In the Evening - Recap

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The batch of Tru Blood, tainted with Hepatitis V, is heading out for shipment. Nora reveals, to Eric and Willa, that she has Hep V. Eric, promising to come back for Willa, attempts to escape from the prison with Nora. A guard is found dead with his arm missing. News spreads to the other guards that Eric has escaped. A guard spots Eric under a delivery truck but is quickly subdued by Eric. Holding onto the underside of the truck, Eric and Nora are able to escape the prison. Willa uses the severed guard's arm she took to open locked doors using its fingerprints. She goes to Pam's cell and warns her not to drink the Tru Blood because it contains Hep V. They agree to only tell Jessica and Tara so that the guards don't become suspicious. Willa disposes of the arm before sneaking back to the rest of the prisoners.

Eric brings Nora to Bill's house and asks that he heal Nora. Nora would rather die than drink Lilith's blood. Bill listens to her last wish and doesn't give her the blood that would heal her.

At night, Sarah Newlin drives to Truman Burrell's house. She finds the front door open and the guards missing. She finds them dead in the backyard, along with a decapitated Truman. Sarah believes it was part of God's plan that he die and calls the senator to the governor's house. She wants him to have the body disposed of, say that Truman escaped, and continue to govern from a remote location. Sarah will take care of the camp as long as the senator covers the political side. The senator agrees to the plan because it will only take a few days for the tainted Tru Blood to spread.

Sookie and Warlow wake up next to each other on a plane of the Fae. She hears her friend Arlene crying in the cemetery and goes back to Earth to help her. Her husband Terry was shot and killed.

Sam calls Lafayette from a motel payphone and finds out that Terry is dead. Inside the motel Sam tells Nicole to call her mother. Sam must go back to Bon Temps, even though he knows it's not safe.

Sookie takes Arlene back to Arlene's house. She sees Lafayette and yells at him about something in a safety deposit box. He doesn't know what it is and he brings Sookie along to go look.

At the prison, Jessica is taken to a room where she finds Jason waiting for her. He promises to help her get out. Jessica says he doesn't need to get her out because she's okay with what's going to happen. She tells James the one thing he can do if he really wants to help her. She needs to personally thank the vampire, James, that refused to participate in the sex study.

Sam is showering at the motel when Nicole comes into the bathroom and joins him in the shower.

Sookie and Lafayette discover that the item in the box is a $2 million life insurance policy.

Alcide's father offers to let him stay at the neighbour's house he bought. Alcide says he can't leave the pack. Alcide drops him off at his father's house and says he must go back.

Nicole's mother drives to the motel to pick Nicole up and is overjoyed to see her daughter again. Nicole thanks Sam for keeping her safe and gives him her home phone number. Jessica meets with James and asks Jason for privacy. One of James' fangs was broken for not joining the sex study. Jessica tells him about the tainted Tru Blood. He regrets not doing many things in his life now that he knows he doesn't have immortality. All that Jessica wants is to make love to James: she wants to know what sex with a vampire is like. He agrees and they have sex on the conference room table.

Eric says he will do anything Bill wants if he helps Nora. Bill tells Eric about visions of the future he has had, one of which involve Eric's death. If he can get Warlow the vision may be prevented from happening. With Eric agreeing to help Bill, Bill gives Nora his blood to heal her. Unfortunately it doesn't work and Eric tells Bill to get Warlow so that they can use his blood to heal Nora.

Sookie brings the life insurance policy back to Arlene's house but she finds Arlene too drunk to talk to. Sookie senses Adilyn and communicates telepathically with her. As Adilyn is being introduced to Holly's boys, Bill lets himself into the house. He expresses his sympathy to Arlene. She doesn't believe it's him at first and then is shocked that he is walking during the day. Bill tells Sookie that he needs Warlow in order to help the vampires that are in the prison.

Pam is brought to the prison psychiatrist. She seduces him and gets him to agree to let her into the general population if she has sex with him.

Elsewhere in the prison, Sarah tells Jason that he no longer has leverage because the governor is dead. She has the guards cut his arm and they throw him into the general population. Tara stands in front of him and tells the other vampires to back off. At the opposite side of the room, Violet claims Jason as hers.

Alcide tells Rikki and the rest of the pack that Sam and the girl are dead. Rikki says he is lying and then brings out Nicole and her mother.

Eric pays Godric to give Nora another chance. Nora says that while it was Godric who made her a vampire, it was Eric who was the one that saw something in her and saved her. Eric has a flashback to when a king in 1665 wanted Eric to get a stubborn woman for him. Eric goes to her but she is dying of the black plague. Eric finds her to be courageous, not stubborn, and brings her to Godric to heal her. Nora says that her life as a vampire ends the same way it began. Nora dies in Eric's arms and melts into the bed. Eric looks up to see Bill looking sadly into the room.