Burning House of Love - Recap

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Sookie and Bill are making love in front of the fire and they reach their peak. They decide to take a hot bath and he clears the steam off of his mirror. She asks him about how they are supposed to be invisible in the mirror. He explains that the vampires made up many of the myths about themselves many years ago, including this one. He says that they made up the myth so when they tried to prove they were vampires by that logic they wouldn't get killed because they really can be seen in the mirror. He then climbs into the bath with Sookie. She asks about holy water and he says that it is just water. She asks about crucifixes and he says it is just geometry. She asks him about garlic and he tells her that it is irritating but that is pretty much it. She tells him that she feels a bit weak and he tells her that it is because he fed on her. He says she should take the vitamin B12 to replenish and no garlic.

She said that she never thought she would be able to sleep with someone. He tells her that he is honored that she chose him. She flashes back to when she was much younger--about ten--and she is trying to do her math homework. Her uncle Bartlett is there and she can read his thoughts. He is thinking impure and nasty thoughts about her. He tells her he can help her and she should sit on his lap so that he can see the work better. He tells her that he can help her with her homework because it is easier than she thought it was. He thinks about how she is completely hairless everywhere on her body and then he tells her that he loves her. She tells Bill about how this happened to her and that it was just touching, that it wasn't nearly as bad as what happened to most girls. Bill asks her if she told anyone and she says she told her Grandmother and she ran him off. He tells her that it wasn't her fault. She tells him that she had the most perfect and important moments in a woman's life and she hates that she can't not think about her great uncle doing that to her. He tells her that she should think about whatever she thinks about. He tells her that it is okay and that she is safe with him.

Lafayette is making a video tape of him stripping down. Jason walks in his house and he tells him that he shouldn't do that. Jason says that he needs more V and Lafayette tells him that he can't handle it because he had to go to the hospital the first time and told Tara where he got it. Then when he took the right dose he ended up throwing a cop into a truck. Jason tells him that he will give him however much he needs moneywise or would even show his penis on camera. Lafayette denies him and Jason gets ballsy. He asks him what he will do--if he'll call the cops and then goes to the fridge to grab it. Lafayette grips him up and tells him to get out and Jason asks if he could at least tell him where he can go to get some. Lafayette tells him to go to the morgue cause that's where he is about to end up and kicks him out of his house.

Bill decides that he is going to show her where he stays during the day. She asks him if anyone ever goes down there with him and he says that is not a place for her. She asks "so, we can never sleep beside each other" and he tells her that no one else knows where he rests. He then goes downstairs to where he is going to rest. Tara is telling her mother how they are going to get it figured out. She is making coffee and puts alcohol in it. They talk about the demon that is inside of her. Tara tells her to do what normal people and go to AA and quit drinking. Her mother asks her for money and she says that there is no way she can get money to have her exorcised. She says that the demon is jealous and it knows how close she is to Jesus and that is why it picked her. She tells her that she knows she wasn't the best mother and she is sorry. She wants to do this for the both of them and asks her to help her with this. She says she should put down the coffee and talk to her and she accidentally spills some coffee on her mother. Her mother licks up the spilled coffee and blames it on the demon.

Sookie goes home and hears someone in the house. It turns out to be Jason and he was stealing her Grandmother's candlesticks and jewelry to sell. He notices the bite marks on her neck and gives her grief about being a "fangbanger". She says that he is a gentleman and he says that he bit her, but she said that at least he doesn't hit her which is more than he can say for him. He tells her that he tried to apologize but she wouldn't let him and then tries to take the bag that he was carrying. That is when she found out that he was stealing her Grandmother's jewelry to sell and she tells him to get out. Tara goes to Sam's trailer and he is working on it. He tells her that she shouldn't feel so comfortable as to just walk in like she owns the place. She goes to knock on the door and says "is that better or should I have called and asked if you mind I come over to say hi to you and your little dog"? Then he says that he does mind because last time he saw her she ditched him at a trashy motel in the middle of night. She tries to say that she had to because of her mother, but he tells her that he doesn't have time for that kind of "bullshit". She tells him that maybe she's not in that big of a hurry to get into something with her boss. He asks her why she is there then and tells her that it was her big idea to have sex. She tells him not to act like he didn't want it and they get into a bit of an argument. He tells her not to throw that he is her boss in his face after getting fired from every place in town and not to treat him like he is some kind of "asshole". She asks him if she would sleep with him if she honestly thought that and he told her that he doesn't have a clue what she thinks but she better give him one good reason not to throw her out right now. She tells him that she is no good at this and he tells her to try harder. She apologizes because she doesn't know how to be with anybody. She says that maybe she's "unboyfriendable". He tells her that he is just in a shitty mood and she asks if it is because of her. She doesn't want that. He says it is not her but the trailer is falling down around him. She says that at least he doesn't live with his mother and then she asks him if his folks ever ask him for money for really stupid things they dreamed up that he finds to be crazy. He tells her that his family is not close. She tells him that he is lucky and she tells him that he needs a robinson screwdriver and he asks her how she knows that. She tells him that with no daddy and a drunk mom all of the fixing fell to her. She tells him that the place would look good with a little work.

Tara's cell phone rings and it is a loan office saying that her mother is there. They said that they don't extend loans to people for exorcisms and she calls him a bigot. He says that there are plenty of clients that they give loans to that are African American and she tells him that that proves her point. She says that she isn't talking about color but he is. He tells her that they have even loaned money to a vampire American. She says that isn't what she is talking about. She is talking about him being prejudice against her because she is Christian. He tells her that he teaches Sunday school. She keeps running out of ways to get a loan and then she throws herself at him in front of everyone. He tells her that he thinks that they need to terminate the conversation and then Tara comes in asking her what she is doing. Her mother tells her that he was trying to sexually harass her and she was just trying to get money to get the demon out of her. She tells her that she doesn't want to live like this anymore. Tara brings her home and she says that she needs to go lay down because the demon is gnawing at her something awful. Tara tells her that she needs to drink some water but she continues to go into the bedroom. Tara turns on the kitchen sink and then takes a Brillo box out from underneath the sink. She hides money under there and she is counting it.

At the bar the same men that gave Lafayette problems a few nights before then show up and he goes to give them another beating but Sam gets in the way and says that he is paying him to cook not beat on customers. Lafayette tells him that he needs a raise and Sam says he will think about it and tells him to get back to work. Sam is told that Tara called and isn't coming in that night and he is upset by this because they are already short a waitress. Sookie tells Sam not to worry because they will make it work. She seems happier than usual and Lafayette takes notice and asks her why she is so happy. She asks him if she can't just be in a good mood. She tells him that it is a pretty night outside and she is just happy to be enjoying it with her friends.

Randy Sue, the woman Jason has been sleeping with, is calling him from the bar. He hardly remembers who she is and she is expecting him to come buy her a drink. He tells her that he won't be coming to hang out and she asks him if he is avoiding her. She tells him that that isn't going to fly--not after the other night. He tells her he is going somewhere else and she asks if he can come. He says sure and then tells her he was thinking about going to the vampire bar. She backs out and tells him that she may not know much but she knows better than to associate herself with people that have low moral character and tells him he is going to go to hell.

Lafayette makes up soup and puts the spoon in the flame and then puts it in a bowl for Terry to bring to the men that gave him issues before. Sookie is talking to Arlene and gives her compliments on her hair. Arlene compliments Sookie on the scarf she is wearing. She says she thinks there is something different about her and asks if it is a man. Sookie tells her that she isn't comfortable talking about her personal business and Arlene tells her that their personal business is always open game to her. She says she forgives her because she knows it isn't her fault but it does make their friendship kind of lopsided. Arlene then realizes that she was with someone and asks her to tell her if it was Sam and not the vampire. Sookie says that it was Bill and not to tell anyone. The man that gave Lafayette the most trouble takes a spoonful of his soup and burns his tongue by how hot it is. Arlene goes off and tells Sam and Renee that Sookie slept with Bill. She then says what if she gets pregnant? She asks how she will be able to nurse a baby with fangs. Renee tells her that she should just be her friend and that she needs her now more than ever.

Sam confronts Sookie and takes her scarf off. She tells him that yes she had sex with Bill and it is no concern of anyone's. She tells him that if Sam doesn't like that he can just fire her and walks away. Jason goes to Fangtasia and the ID woman asks him if he is related to Sookie. He says that he is and she asks if he is anything like her and he says no. She asks him why he is there and he says he heard it is cool, but he is so nervous she can tell he isn't telling the truth. She glamors him and repeats the question. He tells her he is there for vampire's blood and asks her what time she gets off. She tells him that he's right, he is nothing like his sister and her fangs drop and she allows him entrance into the club. She tells him good luck getting out.

Uncle Bartlett is throwing trash out and going back inside. In front of him stands Bill and he tells him that he doesn't keep cash in the house. He tells him that he is not there for money, that he is there for Sookie and he attacks Bartlett. Tara and her mother are walking up a long, quiet road looking for where they need to go for her to get exorcised. Soon a woman comes out of the trees and says that she was sure that the demon inside of her wouldn't let her show up. She asks if her mother is ready and her mother asks if it will hurt. The woman tells her that it is a lot like childbirth only the demon doesn't want to come out. That and it won't hurt her body, it will hurt her soul. She then tells her that in the olden days people paid her Grandmother in livestock and tobacco but now they pay in cash in advance. Tara pays her the money and she tells her that the demon will not inhabit her after tonight. Tara says let's get this shit over with and the woman looks put off and offended by that. They enter into the home of the woman and it is a complete voodoo area. The woman tells Tara's mother to get undressed.

Back at the bar Sookie is telling Lafayette about her experience with Bill. He tells her that he normally doesn't let the vampires bite him as that would cross a line for him. She says that she definitely crossed that line and she doesn't regret it. He tells her that it is good for her, that you can't really live unless you are crossing someone's line. When she walks away, he calls her a skank. At the vampire bar, a woman goes up to Eric and asks if she can take a picture of him. The bartender breaks her cell phone and he says "no pictures". She tells him that he said she could take a picture and Eric says that he did not say she could keep it. Jason is at the bar trying to work up the nerve to ask for Vampire Blood. A woman comes up to him and saves him from becoming vampire delight and they leave the club.

Sookie is serving the men that gave Lafayette issues and she reads the thoughts of one of them. He is wondering what stupid woman would do something like sleep with a vampire. Right after that the trio of vampires that live together in a nest show up at the bar. They ask for three true bloods and Sam tells them to leave, that they aren't welcome there. They say that it only works in a private home to say that and they notice Sookie. Sam asks him if she knows them and she tells him that they have met. He notices that she has been fed on by Bill. While Bill is dealing with her uncle's body, he senses that Malcom wants to feed on her. She tells him that she is his and Malcom doesn't listen. He bares his fangs. She pushes him away and tells him she isn't going to let him touch her because she is sure he was trash when he was alive and now he is just dead trash. He tells her that he is going to drain her so slowly that she'll beg him to kill her. Terry goes after him and Denise throws Terry across the room. Sam breaks a pool stick in half and Malcom tells him that he is a dead man. Sam tells him maybe but he is going to take one of them with him. Liam goes after him and then Bill shows up to stop them and they did. They tell him that they had to get his attention somehow and that they clearly succeeded. They ask him to join their nest and forget about the blood sacks. Liam tells him that mainstreaming is for pussies and Denise tells him that they should party like they used to. He decides to go with them and acts like he wants to.

Jason and the woman he met at the bar are at a gas station and they are talking. She introduces herself as Amy Burley. She is from Stores, Connecticut originally. He asks her how much V she has and she asks how far to his place. Tara and her mother are still at the Voodoo lady's home and she asks how she learned how to do this. She says that it was passed down generation after generation. The lady says that this is a serious situation and she silences Tara. She has a opossum that the demon goes into after it goes out of the woman. Then she drowns the possum in water. Terry is sitting in the back of the bar talking about how he froze up and let everyone down. Arlene tries to soothe him telling him that it isn't Baghdad. He is upset because he is supposed to protect people. The people are talking about going to the vampires to kill them all. They say that they will sneak up on him. Sookie tells them if they think they can sneak up on vampires then they are dumber than she thought. Sam tells Sookie that he doesn't want Bill Compton or any other vampires in his bar.

At Jason's place he is talking to Amy. All he really cares about is getting the V. She breaks out the V and puts drops on the aspirin. She tells him that this is natures greatest gift. She prays over the blood and says that nothing is real, everything is permitted and then she snorts the blood with the aspirin. He can hear everything so much better and then she kisses him. Sookie is outback and calling Bill and can't get ahold of him. She tells him that the lynch mob is going after the vampires. Jason is going on a V Blood trip and he sees himself in nature in the mirror. He can see sparkles between their bodies. Tara and her mother are done but the woman tells Tara she has a different demon inside of her. Tara tells her that she doesn't have a demon inside of her and she certainly can't afford getting it exorcised. The woman asks her if she has many friends or if she has trouble keeping a job. She asks if she has her own place or has a boyfriend. She asks how long has she has ever been with the same man. She tells her to find her when she is ready.

Sookie goes to Bill's house and looks for him. She goes to where he sleeps and hears them down there. She looks around the house and finds a blanket and pillows and then sits down on his couch and waits for him. During day light the men go to the house to throw molotov cocktails into the windows. One of them ends up on fire and the vampires in the home end up burning up. Terry goes fishing with the detective and he notices something different. Sam runs across the field naked. The detective gets a phone call and is told that there was a fire. Sookie wakes up and hears the fire trucks. Sookie pulls up and finds out what happened. She asks if Bill is in there and says it was awful messy but there was four of them.