Life Matters - Recap

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In the faerie realm, Bill continues his attempt to take Warlow. His blood will be used to feed the imprisoned vampires, allowing them to withstand the sun. Bill threatens to take Warlow even though it will kill him. Warlow has very little blood left after Eric drained him. Sookie blasts Bill with her light, throwing him out of the faerie realm and back to Earth.

Eric sneaks into the vampire prison known as Vamp Camp during the day. He can now walk in the sun after drinking most of Warlow's blood.

Warlow asks Sookie if she is still prepared to marry him. She says she doesn't break promises and Warlow believes her. Sookie leaves the faerie realm to go to Terry's funeral. After she comforts Arlene, Sookie takes a seat near the back. Alcide shows up and offers Sookie consolation. Sookie saves a seat next to her for Jason, who has yet to show up.

All of the guards outside of Vamp Camp are dismembered and strewn about. Bill walks up and knows that Eric is responsible. Inside, Eric uses a dismembered guard's arm to unlock the door to Dr. Overlark's office. Eric attacks the surprised doctor, rips off his genitals and leaves him to bleed out. Eric breaks into the male general population cell and frees all of the male vampires. One young vampire stays behind because his maker is in a nearby drawer, dying of Hepatitis V. Eric tells him to watch his maker die or to take his freedom.

At the memorial service, Reverend Daniels reminds everyone about how family meant everything to Terry. Andy then reminisces about how close they were while growing up. Andy explains how Terry's PTSD affected him. After coming back from war, Terry went into seclusion, afraid of being around kids. He had improved so much that he was raising Arlene's kids with her.

Bill comes across Dr. Overlark, who asks Bill to end his suffering. After Dr. Overlark admits to hurting Jessica, Bill is happy to kill the doctor by stomping on his head. The vampires run loose through Vamp Camp, feeding on and torturing humans as they see fit. Eric frees the female vampires from the female general population cell. He is surprised to find Jason Stackhouse lying injured on a table. Jason informs him that Pam, Tara, and Jessica were taken away. Eric, using his blood, heals Jason. Since Jason knows his way around the prison, he leads Eric to where the others are being held. They pass by some bodies in the hallway and neither notice Sarah Newlin hiding among the corpses.

At Terry's funeral, Sam tells about how he took a chance hiring Terry. It paid off for him because Terry turned out to be one of his best friends and employees. Sam reached out to Terry at the time that he most needed friends for support.

At Vamp Camp, Eric speaks to the Camp's psychiatrist, Dr. Finn. Dr. Finn says he will die happy knowing that he had sex with Pam, Eric's progeny. This angers Eric, who keeps the psychiatrist alive so that Pam can have the honor of killing him.

Lafayette takes to the podium and shares his experiences working with Terry. The first day they worked together Lafayette felt like he was looking right through Terry's eyes into his soul. The reverend asks if anyone has anything else to say before Arlene takes the podium. Sookie senses that Arlene is not ready to speak yet and volunteers to talk. Sookie isn't comfortable talking in front of people but she loves Terry and Arlene. She admits that she is a telepath and speaks of Terry's first night working at Merlotte's. Terry fell in love with Arlene the moment they met. Sookie never told Arlene this but feels she deserves to know it now. Alcide comforts Sookie when she sits back down. He sat in Jason's seat since he has still not shown up.

At Vamp Camp, Bill finds an injured guard and orders the guard to take him to where Jessica and Tara are locked up. Meanwhile, Sarah Newlin is climbing the stairs to the top of one of the cells. She intends to open the roof destroying the vampires locked inside. As the roof opens, Bill, inside the cell, feeds the remaining vampires his blood to protect them from the sun. Steve Newlin struggles to feed from Bill because of how crowded it is around him. Eric catches Steve and wants to let him die. With the roof fully open Sarah looks into the room and expects to see all of the vampires die. Instead she sees Eric expose Steve to the sun. Steve yells out his love for Jason Stackhouse before dying.

Over at the ongoing funeral, Arlene takes to the podium to express her love for Terry. Terry was always there to help her relax and stay calm. He was especially helpful the day their son was born. Terry loved his family above all else.

At Vamp Camp, the vampires dance in joy under the sun. Pam asks if there is anyone else that needs to be killed. Jason says all but one, and runs off in search of Sarah. Bill, drained of his blood, sees three naked women covered in blood: Lilith's sirens, each holding a finger to their mouths. Jason catches up to Sarah and wrestles her gun away from her. Jason holds the gun to Sarah's head but at the last moment decides to let Sarah go free. He doesn't want any more blood on his hands. On the other side of the camp, Eric leads the vampires in destroying the tainted cases of Tru Blood.

The sirens advance on Bill and tell him his time on Earth is over, but he refuses to go with them. He calls out to Jessica for help. Jessica and James go back for Bill, who is in rough shape. The sirens are advancing and Bill doesn't have the strength to feed on James.

Terry's coffin is laid to a final rest with a 21-gun salute performed by the Marines. Arlene feels that the funeral was acceptable and Terry would have been okay with it.

Jessica and Bill join back up with the other vampires, who all applaud and thank Bill for saving them. As everyone is walking away, Pam turns to see Eric far away. She doesn't want him to leave but after exchanging a glance, Eric flies into the sky.