Who Are You, Really? - Recap

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Eric and Sookie run from Bill, who is now the Super-vampire version of himself. Sookie falls into a puddle of deteriorated flesh but Eric picks her up, shoving her into an elevator. The power goes out and Sookie uses her powers to illuminate the metal box. Pam, Jason, Jessica, and Nora are outside in the complex. Jason shoots at a vampire and blood splashes on him. He and Nora trade insults. When Nora goes to order them to move, Pam questions her authority. Nora says she was asked by Pam’s maker to escort them to safety.

In a field, Luna tells Tim to take her daughter and go. Military vampires find her corpse and check to make sure she is truly dead.

Back at the factory complex, the structure captures fire and Jason tries to go back for Sookie but Nora stops him. She tells him if she says move he needs to move. About that time Eric and Sookie pull up in a truck and the group piles in. They all start to drive away as they see Super-Vampire Bill walk out. Jessica can’t believe her eyes. Eric steps on the gas and drives them away as Bill heads into the sky. The group debates what they say. Nora starts to say that Bill has been reborn in Lillith’s image and Eric cuts her off saying they don’t know if that is what happened or not. The radio begins to broadcast an emergency message. The Governor has declared a curfew for all vampires and curtail on all vampire businesses. He tells the citizens to buy as many guns as they can and to stock up on wooden bullets. The crowd cheers.

Back in the truck, Jason says it’s about time they started putting rules on vampires. Sookie tells him to shut up. Pam and Nora start to bicker and Eric pulls the truck to a screeching halt. He says he and Nora need to talk privately. Pam gets out and rounds on him asking who Nora is. He replies it’s his sister. She accuses him of lying to her over and over again when all she does is share his life. He tells her to either have his back or get out of his face. Once alone Eric and Nora discuss Lillith and the possibility that Bill is her resurrection. Nora says there was no mention of a resurrection in the book. She says she spent her life devoted to that book so she would know. Down on the beach, an upset Pam is comforted by Tara. Further down, Jessica washes her face in the water. She turns back to see Sookie approaching. She asks Sookie if she still loves Bill. Sookie says he was her first and loving him is in her blood. Sookie tries to tell her that the Bill they know is dead.

Nora walks over to Jason. She asks about Worlow and Jason refuses to tell her so she compels him to. He tells her that Warlow is a vampire that killed his parents. As Eric walks up, Nora breaks contact and Jason pulls his gun. He threatens Nora and Eric extends his fangs in response. Jessica, Sookie, Pam, and Tara hurry to the scene. Eric tells Sookie that the only reason Jason is alive is as a courtesy to her. Sookie tells him to put the gun down and an argument insues between the siblings because of Sookie’s continuing habit of taking a vampire’s side. Jason says the vampires killed their parents and Sookie argues it was Warlow, not them. Jason tells her if that’s the way she feels she is just as dead to him as their parents are.

Jessica turns suddenly and heads in the opposite direction. She explains that Bill is summoning her. Sookie yells out demanding that someone stop her and Eric does so. Jessica begins to vomit blood profusely and fall to the ground, her heart almost coming out of her chest. Then and there they decide they have to get her to him or she will die. Sookie says she is taking her with or without him and Eric steps out of her way. Tara tries to follow but Eric yanks her back by her ponytail telling her to take Pam back to her bar.

Across town, the pack is gathered. An arm is brought before the Alcide and he bites into it. One of the wolves shifts. Danielle, the shifted wolf, pledges her assistance. From the other side of the clearing, Alcide’s number one woman watches. At Andy’s, he sits outside avoiding fatherhood. Arlene, who had been inside, comes out after him and tells him he needs to take care of his responsibilities. She gives him a pep talk and he goes back in and starts changing diapers. Tim brings the girl back to his bar and sets her in a booth. Kenneth, who had been watching the bar and taking care of things, surprises him. When the little girl wakes up, Kenneth takes her to get some food.

Jason is thumbing his way out of town when he gets picked up by an older gentleman. Jason tells the man thank you and they discuss Bon Temp. The older gentleman says he was there a long time ago, but his family is gone now. Jason admits his family is gone too and the gentleman asks him to talk about it.

Having arrived at Bill’s, Jessica and Sookie follow a set of bloody footprints out onto the deck. Bill is there in a chair. He says he wants to talk. From out of nowhere, Nora tries to jump him and Bill throws her against the railing. Eric, with stake in hand is pinned quickly against a support beam. Sookie, taking the stake she had in her hand, rams the wood through his heart only to watch him pull it out. He calmly requests again if they can talk. Bill says that the man who hurt Jessica is gone. Sookie says he is right, Bill Compton is gone. Jessica moves to his side and tells Sookie to get out. Bill reinforces this with a small earth shake.

The Governer meets with the owners of the True Blood factory and proposes a deal. He tells the representative that the state owns property her company can use to set up another factory. He adds that he will stay a silent partner and is doing this in hopes of keep the vampires well fed and away from his citizens. Alcide and Danielle end their run in the woods and begin to get heated with each other. That is until Alcide’s number one arrives and makes sure he knows who is the top wolf. Back at Pam’s bar, Tara and she get into an argument over Eric. Tara says she is not about to be Eric’s doll. Pam tells her she has no idea what it’s like to be in a relationship for a century. Just then the police barge in to shut down Pam’s bar. They tell her to get down but Tara threatens them for hurting her and ends up shot with a wooden bullet.

Back at Sookie’s, Eric asks for a pen and a pad of paper. When she hands him one he takes the quill and stabs it into his wrist. In blood, he signs over the house to her. Sookie tells him that Bill is not the only one who has changed and that she wants to be that girl again, the one in the white dress. He leaves, and Sookie turns to head into the kitchen. On the porch, Nora waits with him and realizes that Eric is in love with Sookie. Eric leans down and whispers to Nora not to mess with this situation.

At Andy’s, he is awoken by children. The babies have aged overnight. At Bill’s, he gives Jessica a drink and they converse. She calls him a monster but makes no move to leave. After a heartfelt conversation, he tucks her in. In the car headed out of town, Jason realizes he is with Worlow. He tries to kill him but Worlow disappears and Jason is left in the car alone as it runs into a tree. At Sookie’s, the scroll on the nightstand lights up. Across town at Bill’s he feels whips of pain and gets up to investigate. He finds himself surrounded by four women and in a blink of an eye, they merge within him.