Mine - Recap

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Standing on the porch with three vampires giving her a hard time, Sookie asks them if they are trying to glamor her. They say yes and she says that it doesn't work on her. When she says that it is like the record stops. They are perplexed by it and ask why not. She says that she doesn't know, it just doesn't. One of the three vampires is the vampire that Maudette Pickings had recorded herself having sex with. He asks that they let her in and so they do. He is sitting in the dark and there are two other people in there that use to feed on. The three original vampires are still messing with Sookie. They tell her that virgin blood is the best blood there is besides baby's blood. The vampire in the sex video grabs Sookie and tells her that he gets hard just thinking about it. They decide that they are going to feed on her and when they are about to Bill tells them to stop and that Sookie is his. For some reason, the other vampires seem to be either scared or have a good amount of respect for Bill.

They move on to their respective "slaves" and one of them gets oral. Sookie turns her head and the female vampire laughs over her innocence. The one vampire offers up his personal blood slave to Bill and he is about to feed. She can read the slave's mind and he is thinking about how he hopes that Bill gets Hep D from him. The slave snaps and grabs Sookie calling her a bitch. Bill protects her and the other vampires wonder how she knew. Sookie couldn't talk yet and they carried Jerry (the blood slave) out of the house. They said they were being evicted and that they had a long ride to Munroeville. They also said that they were going to ask Jerry about what she said when he wakes up.

Bill apologizes to Sookie. He was sorry that she had to see what just happened and he tells her that the other vampires came to visit out of nowhere. Sookie asks him what Hep D is and he tells her that it is the only blood born pathogen that vampires are susceptible to. He tells her that they are only sick for about a month or so, but the biggest danger would be being captured and staked during that time. Sookie then calls Bill out on calling her his. She asks him why he did that. He said that he was making it clear that she was his human and he was the only one that could feed on her. She told him that he most certainly cannot feed on her. He tells her that he knows that and he just said it because they would have considered her fair game. He wouldn't have been able to protect her if he didn't say that. He said that Malcom is much older than he is and very strong due to that. Sookie asked about Diane since earlier Malcom said that her and Bill had had sex. He told her that they had had sex one time when she was first made vampire back in the late 1930's.

Sookie talks about how mean those three are and evil. Bill tells her that they share a nest together. When vampires share a nest they end up being very cruel and distant themselves from their human self. They follow their own laws and morals. Bill tells her that vampires that live alone typically like to be able to hold on to some semblance of their human lives. She tells him about the electrical contractors that she found for him that will come at night. Sookie tells Bill she has to leave. He asks her if he may kiss her goodnight and she declines. She tells him that she couldn't stand it after dealing with the other vampires and leaves.

The work day is over at the bar and Sam and Tara are still there. Tara asks for a beer and Sam gives her one. She asks Sam if he thinks that Sookie is getting serious about Bill. Sam doesn't know, but Tara thinks that he is getting serious about her. Tara tells Sam that Bill really cleaned up and came looking all nice like he "came out of a movie about plantations or some shit". She told him about the fact that Bill owned slaves and didn't even apologize to her (he didn't own slaves, his father did). Sam asked how Sookie's grandmother reacted to having a vampire in the house and Tara said that she was in seventh heaven. Tara tells Sam he has no one to blame but himself, because she knows it is obvious that he has feelings for Sookie. She asks why he hasn't done anything with his feelings and he asks why she hasn't done anything about Jason. Tara tells him that she is comfortable with him right where he is. Which is unattainable and then she talked about her insecurities.

Sam tells Tara she can't hear her thoughts. Tara tells him that it explains everything. Sam tells Tara that he told Sookie she can listen to his thoughts whenever she wants and Tara told her that's the complete opposite of what she wants. It requires a lot of work for her NOT to hear people's thoughts and if she can't hear Bill's thoughts at all then she can just kick back and relax without having to worry about all of that.

Dawn goes back in hopes that Jason was still tied up on her bed. When she goes in there someone comes behind her with a mask on his face and grabs her from behind. She thinks it is Jason but the man has a gruff voice and tells her that he has a highly addictive nature and that he wants to taste her one more time. She realizes that he is a vampire and she is completely freaked out. She starts fighting him and he tells her not to fight back. He then tells her that he drained her visitor completely. After that he shows that it is actually Jason.

Sookie pulls into her drive way and is walking to her house. Bill shows up out of nowhere on her porch and she tells him that she hates when he does that again. He apologizes and says that he just got there. She asked why she can't hear him and asked if he even had thoughts. He said that it is because he doesn't have brainwaves. She questions that due to his ability to stand right in front of her. He says that he has no need to breathe and that there are no longer and electrical impulses in his body. What would animate a human does not animate a vampire. She ask him what animates him, what helps him to digest blood and make things work. He tells her magic and she tells him that she may look naive but she's not and that he needs to remember that. Bill asks her if she doesn't think that what keeps her alive is magic. He tells her just because she knows the mechanics of how it all works doesn't mean it is anything less than a miracle and a miracle is just another word for magic. He says that we are all kept alive by magic, his magic is just different.

Sookie tells him that she thinks that they need to stop seeing each other. Bill asks her why. She says because he doesn't breathe, he doesn't have electrical impulses, his friends would like nothing more to rip her throat out, and that vampires killed that pastor from the Sun Church along with his wife and baby. Bill replies by saying that humans have killed millions and millions in war and that he does not hold her responsible for that. She tells him that she had bury her work clothes the night before last because she was almost killed and didn't want her grandmother to find out. Then tonight she was almost killed again, why would she want to continue seeing him? He tells her because she will never find a human man she can be herself with. She goes inside and tells him to leave.

Sam and Tara are hanging out at his place and he asks why she doesn't want to go home. She says that her mother's a drunk, not just a slurry one but one that wakes up in her own vomit. Sam asks why she doesn't move out on her own and she asks Sam for a raise sarcastically. He asks her if she had ever tried AA and Tara tells him that she doesn't need AA--she's got Jesus. Tara asks him if he's lonely and he says yes. He says he is very lonely. She asks why he doesn't have a girlfriend and tells him that he's hot, has a job, isn't a serial killer--plenty of chicks will go for him in this town. He asks her why she doesn't have a boyfriend and she dodges the question. He said that he has a hard time opening up. She asks if he ever gets horny and how long has it been since he's had sex. He said a few months and he asks her and then she said eight months three months. She tells him that maybe they should sleep together. No strings, friends with benefits. He said that it's a terrible idea. She says that it would be a one time deal and that they don't even have to mention it again. He tries to resist it, but they decide to have sex.

Jason and Dawn are at her apartment having hardcore sex and then he keeps envisioning the vampire that he saw on the video tape. Jason tells Dawn that he hates that she had sex with a vampire, since they're dead and that's disgusting. She tells him that it was the best sex she ever had and he is offended. She met the vampire after they broke up the first time at a vampire bar. He was not the one that Jason saw in the video. She said that he had a lot of hair as opposed to being bold. Jason is saying some hurtful things and saying she thought it was her vampire lover that had broken in. She said she knew it was him the whole time but he doesn't believe her. She gets out of bed to put her underwear on and tells him that it is getting boring and that she thinks he should leave. She pulls a gun and she is making him leave. She said that she does not own her and that he is obnoxious and dumber than a box of rocks and gets him out of the house.

Bill is at home reading and Sookie shows at home and he says she should never sneak up on a vampire. She tells him that she had never been with a man before and then asks if she can be with him, asking him not to bite her. This of course is a dream and she is fantasizing about it when she is in bed. The cat is staring at her and purring when she looks over and she tells it to stop that. Tara and Sam are in bed afterwards and he is growling and whimpering like a dog in his sleep. Tara seems to find that strange. Jason shows up at his place and gets a beer and turns on the television. There are vampires on every channel and he is getting tired of hearing about it. Malcom, Diane, and Liam--the three vampires---are talking about Jerry and how they want to go to the LSU frathouse and find a nice fratboy to replace him. They want to find Malcom someone dumb, thick, and juicy. There is a knock on the door and it is Bill.

He goes there to tell them to stay away from him and Sookie. Malcom tells him that he's Bill's elder and he is not afraid of him. Bill says that there are higher authorities. He tells them that they are not helping their cause and the three tell him that not everyone wants to play human and live off of the fake blood. Malcom asks Bill if they can't kill people, what is the point in being a vampire and Bill asks where Jerry is. They killed Both Jerry and Janella--the two slaves. Diane asks if he changed his morals due to the "blonde breather" and he tells her that if they insist on flaunting their ways in front of mortals that there will be consequences and leaves the house.

Sam wakes up to an empty bed. Tara drives home and her mothers hits her over the head with a bible when she walked in the house. Her mother tells her what a spiteful woman she is. She also tells her that if Jesus were here he would tell her exactly that. Tara called her an ugly bitch but then cooled herself down a bit and then said alright, we are going to get you into the shower. When trying to pick her up, her mother hit her in the head with a glass bottle. Tara told her that despite having carried her and nursed her she is clearly bent on killing her and that if she had to chose her or herself, it will always be me and she left.

Sookie is mowing the lawn and her grandmother brought her lemonade out. Sookie is trying to keep busy and she tells her grandmother it is because she is unsure whether she should listen to her head or her heart. Her grandmother told her that if she was going to work herself like this she would make her some food. Sookie tells her that she's not hungry and her grandmother tells her that she didn't ask if she was hungry. Tara shows up at Lafayette's and she tells him what happened. She wondered if she would need stitches and he tells her all she needs is some peroxide, two vicodin, a big glass of red wine, and smoke some weed. She asks if she can stay there for a few days. She realizes that he is selling himself to people.

Tara tells him that she and Sam had sex and that he barks in his sleep. Lafayette tells Tara that white folks are just crazy and she agrees. Sookie and her Grandmother are talking about the fact that their town is getting a Starbucks. Sookie says that her friend told her that people are becoming less calcium deficient since they have been drinking all of the fancy coffee drinks. Sookie asks her grandmother if she thinks that she should continue seeing Bill. She tells him she can't tell her to, but she thinks he's a great man. Though she acknowledges he would show his best side to her as she is her grandmother. Sookie says she's scared of him and it's even scarier because he's a vampire. She tells her grandmother she's scared because she doesn't know what he is thinking. Her grandmother says that that wouldn't be such a bad thing with her ability. Her grandmother said that her grandfather used to know things, too. Her Grandfather saved his brother's life when he was about to kill himself by being able to know what he was thinking. She says she thinks that there is a purpose for everything that God creates whether it is a unique ability or a cup of overpriced coffee with too much milk or a vampire. She says that God will reveal that purpose when the time is right.

Jason showed up at Lafayette's. He tells him that he needs his help. Jason asks if he has an viagra. He says that he doesn't. Lafayette offers him V Juice and it is $600 dollars a half an ounce. He said take any more than one or two drops at once or it will get really bad. Jason ends up dancing for the blood. Jason puts a mask on and ends up dancing for it. Tara sees it and is put off by it. Sookie goes to Bill's house and looks in the window. She sits outside and is masturbating. She gets a phone call from Sam and he wants her to run by Dawn's to wake her up. She goes there and knocks on the door. No one answers so she walks in. She calls for her and looks through the house to find her in her bed dead.