Escape from Dragon House - Recap

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Sookie has just walked in and found Dawn dead in her bed. When she steps back Jason shows up. He sees Dawn dead and drops the vase of flowers that he had just brought to her. Dawn's neighbor comes over when she hears Sookie yelling and starts to blame Jason. She asks Jason what he did. Sookie tells her that she was the one who found her but the neighbor tells her that she saw Dawn and Jason fighting the night before. Sookie asks Jason if that is true and he tells her that it is true and he came over to apologize. She asks him why if Dawn fired a gun at him would he come to apologize. He said he had nothing to do with her murder and the neighbor tells them that she is going to go call the cops. He tells her to go do it and he is clearly angry. He leaves the house and sits on the steps absolutely crushed by this turn of events.

The cops come and the neighbors are standing around talking about what happened. Renee and his waitress girlfriend are out there and she says that it must have been her time. Renee tells her that there isn't one twenty three year old in the world whose time has come. They talk about how the cops think it may have been Jason that did that. Renee says that he hopes that they find who did this so that they can fry. The cops are inside questioning Sookie about what she saw. She starts hearing their thoughts. The one detective is complaining that they call him officer, the person working on the corpse is thanking God for her perfect natural breasts, and then she clicks to hearing Jason's thoughts. Jason is thinking that he isn't going to get out of this situation twice and that his face is too pretty for him to be in jail.

The detective questions the neighbor about the argument that Jason and Dawn had the night before. The neighbor tells him that Jason called Dawn a bitch and then they cuff Jason and throw him into the police cruiser. Before the officer returns to the car Jason realizes that he still has the V juice in his pocket. He takes it out and drinks the whole vile. Lafayette had warned him about taking more than a couple drops of this. He puts the empty vile down behind the back seat and they drive off. Sam pulls up and then sits on the porch with Sookie. He tells her that he is sorry that she had to be the one that found her like that. She tells Sam that it had to be someone, right? Sam tells her that sometimes he doesn't even recognize the world that he is living in anymore. Then he asks if he should close the bar for the day. Sookie tells him that it would be refusing people the stiff drink that they need during this tough time. She then says that she knows that it is her day off but she doesn't think she should be left alone with her thoughts. Sam says that they will stay open then and she tells him that she is going to be a bit late though because she is going to go home and tell her grandmother. She has to tell her about Jason since he's been arrested. A cop comes up and asks if Sam is the landlord and that they need a key to her storage unit. After that, the coroners take the body out of the home asking Sookie to let them by. The head coroner introduces the new apprentice to Sookie like it is business as usual.

The detectives are questioning Jason about the events. The detective used a play on words about finding Dawn dead this morning, basically trying to say that Jason just admitted to being the one that found her dead. Jason says that it doesn't work if they try to trick him about it and the detective is on to the next approach. He asks Jason if it makes him hot killing girls and "sticking it to them". He says that it doesn't turn him on and the detective tells him that he thinks it does. Jason says that it sounds to him that it turns the detective on and the cop that is there breaks into laughter. He asks Jason if he has sex with them after he kills them or before. Then the detective asks how many has he really killed besides just Dawn and Maudette. Jason is becoming increasingly sick from the V Blood kicking in. He excuses himself and says that he has to use the bathroom. It seems that he has that he has a hefty hard on so he has to take care of himself to get rid of it. The officer and detective go to the bathroom after he has a fairly intense orgasm out of nowhere. He can't control himself due to the V Blood. While they are standing outside of the door, Tara comes into the department and asks them if they read him his rights. They have a look of shame on their faces as if they didn't. She gives them a line of her usual snarky comments and then tells them she's getting him out of there because they can't keep him. They say he can't even tell them where he was last night and Tara says it was because he was with her last night. She just asked him not to tell anyone. The detective asks why he looks like he was surprised that that was what he did and Tara said that he was more shocked because she was the one blabbing about it.

Tara puts a good show on and they allow her to take him home. Sookie goes to her Grandmother's house to tell her what happened but she already knew. Her Grandmother tells her that for as long as she has lived in that town, there were maybe three murders tops and now there have been two in one week. She said that people are not going to stand for it. She said that if they don't find the right person that did it they are going to find Jason and he needs her help. Sookie asks how she is supposed to help him. She tells her to use the gift that God gave her. Listen in on people and she will be able to find it out.

While she is working she is listening on everyone's thoughts. One woman even eyed her up saying that she was probably next. There were plenty of people that were thinking about the murder, but not thinking about having committed it. Tara shows up late and Sam says that they need to talk about the night before. She tells him that as far as they're concerned nothing happened and she's telling people that she was with Jason. Jason is at home watching porn and chronically masturbating while enjoying a beer. However, his erection cannot go down no matter what he does. He had watched all the way through a porn and even got a blister on his hand. Jason shows up at the bar and Sookie asks if he is sure that she did it. He goes to Lafayette due to his issue to see if there was something to get rid of the erection. Lafayette told him that there is no antidote to V juice. Jason tells him about how when his grandfather was alive he had gout and just feeling the weight of a sheet on his big toe was painful. Lafayette tells him that maybe he should rub one out. Jason then says "were you listening to me? I've got gout of the dick!".

Bill walks into the bar and everyone looks at him. He takes a booth and a waitress takes his order rudely. He asks for O Negative blood and she says they only have A negative. He takes that. He asks her if anything happened today because everyone seems strange and she walks away without answering him. Tara tells her that Sam just ordered cases of both O Negative and A negative. The waitress tells her that he can have A negative and he can have it cold, too. Tara tells her that she is so bad. Sookie goes over to the bar and asks the waitress if they are out of O negative and she says that blood is blood. Sookie tells her that he prefers O and that she will bring it over to him if she would like. The other waitress tells her says that it is good because he gives her the creeps.

Sookie takes Bill outside and tells him that Dawn was killed last night. He immediately asks her how and she tells him to say that he is sorry. She says that if he wants to fit in with folks he has to say he is sorry. He tells her that he is sorry but wants to know how she was killed. She tells him that she was the one who found her strangled. She tells him that the cops think it was her brother and Bill asks if it was him. She tells him that it wasn't him and Bill asks if he is capable of doing it. He also says that he has been around long enough to know that anyone is capable of pretty much anything. She said that he didn't do it again. She tells him that she has been listening in to people's thoughts to see if anyone knows about the murder and that apparently there is this vampire bar that both Maudette and Dawn used to hang out at. She asks him if he knows it and he tells her that it is called Fangtasia. She asks him about the name and he said that she needs to remember that vampires are very old and that puns used to be their highest form of humor. She asked if he could take her to the bar and he asks her how tonight sounds. She says that the sooner is the better. She tells him that she is asking him as a friend that this is not a date. He says that's fine and she tells him that she is serious. He then tells her that he is, too.

She goes in to ask Sam if it is okay for her to take off for the rest of the night and he asks her why. She tells him that she is going to the vampire bar to snoop around with Bill. Sam tells her that she is going to end up killed because vampires only care about one thing and that is drinking her blood. She says she is surprised because she thought he was all for vampire rights. He says that he is all for vampires rights and he doesn't care whether they're equal--they can give them more than humans have just as long as everything is separate. He tells her that he can't stop her and then she leaves. Bill is driving her to the bar and she asks him "a penny for your thoughts". He says he thought she liked that she didn't know what he was thinking and she said this time she does. He tells her that she looks like vampire bait. He says that he promised her grandmother that no harm would come to her and it is going to be hard with her looking the way she does. She asks him if that means that he is saying that she looks nice. He tells her it doesn't matter what he thinks and then says "this isn't a date, remember?".

Tara is bring things into the freezer and Jason is back there with something frozen on his private area. He tells her not to turn around but she does anyway and he tells her that he thinks he may have overdosed. She asks what he may have overdosed on. He said V and she tore him a new one about doing it. She tells him to show her the damage and he does and then tells him that they have to get to the hospital. Bill and Sookie make it to the vampire bar and she says that it reminds her of how Disney world would do a vampire bar if they had that. He tells her that it gets more authentic as the night goes on. There are both male and female dancers for entertainment purposes and they go to the bartender to talk to him. He asks if she is Bill's meal for the night. He tells her that is her friend. Bill asks permission for her to ask him questions. She shows the pictures of Maudette and Dawn and asked if he'd seen them. He says he's seen them and then she asks if he noticed who they hung around with. He tells her that is something that they do not notice around there. He tells her that Maudette wanted to die and Sookie asks how he knew that. He said that everyone that goes there wants to die in one way or another.

Sookie and Bill go to sit down and there is a man that is sitting on what looks to be a throne. She reads the mind of a mortal that wants to go up and offer himself to him. He is nervous and is working up the strength to do it. She notices the man and asks Bill who he is. He tells her that that is Eric and that he is the oldest vampire in the bar. The man finally gets up the nerve to go over to him and Eric kicks him across the room causing him to get injured enough to bleed. All of the vampires in the bar react by the scent and their fangs come out. A woman goes up to him and says "Hi, I'm Terri" and takes him with her.

Jason is at the hospital and the doctor asks if he is on drugs. He says that he isn't. The doctor looks at his penis and gasps telling him he is glad that he isn't him. He tells him how he is glad because it looks kind of like an eggplant. Jason asks him if he can fix it. The doctor says they treat this kind of thing in stages. First stage is that they inject anti inflammatory drugs into the penis. Unfortunately, Jason is at the point where they need to actually drain the blood out of his penis. That is Tara's cue to leave but Jason begs her to stay with him because he is scared. She said that she isn't ever going to be the same after this but she will. Back at the bar, Sam is cleaning glasses and the waitress asks if he could walk her to her car tonight. He grabs gloves and has her turn the lights off and they leave. Back at the vampire bar, she is listening to all of the thoughts of humans. She hears some crazy things such as a frat boy questioning if it's gay if it is with a vampire, for example. Bill asks Sookie if she is picking up anything. She said that everyone is just thinking about sex.

Eric has scanned Sookie twice and said that he is going to summon them. So, Eric summons them and he says that it has been a long time to Bill. Bill tries to tell him that he has been mainstreaming. Eric said that it has been going well for him. Bill goes to introduce Sookie and Eric but Eric already knows who she is thanks to the ID checker. He notes her politeness and says "Well, aren't you sweet?" and she says "not really". Bill nudges her for that and Eric says something in a different language. Then he says that he hears she has been asking questions of his customers. He tells her that if she has anything to ask then she should ask it of him, so she does. Eric says he tasted one and the other was too pathetic for his needs. The ID checker says that she remembers both but neither of them were her type. Sookie says that is all the time she needs to take but Eric says that he isn't finished with her yet and tells her to sit down. He asks Bill if he is attached. He says that Sookie is his and she vouches for that. He offers for Bill to sit with them and that they have much to catch up on. She sits and notices a man that she hears thinking about how he can't wait till back up is coming because he can't do a raid on his own. They ask how she knows this and then she tells them that the man he kicked was being fed on by the vampire named Terri. This is when the police began to raid and they run to find a place to go that is safe.

They left the bar and all found their respective safe places. Tara is driving Jason home from the hospital and she is flashing back to a time when she was very young, maybe eight or nine. She was running from her mother who was drunk and ran to Sookie's house. Jason let her in and her mother was trying to get to Tara but he wouldn't let her. He tells her mother that maybe he should call the sheriff so he can throw her in jail where he can guaruntee that there will not be any Captain Morgan waiting for her. She had been chasing her all over the neighborhood because Tara had thrown out her alcohol. She smiles by remembering that. Bill and Sookie are driving home but she asks him to pull over for a minute because she needs things to stop. She just needs a couple minutes of quiet and then they can go. She apologizes if she got him into any trouble. He says not to worry about because vampires are always in some kind of trouble. He says that he would prefer to be in with her.

They go to kiss and then a cop pulls over behind them. She tells him to do all of the talking. He asks what they are doing outside so late and she says they are on a date. He says that they were just coming from a raid and asked if they were sure they weren't coming from there. He also asks Bill why he isn't talking and he says that he is a man of few words. The officer asks Sookie if she can show him her neck and she obliges. Bill's fangs drop automatically and then he asks why he doesn't ask if he can shine the light between her legs. Sookie is offended by this but he explains that the blood flows better at a spot on the female's thighs called the femoral artery. He glamors the officer and tells him that he likes the gun that it is a beautiful weapon. He glamors the man into giving him his weapon and pulls it on him. He tells him that he doesn't take kindly to him shining the flashlight in the eyes of his female companion and he said that since he has quite a lot of years on him he does not take kindly to him calling him son. He tells him that the next time he pulls someone over for suspicion of being a vampire, he better hope that he is wrong because the next vampire may not be as kind as he is about to be. He tells the officer that he is not going to kill him but he is going to keep the gun. Tells him to have a nice night and drives away. The officer urinates on himself and whimpers.

Sam goes to the crime scene with his gloves on and sniffs the sheets trying to pick up a scent and rolls around in it creepily like a dog.