Save Yourself - Recap

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The scene opens with the fairies and Sookie trying to hold Russell Edgington back. He says that it tickles. As he gets closer, Eric comes up behind and stakes him. He explodes and Eric says that he has always wondered what that felt like. Steve sees this and runs off. Sookie rushes to Jason’s aide and Nora smells her and runs up to her. However, Eric stops her and tells her that Sookie is someone who saved his life many times and that she is not to feed on her. She swears on Godrick that she won’t. Sookie slaps Jason awake and he sees his mom. Sookie asks what he is talking about and he has a glazed look on his face and a piece of grass in his mouth. At the Authority, Sam comes in and Bill tells them that he is a Shifter and Sam says that he just came for Emma. Bill says that he knows too much and shows his fangs. Sam morphs into a fly. He flies into the vents. Bill tells the security detail that they have a breach.

Eric and Nora get to Fangtasia and Tara says that the Authority has Pam. They gather money and their portable coffins. At Sookie’s, Jason is still seeing his parents and they are talking to him. Eric, Nora and Tara come in and tell Sookie that she has to come with them to save Bill and Pam. Tara reminds Soookie that she owes Pam. Jason is against it and Eric and Jason exchange insults until Sookie agrees to go. Jason goes with him when he hears the hallucination of his father tell him that he can kill some fangers along the way. Back at the Authority, Bill has the security team line up. He tells them that they need to search everywhere for Sam. Salome asks where the other Chancellor is and Bill admits to killing him because he thought that Lilith appeared to him. He says that Lilith came to him and said that Salome is the leader. She is happy. In the cells, Sam morphs inside the cell next to Luna. He says that he tried to reason with Bill. He says that if they try to come for Luna, then she needs to shift. She tells her that the vampires won’t eat Emma because they feel that she is a puppy.

In Jessica and Pam’s cell, Pam doesn’t want to believe that Eric converted to the religion. Jessica says that the vampires are crazy and want to treat humans as food. Pam likes the sound of that. At the trailer, Alcide tells his dad that he could use a little bit more practice. His father says that he had to teach Alcide how crappy the world is and Alcide says that it is alright and that he learned just fine. Suddenly, Martha pulls up with a V’ed up Ricky. She says that they made her drive V and she is high. He drags her into the trailer. Martha tells him that J.D. is force feeding everyone. Sam continues his spying as a fly and sees Bill with Salome. Jason and Sookie get to the weapon store and Jason tells her that he is going to kill any vampire that gets in the way. Sookie tries to talk some sense into him and Jason says that he is in control. His hallucinations of his mom and dad tell Jason that he is right. Jason tells Sookie that she needs to be prepared to kill Bill.

In the trailer, Alcide’s father has drugs that flushes out the V from the sweat. Ricki asks why Alcide didn’t call and he doesn’t have an answer. She tells Alcide that J.D. is forcing himself and taking advantage of the younger wolves. Alcide’s father tells Alcide that he has some V to even the odds. Sam, as a fly, flies into Steve’s room and sees his press badge. He flies back to Luna and says that he has an idea, but she is not going to like it. At Merlott’s, Lafayette has made some Cajun Margaritas. They love it and Lafayette says that he doesn’t care and wants to take full advantage of Sam’s absence. Andy brings in a very pregnant Morella and tells her that he needs to talk to his friend. She asks for some salt. Morella pours the salt down her throat and Jane Boathouse, who is drunk, says that they slept together. Andy denies it. Andy tells Holly that she did sleep with Morella and that she is not human. Suddenly Morella yells and says that her light broke.

At the Authority, Bill is in bed with Salome and he gets “busy” with her. Sookie and Jason are still on the road and Sookie tells him that Bill isn’t evil. Jason says that she doesn’t know for sure. Sookie says that going through some life changing things with the person is good. Jason says that they don’t deserve any better than unavailable people. Sookie says that this can’t tear Jason down. Jason tells Sookie that she has to allow him to feel like he does. Eric pops his head down and tells Jason to pull over. Back at Merlott’s, Morella is giving birth and it is more orgasmic to her than normal child birth. She tells Holly that this is her 73rd pregnancy. Holly delivers a baby girl and Morella smashes a glass. Andy is happy, but Holly says that they are not done yet. Back at the Authority, Luna, disguised as Steve, gets Emma.

She is about to get out when the receptionist, Chelsea, tells him that she past her test. She asks where the Southern accent is and Luna says that she doesn’t have one sometimes. Chelsea says that is who he is. Luna gets stopped by one of the Chancellors and tells him that he has some damage control to do thanks to his and Russell’s outing. She has her ride down with her. At Merlott’s Holly delivers 4 baby girls. Morella says that Andy has to make sure that half of them grow to adulthood. He is shocked that he has to raise them alone. Holly is not happy with him. Alcide gets to the camp where J.D. is and tells him that enough is enough. He attacks J.D. and eventually kills him. The other wolves bow to him and Alcide says that they are wolves and they need to act like it. Eric and Nora drive up with Tara, Jason and Sookie in the back of the truck. Eric is told that they are on lockdown. Bill grants them entry even though he sees Sookie is with them.

Luna, disguised as Steve, gets dragged in front of the camera and is told to follow the script. However, halfway through it, Luna changes back to herself and tells the media that the vampire authority are hiding humans in their lair. The Chancellor gets upset and is ready to strike when Sam flies into her mouth and morphs back inside of her. She explodes. Sam emerges covered in Vampire guts. Luna starts to pass out. Salome goes to Lilith’s vile of blood and grabs it. Meanwhile, Nora, Tara, Eric, Sookie and Jason are in the elevator. Just as Salome is to drink the blood, the elevator door opens and Jason starts to kill Vampires. The alarm is triggered and she runs off. Eric and Nora hover to wait for the guards and pick them off. Tara and Sookie get to Pam and Jessica’s cells. Pam asks where Eric is and Tara says that he and Nora are finding a way out for them. Sookie opens the door for Jessica and Tara fights through the pain in order to make out with Pam. Jessica says that she knew it. Bill walks up to Salome and she says that she is happy that he is there to witness her drinking the blood of Lilith. He warns her, but she says that this is the rapture and drinks it all.

Jason waits for any more vampires and Sookie, Tara, Pam and Jessica emerge. Jessica says that she loves him, but he says that he can never love a vampire. Eric gets everyone in the elevator except for himself and Sookie. They say that they have to save Bill. However, in the other room, Bill has plans of his own because he poisoned the blood with Silver. He says that he didn’t taint Lilith’s blood, but his own. She can’t believe it but says that Lilith chose wisely and Bill stakes Salome. Eric and Sookie come in just as he is about to drink and say that Lilith is a mad god and that it is all false. Sookie tries to reach him, but he wants nothing to do with it. He drinks the vile and turns into a pool of blood. His blood then gathers again as a Super-Vampire version of Bill emerges. Eric tells Sookie to run and the episode ends.