Radioactive - Recap

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Sookie is one of the only people left at Terry's grave. Alcide offers to drive her to the Bellefleurs' but she wants to take a walk first. She wishes he had telepathy so he could get in Sookie's head and says that it's last place he would want to be. He senses vampires approaching and is shocked that they would be out during the day. All of the vampires rejoice at being free from the prison and celebrate outside of Bill's house. When Sookie sees Jason with them, she says she must go but Alcide still worries about her safety.

Sookie walks past all of the vampires partying as she makes her way over to Jason. Violet feeds on Jason before Sookie reaches them. At first Violet is angry that Jason talks to another woman, but she greets Sookie with a kiss when she finds out she is Jason's sister. Jason thinks he may actually be in love with this vampire but Sookie warns him to be careful: there is no such thing as forever anymore. Pam and Tara rush over and hug Sookie. They can walk in the sunlight now thanks to Bill's magical blood.

In the faerie realm, Warlow decorates a tree when Sookie appears next to him. Sookie wants to keep her promise to Warlow but she feels like a lot has changed in the few hours she has been gone. She tells Warlow that while she does have feelings for him, her friends are no longer in danger and there is no rush to be together while they still have time. Sookie wants their life together to be based on more than a bargain and she asks if Warlow will just date her. Sookie's friends still need her and she's not ready to leave them behind. Warlow considers it before he slaps Sookie to the ground and picks her up by the neck, choking her.

During a volleyball game at Bill's, Violet feels that Jason is too friendly with Jess and she knocks her out with a volleyball. Tara is upset that Pam is going to go after Eric.

Jess enter Bill's room to find him brooding over the loss of his powers. Bill thinks that Sookie is going to be made a vampire soon. Jess asks why Bill doesn't do anything about it but he doesn't think he can fix it, and Jess convinces Bill to try to find Sookie.

Bill talks to Jason about Sookie and upsets Jason in the process. Jason wants to go save Sookie but the only way to do so is to use Adilyn Bellefleur's faerie power.

Jason and Violet show up at Andy's house but he doesn't want to let a vampire in. Andy doesn't want Adilyn to help out but Jason convinces her to help save Sookie from the vampire faerie. Andy and Jason load their weapons with silver bullets.

Bill brings Takahashi out to the forest and glams him into thinking he hasn't met a vampire in the last few weeks. He leaves a bag of money with him as well.

In the faerie realm, Warlow bonds Sookie to the maypole using light. Warlow regrets becoming a hybrid and wants to use Sookie to start over again. Sookie threatens to use her light to throw away her faerie powers but Warlow ties her hands up to prevent her. As the sun sets, he feeds on her.

Andy, Jason, Violet, and Adilyn meet up with Bill at the graveyard. Sookie sends a telepathic message to Adilyn that she doesn't want to be a vampire. Adilyn doesn't know how to use her powers so Bill tries to help her, but the attempt fails. He says that usually fear will cause the powers to appear so Violet runs up and scares her. Her powers flare and they are suddenly in the faerie plane.

Bill struggles to fight Warlow while Violet retrieves Sookie. Bill tells the others to leave without him while he holds off Warlow. Bill throws Warlow into a gravestone which pierces his chest. This scares Adilyn enough to trigger her powers. Warlow tries to return to Earth without Bill, but he holds onto Warlow at the last minute.

At Sookie's house, Violet feeds Sookie her blood. Warlow shows up and beats everyone up. Violet and Bill are knocked out and Jason, Adilyn and Andy are locked in the basement, and Adilyn attempts to use her powers to free them. Warlow finds Sookie and prepares to feed on her when Niall grabs Warlow through the bathroom portal. Jason runs in and stabs Warlow with a stake. Warlow dies the true death and Jason pulls Niall out through the portal. The moment Warlow dies, all of the vampires who drank his blood lose the powers tghat they receive from him. Atop a mountain in Sweden, Eric burns up.

Six months later, many cases of Hepatitis V are diagnosed. Bill has written a book that explains the true origin of Hep V: that Truman Burrell created it. His book covers everything surrounding Burrell and the vampire death camp. He wrote the book to establish trust between vampires and humans.

Jason is confused about why Violet still refuses to have sex with him, even though he has been giving her oral for half a year. She just tells him to continue waiting.

The town of Bon Temps gathers at the church to have their blood tested for Hep V. The two churches in town have combined in order to better unify against sick and hungry vampires. The reverend calls up Sam Merlotte, who is now mayor of Bon Temps. Sam explains that they were all tested for Hep V to help Bill Compton with a plan the two created. He is hosting a free social event at Bellefleur's Bar and Grill that night. A woman asks what the catch is and Sam responds that it is for everyone's safety. He wants every adult to engage in a monogamous donor relationship with a vampire. The vampire will be able to safely feed and in return will offer protection from the sick vampires. This will also stop the spread of Hep V.

At the vampire and human mixer, Alcide and Sookie both test negative for Hep V and agree to stay for one hour. Willa asks Tara if she sees any humans she likes but Tara doesn't. Lettie Mae talks to Tara in private and apologizes for everything she has done in Tara's life. Lettie wants to feed Tara her blood. She accepts her mother's apology and feeds.

At the Bellefleurs' house, Andy loads his gun when he hears a knock at the door. It's Jess, who wants to be the vampire that protects them. She promises to protect them even if they don't want her to. Andy closes the door after he almost shoots her.

Alcide and Sookie meet Bill at their car. Bill wants to talk alone to Sookie. He wants to offer her protection. Bill promises that he has changed and can be trusted again. Alcide and Bill smell something approaching them. A large pack of diseased vampires makes its way to the mixer at the bar.