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Dead Meat - Recap

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Eric sits on the bed that Nora died on. Eric asks Bill why he didn't see this in his vision, but Bill doesn't have control over the visions. He held up his end of the bargain and now he needs Eric's help. Eric questions where Warlow is, but Bill didn't get Warlow's blood because he didn't want to start a fight with Sookie. Eric antagonizes Bill to the point that Bill levitates Eric with his mind and throws him across the room.

At the werewolf camp, Rikki challenges Alcide, the pack master. Rikki says that Alcide lied to, and betrayed the pack. Alcide wins the fight but he doesn't kill Rikki. In the vampire prison, Jason thanks Violet for protecting him but she tells him she will be feeding on him. Violet believes in the sanctity of union and Jason will be hers forever.

Sookie goes back to Warlow and lets him feed on her. Sookie tells Warlow about her day time visit from Bill. Warlow admits that Bill drank his blood, enabling him to be outside during the day. Warlow will only help Sookie and Bill if Sookie will marry Warlow. Sookie leaves the Fae plane and walks out of the cemetery. Eric watches her go and attempts to find Warlow. When he gets near the entrance Warlow notices a shadow fall around him.

Jessica says she can die happy after having sex with James. Being with her is the first time that he ever felt like there was a reason to be alive. Not knowing how long they have to live they decide to not look back at the past. Guards enter the room, breaking up their meeting. While being led back to general population, Jessica meets up with Pam, who just had sex with the psychiatrist.

Sam gathers up all of Terry's old belongings from the bar. Bringing it outside he is accosted by Alcide who tells him that Nicole and her mother are in Sam's trailer. Sam invites him into the bar for a beer.

When Pam and Jessica get back to the general population, Tru Blood is being distributed to the vampires. Steve Newlin tries to make friends with James. James is rather harsh towards Steve but he eventually warns him not to drink the tainted Tru Blood. Violet feeds on Jason, he asks that she not rape him. She is one of the few vampires who can separate feeding from having sex. Violet says when they have sex it will be mutual and Jason will beg for it.

Sam tells Nicole and her mother that they are safe at his place for the night. He finds Alcide in the bar. Alcide says he can smell Sam on Nicole. Sam says he also smells himself. Now that Arlene has sobered up, Lafayette is ready to tell her what was in the safety deposit box. Arlene didn't know about the policy. It was taken out four days before Terry died.

Sookie visits Bill to find out what his plan to rescue the vampires are. He wants to give the imprisoned vampires some of Warlow's blood so they can be out in the sun.

Sarah Newlin shows up at the research facility, only to find out that some vampires aren't drinking the tainted Tru Blood. She interrogates her ex husband Steve to find out why he isn't drinking Tru Blood. He confesses to learning it is tainted with Hep V from James. Steve and James are both placed in a large circular room.

Nicole's mom is unhappy that Nicole and Sam are in love. Sookie reveals a ball of energy to Sam. It is everything that makes her a vampire, and she can use it to kill vampirism. She hopes the two of them can get back together. This is a bad time for Sam, he just got together with Nicole and he can smell that she is pregnant.

While at the funeral home making funeral arrangements, Arlene is shocked that Terry's family wants to have a 21 gun salute when it was a gun that killed Terry. Arlene is still upset about Terry killing himself, she is having a hard time letting go.

At the graveyard, Sookie gets upset at her dead parents. She would rather spend eternity walking the earth as a corpse than thinking about them.

Ms. Suzuki, looking for the governor, shows up at the research facility. She is very anger and insists on seeing the governor. Sarah attempts to persuade her to leave but Ms. Suzuki starts a fight with Sarah. Sarah chases her through the facility trying to kill her. They enter the observation deck of the male general population. While running across a metal mesh floor, Mrs Suzuki twists her ankle and falls. Sarah repeatedly slams her face into the floor. The blood leaking down to the male vampires is getting them excited. Sarah takes a high heel and impales the back of Ms. Suzuki's head with it, killing her. Sarah cries, and thanks Jesus.

Sookie returns Jason's call and tells him to come back safely. She leaves him a message that Terry died. After hanging up she calls Bill and confirms that the deal is on. Outside of the graveyard, Eric chases down Adilyn and bites her on the neck. After a brief argument in the general population, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Violet are put into the circular room with Steve and James.

Sookie brings Bill to the Fae plane to get Harlow. Although when they get there, Harlow has already been fed on. Bill says it was Eric.