Sparks Fly Out - Recap

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Bill and Sookie pull up to her house and they are discussing the situation with the police officer. He explains that the vampires have had a strained relationship with the police for years now. She says that she is sure had she not been there watching that he probably would have killed him. She then asks if he would have fed on him. She goes to get out of the car and he gets to the side to open her door quickly and tells her that he is trying his best to mainstream. She tells him that feeding on the officer is not mainstream and that neither is hosting orgies or listening to "Chinese gargling". He tells her that it is "Tuvan throat singing" and she tells him that it is whatever because she doesn't even know what that is. Bill tells Sookie that she can't be frightened of everything that she doesn't know in the world and she tells him that her world is opening up mighty fast. She says that what she has at home may be boring but it is safe and that after the past couple of nights safe sounds good to her. When he goes to get the door for her at her house, she tells him no thank you that she can get the door herself. He tells her that he will not call on her again. In the trees the old stray dog is watching their argument.

Tara goes to Lafayette's late at night and is banging on his door. He sees it is her and opens it and she comes in and starts throwing things at him, calling him a "stupid f*cking b*tch". He starts hitting the stuff she is throwing and tells her to bring it on. She tells him that she knew that there was stupid in the family, but she didn't think he was stupid enough to start dealing V Juice. He asks her if she wants some, because she could use it. She tells him that he is going to get himself killed. He asks her if she is upset because he is selling it or because he sold it to Jason. She tells Lafayette that giving Jason vampire blood is like giving Ho-Ho's to a diabetic, that he knows Jason cannot control himself. Lafayette tells her that he was very clear on how he was supposed to take the V Juice. He says that it isn't his fault he did not listen. Tara then tells him that she had to take him to the ER and that they had to drain Jason's penis with the needle the size of an ice pick twice. She also tells him that it was the most disturbing thing she has ever seen and she has seen some pretty disturbing things. Lafayette apologizes and tells her that he will check on him in the morning. He asks her how coming to his house at three am throwing his things at him make it any better. She tells him that it makes her feel better.

Sookie's Grandmother is on the phone with someone that is reaming her out for her decisions to support and have a vampire speak at her group meeting. She tells the woman that she can talk to her at the church if she would like before the meeting. Sookie comes in as she is trying to wrap up the conversation. The woman tells her that she is going to go to hell for her decisions. Sookie notes that the phone has been ringing early. Her grandmother tells her that everyone is excited about Bill talking at the gathering that evening. She tells her that she didn't hear her come in last night and Sookie tells her that she went to bed early--that she didn't want to hear her come in. Her grandmother tells her that she just thought she would give them both privacy. Sookie asks her if she is really that much of a lost cause that she has to pin all of her hopes for her on a vampire. Sookie tells her that he is not nice, or a man. Her grandmother asks if they had a fight and at first Sookie says no. Then she tells her grandmother that she doesn't think her and Bill have much in common. She says that he doesn't date the way humans do, think like the humans do, or feel like they do--if he feels at all. Her grandmother tells her that if she had a chance to get to know someone who experienced the world differently than her, she would see it as a blessing and not something to be afraid of; or hate. Sookie tells her that she doesn't hate him she just doesn't want to be his girlfriend. The phone starts ringing again and her Grandmother doesn't want to answer it. Sookie says "uh, the phone is ringing?" and her grandmother says the machine will pick it up.

Jason is describing--visually--what happened with his penis when he had to go to the hospital to have it drained to Lafayette. He tells him that first he got hauled in by the cops and then he had to let a man drain his "Johnson". Lafayette asks him if he told anyone where he got the V from. Jason asks him if he looks that stupid and tells him that of course he didn't because he's his dawg. Lafayette tells him he loves him right back. He tells Lafayette that he has to stop selling V because it messes people up pretty badly. He tells him that the sheriff thinks he is some sort of sex maniac and that he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to look Tara in the face again. Lafayette tells Jason that Tara will get over it because she has been in love with him since she was eight. Jason tells him that he had no idea that she felt that way about him. He tells Lafayette that his life sucks so much and blames it on the V. Lafayette tells him not to blame the Ferrari because he can't handle the drive. He tells him that he needs to learn how to ride the high. Jason tells him that he is done with it. Lafayette tells him that if he can learn how to control it, V will open up Jason's mind to everything that is around him. Lafayette then tells him that he has some in his car if he wants him to show him how to do it right.

Lafayette breaks out the V and tells him that he isn't going to sell him a whole vile until he learns how to use it right. He tells him that the blood is the life force of the vampire, that they are just blood with a casing. He says that there isn't a lot different between a vampire and sausage except for the blood. He tells Jason that human blood sustains blood and vampire's blood is life. He tells him that all he needs is one drop. That it is undiluted life. He says that if he takes that he will take a piece of the vampire that it came from. He says that the trick is that he has to let it go deeper, that he has to let himself follow it. Lafayette puts drops on little pieces of paper and he eats one. Jason asks him what kind of vampire the blood is from and Lafayette tells him that he is new. This means that the blood is still a little wild. He explains that he can feel him in his muscles making him strong. He tells him that he might get another side of him, that the same V could affect him in a whole different way. However, he guarantees that he will see the world with new eyes. Jason takes a dose of it and puts it on his tongue. He tells him that he can't believe he is doing it again. Lafayette says no--that is he is doing it for the first time.

Sookie is at work and spills ketchup on her hand when she is filling up bottles. The Arlene says that she bets Bill would get a rise out of that and Sookie tells her that she would have to ask him herself. The other Arlene asks her if the bar was all it was cracked up to be. She hears that it is a bunch of freaks and people from Arkansas. Sookie says that it was fine. Arlene then asks if he got all handsy with her and Sookie tells her that she can take care of herself and that she won't be going out with him again. Arlene looks at Sam and he smirks a bit. Sookie says that the place is kind of freaky but asks how if anyone would know if they don't go see for themselves. Sam tells her that he said his peace yesterday. Arlene says that it is best that she knows better know before she ends up hurt or dead and walks away. Sam tells Sookie that he hopes that she isn't too freaked out to go to the meeting about the "Glorious death" that evening. Sookie says that she has to go because her grandmother spent all week on it. Sam says good because he was going to ask if she wanted to go with him and maybe they could go grab a cup of coffee after. Everyone at the bar starts to watch them. Sookie asks if he is asking her out and he says that he is. She says that everyone is looking at them and he says that he knows and that she better say yes. She says why not. He tells everyone that their eyes need to go back on the food.

Sookie brings ketchup to the detective and he says that love is in the air, isn't it? She says she guesses and then he asks about if things are getting serious with Tara and Jason. She asks which Tara and he says she must not have heard about it. She says she would have heard about it if it were true. She reads his mind and he says that he knew that "bitch" was lying about being with Jason. Sookie tells him to watch his mouth and he said that he didn't say it but he was thinking it so it must be true that she can read people's minds. She grabs his cup and says that she's going to get him a refill on the tea. She goes and asks Sam if Tara has gotten in and he tells her that she is in the ladies room. She goes into the bathroom and Tara immediately asks her why she didn't tell her that she was going out with Sam. Sookie tells her because it just happened and asks how she knows. She tells her that Arlene just told her and that she works fast. She asks her why she shouldn't go on a date with him--that he isn't a vampire, perfectly nice, and has a job. Tara asks her if she was entitled to know what her girl's up to or not. Sookie says 'about that' and shuts the bathroom door. She asks her why the detective thinks Tara and Jason are together. Tara explains that she went to the station and gave him an alibi. Sookie asks her why she did that and Tara says that she knows he is innocent and so does Sookie. That and they both know that the longer that he talks to the police the bigger the hole he will end up digging himself. Sookie asks if there is something that she is not telling her and tries to read her mind. Tara is thinking "lalalalala" in her mind and Sookie asks her what she is doing. Tara says that not every detail of someone's personal life is her business and walks out of the bathroom. Tara tells Sam to keep Sookie away from her and when Sookie walks by Sam asks if everything is okay.

Sookie brings more tea to the detective and says that now that she thinks of it Tara and Jason have been sneaking around a lot. He thinks in his mind that now she is lying to cover for Jason too and then tells himself not to look her in the eye. She tells him that if he is going to accuse her of lying, he may as well be a man and say it to her. She also tells him that either way, she is going to hear what he thinks. She tells him that there is not a lot going in there anyway, like mice in a cage. She also tells him that she knows he is grasping at straws but he shouldn't drag her brother down with him.

The time has come for the meeting and everyone is filing in. They ask her if she has taken the proper precautions to make sure that everyone is safe. She says that they are safe and that she is more worried about what they might do to him. Sam and Sookie show up and Bill can hear everything from the back room. Jason is walking around to the church. He is high on the V juice and seeing some pretty cool things. Jason seems to be a lot more sensitive than usual and notices Tara in the church. He takes a deep breath and walks up to her. He notices a drop of sweat going down her neck and then asks if she minds if he sits with her. She asks him how he is feeling and he says that he feels strong and alive. Sam tells Sookie that she can sit back and relax and she says that she thought she was relaxed. Sam tells her he doesn't think she knows how.

Her grandmother welcomes everyone and tells them that it is a pleasure to see all of the new faces. She tells them that the speaker they are going to listen to is one of them despite what they have heard. She tells them that he fought for Louisiana in the war fighting for independence. She introduces him as First Lt. William Thomas Compton. He takes the flag off of the cross and tells them that the vampires are not minions of the devil. He tells them that they can stand before a cross or a bible or in a church just as readily as any creature of God. He tells them that if they reach out to one another that they can coexist and even thrive together. He tells them that he served in the war. That it was there that he learned the value of human life and how easily it can be extinguished. He explains that the war was not a choice, but it was a destiny from above. He explains what happened during the war. There are people in the audience that are squeezing what looks like garlic. An older man asks about his Grandfather that was a part of the war. Bill tells him that he was his friend and tells him about his death. When explaining the death, Jason envisioned himself as one of the victims. The mayor found a picture and it says W. D Compton and family and he asks if that was his family. He sees the picture and becomes emotional. He is asked the last time he saw his family and he said that it was right before he went to war. He didn't get to see them again before his human life ended. Renee asks him if he had become a vampire, couldn't he have just gone back to them? Bill says that that would have been impossible and tears up. He says that he apologizes but that is not a subject he is comfortable talking about. He wipes a tear away and it shows that it was blood.

Afterwards, a man that is an iraq war veteran comes up and is completely moved. He tells him that the people will never understand and hugs him and tells him that he should stay sharp. A woman asks him to take a picture and he says that he would be happy to disprove the myth that they would disappear in the photo. Sookie and Sam go up to him and tell him he did a great job. There is a bit of a jealousy and possessive strain between Sam and Bill. She introduces Sam and Bill to one another and Bill says "yes, you are Sookie's employer" and Sam says that they are off duty at the moment while putting his arm around her. Bill says "no, but you are still legally her employer". They tell him that they are going to get coffee afterwards and Sookie hugs her grandmother and they leave. Bill says that he seems nice and her grandmother has nothing to say about that.

At the bar Renee, Jason, and a man are sitting at a table. Jason is still high on the V juice. He turns around and envisions Tara pouring water as a beautiful angel while she is pouring beer. He goes up to get more draft and then he says how he can feel all the feelings between the two. She says that she is going to kill Lafayette because he is clearly still high. He says that he is high but for the first time he can see through all of the bullshit. He tells her that it was her all along. That the bar may be full of beautiful women but Tara took care of him and showed him love. He tells her that is the most beautiful thing. She told him to come to her when he is sober and that they can speak seriously. He tells her that she should give him a chance to prove it to her. He tells her that everything he is feeling he wants to feel it with her and is only asking for one chance.

Sookie and Sam are at the coffee shop finishing off pie. He says to her he guesses that she saw this coming and she doesn't know what he means. He says that he said she could listen in on his thoughts and she said that she has but to be honest that it was a little weird. She says that with him sometimes it is words but other times she gets sounds and waves of emotions. She says that it is mysterious. She asks why no one knows much about him, such as where he is from. He says that the place he is from that the people who raised him have nothing to do with who he is. She asks if that is why he ends up alone all the time and he says that it is because he really doesn't like people. She says that no one opens a bar if they don't like people and he says that maybe he wanted to meet some pretty waitresses. She says too bad he got a couple of crazy ones in the bargain. He says that there is nothing wrong with her and that he doesn't understand why she would want to change herself when he wouldn't want her any other way. She says that he is just trying to get on her good side and he asks how he is doing. She laughs and tells him to finish it.

At the bar, the same people that were messing with Bill at the meeting sent their burgers back because it "might have AIDS". Lafayette gets offended by this and takes off his clip on earrings and walks off with the burger to the front of the bar where they are sitting. He confronts them and the one man says that he is an American and has say in who makes his food and that no faggot with AIDS should be making it. He says that for years, long before he ever became a cook for the bar--"faggots" have been farming and making everything that is on their table right now. The man says that still doesn't mean he is going to eat an "AIDS burger". Lafayette tells him that all he had to do was say hold the AIDS and then licks the mayonaise off of the bun and says "here. Eat it". He then smashes the burger bun into his face and the men go after him for that. He single handedly hands everyone one of them their asses. He tells them that if he comes into his "house" then he is going to eat his food the way that he makes it and to tip his waitress and then walks away back to the kitchen.

Sam and Sookie leave the restaurant and Sam kisses her. She wants to but she says that there is too much going on and that it is too soon to jump from kissing one man to the next. He is shocked that she kissed him and asks what else she did. She tells him that it is none of his business. Sam snaps and says that there is nothing that he won't do to stop her because they are not like humans--they can turn on her. Sookie says that he is doing a pretty good job of it right now. She is also upset that he waited until someone else gained interest in her for him to do something about his feelings. He decides to take her home and she says that she will call a cab and he drives off.

Back at the bar there is a woman dancing and a man goes up to her and says high and is trying to dance. She says that she is celebrating because her divorce went through today and he shot her car. She asks him if he wants to help her forget all about him. He says that he will think about it. Tara serves him O negative blood. Jason tells them that V Juice may give him the wind to take the chick home, but then he screws it up by showing that he was drinking blood.

Bill is going home and flashes back to a time where his deceased family was on the porch but then the sheriff and detective show up to ask him a few questions. He offers them to come into his home and they ask "into the house?" they are a bit hesitant but they go in there anyway and asks that they make themselves at home. He offers them Frescas and they are shocked, but he has them for guests. The detective picks up a toaster wondering what it was, it was an old school toaster that you put over the fire. They ask about Maudette Pickings and Dawn Green's deaths. He tells them that he knows nothing about Maudette but he knows Dawn worked at the bar. They ask him if he can tell them where he was the nights of the murders. Bill asks them if the women were drained of their blood when they were found. He tells them that it couldn't have been a vampire if they weren't drained of blood because a vampire---unfortunately himself included---would have drained them of every last drop. Then he asks how the Fresca is. The detective says that it is a little warm and he apologizes because he doesn't have a refrigerator. They leave and then he flashes back to a time when he was running through the woods and finding a home. He is knocking and asking if there is anyone to help him because he requires help--he requires food and water. No one is answering so he breaks into the home. There is someone with a gun that threatens to shoot him. However, she cooked him food and she said that she wasn't aware that the war was over. He explains that he got lost and then she tells him that her husband was killed at war. She tells him that he still has a lot of blood on him. She tells him that he is lucky because he would not have survived another day without food. She says that he can spend the night there with her and he tells her that he can't because he is married with children. She says that he is an honorable man and explains that others are not. She explains that she offers them food and that they help appease her loneliness. She says that it may not be moral, but these are times of war. She tries to kiss him again and he says that he does not judge her. He decides to leave and continue on her way home. He says that she has her gratitude.

It turns out that she was a vampire and she decides to feed on him and have him turned. He wakes up and she is watching him sleep. There are several dead corpses around them and he is in fear. She killed them due to them being savages. He is shocked because he died, but she tells him that she does not want to let him go so easily as she has waited a long time for a man like him. She cuts her throat and has him drink her blood. She says if he doesn't feed he will die and if he wishes to see his family again he must drink from her. She claims him forever as her own. He cleans himself up and goes to his home. The vampire that turned him is with him and tells him that he cannot ever go back to them because they are as good as dead if they are found harboring a vampire. He cries blood and she tells him that she has brought him there but now it is time for them to go. He stops flashing back and he has an emotional outbreak because of how heart broken he was.

Tara goes outside to take the trash out and finds Jason and the newly single woman having sex behind the bar. She gets angry and pours the trash over them after Jason asks her to join them. She walks away but the woman tells him not to stop. Sookie pulls up at her house and when she is going to go inside she slips on blood. It is then that she finds her Grandmother dead on the floor.