The Sun - Recap

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On a suspension bridge in the middle of the night, a wave of interference hits and a portal of some kind opens. A hand reaches through. Across town, next to Sookie on the night stand, the scroll glows. The words themselves almost seem to lift off the page. Back at the portal another hand pokes through followed by a body. It’s a man in dark clothing. His beard is long and unkempt and he his fangs are prominent.

In the station wagon, careening down a road at reckless speed, Jason screams. Directly in front on the asphalt is Warlow. His hands are extended and he’s using his powers to stop the vehicle. Jason nearly rolls out the passenger door with a gun in his hand. The man says he is not Warlow, but instead he is Jason’s Fairy Grandfather. Jason asks him to prove it and he does by stating things only Jason would have known. Jason asks him why he didn’t tell him he was family before now. Fairy Grandfather explains that was testing Jason and he failed miserably. Fairy Grandfather goes on to chew Jason out as a poor excuse for a Stackhouse. He says Jason is not ready to meet Warlow, who is faster and older than any vampire walking.

At the bar, Tara is on the counter-top yelling in agony while Pam holds her hand. Eric and Nora walk in and ask what happened. Pam explains that Tara was shot by the police and that it isn’t healing. She tells Eric and Nora about the new guns the cops are using and that the bullet is still inside. When Eric goes to touch it, he pulls back his hand as if burned. He can’t get the bullet out that way and has to find another option. Eric grabs a beer bottle and breaks it across the counter-top. He tells Pam to hold Tara still and he cuts into her with the broken glass. The bullet glows as he extracts it.

Tara, now healing, asks what the bullet is. Eric explains it’s a silver bullet that emits UV light. The four of them talk over the new weapon. Nora is incredulous that the humans are starting to fight back. Pam asks her what she expected. Eric, looking at the new bullet, says he isn’t afraid of humans. Nora and Pam go into a yelling match until Eric interrupts by breaking the glass the bullet was sitting in. His voice is calm when he says that if the humans want war, the vampires will give them war. He orders Nora to scour the vampire bible and figure out what Bill is.

Jessica is asleep when she hears a scream and sits bolt upright. She goes running down the stairs to find Bill with scratches down his face from what looks like his own hands. It’s as if he’s tried to tears his eyes out. He’s in the middle off flashbacks as he tells Jessica what he sees. He tells her about a woman being whipped and a little boy being doused with holy water and dragged behind a vehicle. Both off these people are vampires. He cries out that he can’t help them. Jessica clings to his body, calling his name. She tells him that she needs him to come back to her, but it’s too late. All he sees is himself and three women, who are covered in blood, walking towards Lilith. The three women vanish at the Lilith's command. She tells him that “it” is beginning and he no longer gets to be Bill Compton.

The next morning, Sookie wakes to the phone ringing. It’s Arlene. Sookie was supposed to have been at work already. Sookie apologizes and says she will be there soon. Arlene mentions calling Holly in just as Terry spots Patrick’s wife across the restaurant. Arlene tells him to go talk to her for the good of the family. Maggie, Patrick’s wife, says she knows what happened and that Patrick ran out on her. Terry starts to tell her the truth but Arlene comes up and cuts him off to confirm Maggie’s suspicions. She says that Maggie should know the truth, Patrick is indeed gone. Terry, knowing it’s a lie, turns away. Arlene continues, telling Maggie she needs to stay strong.

Sookie is walking to work. Off to the side, in the brush, she sees an injured man. She tried to talk herself out of helping him but stop anyway. She asks if she can call and ambulance and he says no. She asks what happened to him. In her head she hears him say smell the blood. Openly, he tells her vampires did it. She asks him if he’s Fae and he replies a Half-ling. The whole part of the conversation happens telepathically. In her actual voice she states he needs a hospital. He counters that they won’t know what to do with him anyway. She swings his arm around her shoulder, helps him up and walks him to her house.

Once there, she questions him about what the vampire looked like and how he got away. The man says it happened so fast and that he blasted him. He stretches his fingers to illustrate. She starts to walk away to get bandages and he says she reminds him of his first love. Without much more conversation he passes out cold and she realizes that she’s going to be later for work, if she makes it at all.

At the restaurant, four travelers come in. Arlene goes to grab the table. She asks where they are from and they answer Los Angeles, Oakland and Vermont. The one from LA asks about organics and Arlene shoots it down. Sam, who is at the counter, calls Lafayette to check on things. As he hangs up, the woman who said she was from Oakland comes up and says she knows he is a shifter. He counters that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She begins to go into detail about Luna and the shooting. He pulls her into the back. She introduces herself as Nicole Wright. She’s the founder of a Human/Vampire coalition. She wants him to come out in the open. Sam says he isn’t about to do that because he’d like to keep his life. He tells her she doesn’t know anything about his life. She goes into a story about her mixed grandparents who rode down to the south. Sam says he can’t help her. Before he leaves she says she’s not trying to throw his life upside down but he cannot just sit by while people die.

Jessica paces back and forth while Bill remains in a catatonic state, lost in his head. He’s talking to a Lilith, the woman, and she says the beginning of the end has started. She tells him that God made Adam and Eve as human and her as a vampire. She informs he is strong and that is why he was chosen for her blood. His head snaps to the side as Jessica slaps him in the real world. There is a knock on the door and she says to come in. She asks for the visitor to close the door. It’s Veronica, a send-over from Human Edibles. Veronica starts to explain the price list and Jessica lets her know it’s not for her. She pulls her into the other room and shows her Bill. As they talk, Bill remains in a catatonic state. Veronica starts to walk away but only makes it halfway to the door. Her bones begin to snap and pop, breaking as she is pulled back. Her arm ends up at a 45 degree angle and her midsection twisted as Bill opens his mouth. The blood pools and pours from Veronica’s mouth to his until she’s drained and ashen. She collapses in a dead heap on the floor. Jessica is in the corner, hand over her mouth in horror.

At Sookie’s, Sookie rinses a cloth and begins to wipe the man’s wounds. She bandages him up and gets a spark of light when she touches him. When she asks what that was and he wakes. He says he has no idea. She says for a while she just wanted to be normal. He mentions that he thinks she’s a good person. Sookie calls herself a liability and the man goes to leave. She asks his name and replies Ben. She tells him hers and asks where he is headed. He says he’s going where the road leads and thanks her for her kindness.

Andy drags the four girls into a clearing, calling for Moretta. He yells that he doesn’t know anything about them and that they keep growing. He says he can’t do it on his own as they chase each other in circles around him.

At Sookie’s, Jason and Fairy Grandfather head upstairs to the bathroom. Fairy Grandfather puts his hand up and feels for the portal. He says he wants to check if Warlow successfully made it through. He jumps into the portal and disappears. Jason tries to follow and slams into the back wall. Fairy Grandfather re-emerges and says it is worse than he thought.

Sookie and Ben walk together. She thinks of Bill and he picks up on it. Realizing she can’t contain her thoughts, she heads off in the other direction having pointed him to Fairy Club. At the bar, Nora reads the Vampire Bible. Nora starts to exit. She tells Pam to explain to Eric that she went out. Pam says she intends to go on about her own life when Nora explains Eric loves her. She says that while Pam didn’t know he had a sister inside the Authority, she did know about Pam. She tells her he talked about her often and in a fond way.

Eric is outside the Governor’s house as it gears up for a party. The Governor is inside on the phone when his daughter interrupts to ask if she can go out with some of the other campaign workers. He tells her no. She counters with the fact his 5:30 appointment as arrived. Eric, who had been watching people arrive outside, has taken a badge and outfit from someone who was approaching. Eric introduces himself as being from wildlife and fishery. They start to discuss the vampire issue. The Governor says that a Chuck E. Cheese was attacked yesterday and two little kids were turned, then killed their parents. Eric argues that the kids were just trying to survive, just like the whooping crane. The Governor says that anything that is a threat to humans should be wiped out and Eric mentions he can try. Eric, through playing games, changes his tone. The Governor asks what he needs and Eric moves directly in his eye line. He tries to compel the Governor and it fails. The Governor calls in the guards and explains that he’s wearing contacts that prevent glamoury. The Governor has Eric hauled off to what he calls “camp”.

At the Stackhouse residence, Jason introduces Sookie to Niall Brigant, The Fairy Grandfather. He explains that Niall is going to help with Nah. Niall informs them that Warlow is there and has been since sometime in the last 24 hours. Nah explains that they are original Fae and the Stackhouse family are royalty. Niall says Warlow destroyed his village. John Stackhouse, the one who signed the pact that promised Sookie to Warlow, is Niall’s son. Niall explains one last power to Sookie, a ball of light that when released will go supernova. This supernova will kills any vampire it touches. He tells her that because she is only half fae, she gets this power once. After she uses it, she will be purely human. She tells him her light has been off and on lately and he explains to her how to channel it.

Outside the Governor’s, Eric asks about his rights. When the police tell him he has none, he takes off into the sky. Over at Sam’s, Alcide, Rikki, and Martha arrive to check on Emma. Sam tells them to come back tomorrow morning when Emma is awake. Lafayette comes out and tells them all that Emma wants to stay with Sam. He fails to catch Emma when she goes running past to try to get to Sam. Martha grabs her and a fight breaks out. Alcide, Rikki, and Martha, take off with Emma in the truck.

At The Governor’s mansion, Eric convinces his daughter to let him in as he hovers at her window. At Bill’s, Jessica returns from burying Veronica. She stops at the door to the room Bill is in. Jessica asks if he can feel her pain. She’s scared and she says she has a terrible feeling. She says she was raised on the human bible until he gave her the vampire bible. She asks if he’s a god and begins to pray as she sinks to her knees in front of him. She begs for God to look out for Sookie, Jason, Eric, Pam, Tara, Sam, Lafayette, and Arlene. She adds for God to bless all the people of their town. She ends with a prayer to bless Bill and bring him back to her. She cries as she says that she needs him. Lilith, in Bill’s head, tells him to save them all. She tells him to trust what he sees and that he will know what to do. He snaps out of his catatonic state then and the television turns on. Jessica goes running in as the news announces the vampire being dragged by a truck. The anchor goes on to say that vampires have no rights in that state and as such, no crime is being committed. Jessica realizes that Bill can see the future as he told her this was going to happen before. He confirms it a vision of a room full of vampires standing in a room enters his head. They all go up in flames as sunlight hits.