to have to turn 30 new vampires in the region. If they don’t comply, then he seizes her assets including Tara. At Sookie’s house, Andy gets the evidence and Andy says that it is sad what happened with Mike. At the authority, Bill gets some of the blood of Lilith. Eric is brought in and Nora is there too. Eric says that the True Death can come. Bill says that he saved his life and now Bill will save his life. They force feed Eric the blood. Nora joins him. Bill leaves and Eric sees someone materialize. It is Godrick. Eric tells him that he tried. Godrick tells Nora that Lilith is a godless god. Bill tries to see what they are seeing, but can’t. Suddenly, Lilith comes up behind him and kills him.

At a fraternity house, Russell and Steve are dancing. He tells him that he knows of something that is much more then regular blood. They continue to dance and they show that Russell and Steve killed the entire fraternity. At Merlott’s, Jessica comes in and a man turns around with a gun. Sam stops him and he says that there is always someone who will take out the vampire. However, before another guy can do anything, Lafayette is there with a shotgun. The men leave in a rush. Jason comes in and asks what Jessica is doing there. She says that she is there to meet Hoyt. Just then, Hoyt comes into the bar. At Fangtasia, Tara says that they have no choice but to turn people. However, Pam says that the bar is nothing to her. However, she tells her that Tara means something to her. Back at Merlott’s, Hoyt tells them that he is moving to Alaska and needs her to glamour him so that he doesn’t remember Jason or Jessica. She reluctantly agrees. She tells him that he is going to forget them and then order a burger. He counts to 10 and when he opens his eyes, they are gone.

At Sookie’s the next day, Sookie tells Jason that she hasn’t found anything. Jason looks under the bed and finds a false floorboard. Inside is a scroll written in a foreign language. Sam tries to call to take pictures of Steve with his new puppy. However, they are not interested. Luna comes in and says that the news networks won’t do a story on Emma. They find out that Steve is going to be in New Orleans. They rush to the airport. Sookie and Jason go to a translator and he tells them that this is a hoax and that it is not in any human language. Jason and Sookie realize what they are going to have to do now. At Merlott’s, Andy is waiting for Holly and she says that she has a little thank you. Lafayette comes out with dinner. He tells them that desert is going to be flaming.

Jessica is at home remembering her time with Hoyt. Suddenly a team of security from the Authority tells her that Bill wants her. She goes with them when Bill commands her. In New Orleans, Steve is on TV and at the Authority, Russell has Emma with him. Eric comes in and Bill says that Eric has seen the error of his ways. He tells Russell that he forgives him for murdering his family. Russell tells him that he gets the better end of the deal. Luna and Sam get to Steve’s dressing room and realize that Emma isn’t there. They change back into an animal when Steve comes in. He grabs his bag and leaves. On the road, Jason sees Hoyt leaving town and pulls him over. He says that he needs to talk to him. He goes up to Hoyt and Hoyt doesn’t remember him. He lets Hoyt go and sits and cries in the car. Sookie comforts him.

At the authority, Bill tells Jessica that they are going to follow the ways of Lilith now. Jessica is confused. Bill says that she will be surprised of what she learns. At Fangtasia, Tara comes out and tells the Sherrif that she messed up with changing Ginger. He checks her and says that she has a pulse. Ginger stabs the vampire and Tara chops off his head. Pam comes in and Tara tells her that no one is leaving or messing with their house. Steve gets back to the authority and the receptionist tells Steve that Emma is doing it again. Steve tells her that she can’t be human. She tells him that she wants her mommy, but Steve tells her that she doesn’t want her. Sam and Luna come out of the bad changed to mice and scurry off. The vampires are translating the word of Lilith and Russell says that they need to go after the blood of the fae. However, Salome says that they are of the night. Russell throws Salome against the wall and tells them that he is 3,000 years old and can kill all of them. He runs off. Bill, Eric and Jessica are mortified.

At the fairy dance club, Claude and Claudette tell Sookie and Jason that the text in the scroll is ancient and that they can’t translate it. However, they call on Morela to work her magic on the scroll. She shows them that there are characters missing. She starts to read the scroll and says that it is a contract from Sookie and Jason’s grandfather granted his first fae born heir to Warlow the vampire. They wonder who that could be and Claude says that Sookie is the first fae born since that time. The scrool binds Sookie to Warlow. The episode ends.