Sunset - Recap

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The scene opens with Bill hearing a voice calling him. He goes to find that it is the blood of Lilith calling him. He ignores it, but Lilith appears and says that she chooses him to lead. She tells him to drink the blood. He turns away thinking his mind is playing tricks, but there are bloody finger prints on the glass. Nora is thinking of what Godrick said when Salome comes in. She tells her that she is worried about Russell and Salome says that this is all according to the plan of Lilith. She kisses Salome and says that she will let the others know. Jessica gets to Bill’s room and gets his phone. She says that they need to warn Jason. Bill forbids it and says that Sookie and Jason are food. Jessica says that she needs to make Jason a vampire and Bill says that he is not an idiot. Bill says that she is going to make Jason into a vampire, but she is going to have a security detail to make sure that she does it.

Nora goes to visit Eric and apologizes for what she has done. Eric and her kiss and get “busy”. She asks her what they are going to do and Eric says that he will get them out of there. At the Fairy Club, Jason says that the contract is nothing. Sookie says that the spirit of Warlow came to her. Jason says that he will come back to check up on her. General Cavanaugh from the US Army comes to the Authority and asks for Roman. Bill says that he is not among them and Cavanaugh is confused and says that they have gone too far and says that the Pentagon is in talks to eradicate vampires from the planet. They tell him that Roman was an infidel and that they have a new path. Cavanaugh says that they are prepared to go to war with the vampires and tells them that they have video of Russell and Steve killing a bunch of fraternity brothers. He leaves, but Eric kills him.

Jason drives up to his house and Jessica is there. She asks if he trusts her. He is confused. She asks the security detail to back away, but they tell her that they need to get them into the ground. Jessica tells Jason to trust her and bites him. Back at the Authority, they are upset that Eric killed Cavanaugh. However, Eric says that he will go on a glamour campaign and erase all knowledge. Nora says that she can help. Bill says that they should take a security detail with them. Jason and Jessica are getting buried when Jessica tells him to do it now. Jason wakes up and shoots the two vampires. Jessica tells Jason that Sookie is in danger and Bill is not coming to save her this time. She tells him that she wasn’t faking the emotion she had about him being a vampire. Jason says that he has to save Sookie. At Fangtastia, Tara assures Pam that there is no trace of the new sheriff. Pam tells her that they are going to be in trouble with the Authority. She commands her never to talk about this. Jessica comes in and asks Pam to hide her. She tells Jessica that they are not running a hotel. She tells her that she knows where Eric is. She says that she will tell her if she hides her. Pam obliges.

Eric and Nora are being escorted by two security guards and Eric kills both of them. They fly off into the sky afterward. At the Authority, Sam and Luna are scurrying around and Sam tells her that Emma is there. At the Fairy Club, Morella says that the Elder will help them. She appears and starts talking about Kesha and Morella says that she operates on many wavelengths. Sookie tries to get information on Warlow, but is interrupted with Jason screaming for Sookie. He gets pulled in and he tells her that Russell is after Sookie and there is no one going to save her. The Elder is shocked and angry that Russell Edgington is alive. At Merlott’s Andy goes up to Holly and she says that she has something for him. She has her sons apologize to Andy for the things they did, but Rocky, one of the boys, says that he doesn’t want to say that. Andy says that he will do everything right. They shake on it.

Alcide is cutting wood when Rollins comes up and tells them that baby vamps are running around and that they are forming packs. Alcide’s father tells him that he has an electric fence and will do just fine. Alcide reminds his father of the fact that he stole money from the pack. He tells Alcide that he wants nothing to do with the pack. At the Fairy Club, all the fairies are talking and Sookie says that she is tired of running and says that they all need to fight. Morrela says that it is suicide. However, the Elder says that they will fight with Sookie. Jason tells Sookie that the best defense is the best offense and says that it is go time. They hug and Jason runs off. At Merlott’s Andy asks Terry and Arlene how they do it and Arlene says that it is all about trust. Morrela comes up and tells him that he has to follow through with their light bond. He tells her that he has a good thing going on with Holly. However, she tells him that if he ignores the light bond, then they will have war.

At Fangtasia, Jessica says that she never seen Bill like that. Pam says that it sounds like a nest and that it is bad. Jessica asks Tara if she has a crush on Pam and she tries to deny it. Jessica says that she needs a friend. One of the chancellors from the Authority comes in and asks for the Sheriff. Tara says that he left. She pins Tara down and says that she can smell him on her. She asks who killed him. Pam speaks up and says that it was her. They take Pam into custody. The Chancellor sees Jessica and brings her in as well. At the Authority, Bill is in the hall and sees Lility. She kisses him and disappears. However, the blood is on his lips. At Alcide’s father’s trailer, Alcide see Baby Vamps and sees that they are going to the neighbor’s house. At the house, Jason is approached by Russell and Steve. They glamour him and Jason says that he will lead them to the Fairy Club. Meanwhile, Alcide fights off the baby vamps and his dad comes to his aide.

At the Authority, Sam and Luna find Emma and are caught by the guards. Sam offers himself up for breakfast to Bill. At that moment, Bill finds the Chancellor kneeling over Lilith’s blood. Bill chops off his head and says that he was chosen. Pam is escorted in the back as Sam walks by. She tells her to help Luna. Bill meets Jessica after cleaning up. He says that she is crazy for choosing a human over her kind. She gets smacked and Bill says that Lilith chose him. However, at the same moment, Salome sees Lilith and she tells her that she chooses her. Russell, Jason and Steve get to where the Fairy Club is and the Elder tells them that she is not going to allow them to get killed. She goes out and blasts Steve to the ground. However, when she tries to hit Russell, he pulls Jason in front of him and suck the blood out of her. He sees the club and gets ready to strike. The episode ends.