The Fourth Man in the Fire - Recap

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She asks the detective if she is sure that they found four bodies. She goes to look at their bodies, but they are burning and bubbling blood due to the sun. She gets upset and runs off while the sheriff asks if she is okay. She goes home and calls him again but he doesn't answer. She has tracked mud into the home so she starts cleaning and having flashbacks of cleaning the blood up from her grandmother's murder. Tara gets up to find her mother throwing out all of her bottles of alcohol. She doesn't believe that she didn't even have a drink despite having said she didn't nor did she even want to. Tara smells her breath and she smells maple syrup. Her mother made pancakes and Tara is shocked by this because she hasn't had them since her own grandmother was alive. She is happy to realize that the exorcism worked.

Jason and Amy wake up in bed together and he tells her that he has never met anyone like her. She tells Jason that he is an extraordinary being. She says that they tapped into one another. He calls him wise and he says that no one who knows him has ever called him wise and she says that no one really knows him then. He tells her that he doesn't want her to go and she tells him that they didn't even have sex the night before. He is shocked by this and she says that they were closer to one another than they could have ever been but they definitely didn't have sex.

Sookie is cleaning and she was scrubbing the stove when Tara runs in thinking that she put her head in the stove to kill herself. Sookie tells her to calm down that she was just cleaning and Tara asks her if she can help her. Tara tells her that her mother made her pancakes and that they went to get a $450 dollar exorcism on her mother in the woods the night before. Sookie says that her Grandmother is dead and asks if she ever thinks about what other people are going through before saying anything. Tara notices the fang marks and asks her about them and Sookie snaps on her. She says that it meant that someone cared for her when everyone else left her high and dry. Tara says no wonder she is all crazy, she allowed a vampire make a meal out of her. Sookie asks her if she has any idea what she has been through today, a friend would ask. Tara tells her not to tell her how to be a friend as she is the only one she's got. Sookie snaps and kicks her out of the house. She said that she has gotten very good at losing people and Tara is making it easier for her to handle losing her, too.

Jason pulls out left over pizza and he tells Amy that he wants to not have sex with her again so bad. He offers her some pizza and she says that she eats organic because the V treats her better that way in regards to high. She asks him why he has two television sets and he tells her that the bottom one is busted--he just kept it because it was his parents. She asks him how they died and he says that he doesn't like to talk about it but it was a flashflood. They were caught on the bridge and got swept out into the river. He blames himself for their death, because they didn't trust him with Sookie at eleven. So finds out that his grandmother raised both him and his sister after is parents died and then they talk about how his grandmother died last week. He tells her that he doesn't talk about these things and she asks him not even with his sister? He says that she is the last person he'd talk to about these things because they had a big fight after their grandmother died. He told her that he hit her and he tells her that he is the worst brother in the world. Amy tells him that she has seen who he is inside and he is good.

Sam and Terry are talking about how he has a possum penis on his necklace. Terry asks Sam why he was running naked in the morning. Sam denies it and convinces Terry that he wasn't doing that. He is taking advantage of the fact that he has post traumatic stress disorder from war. Sookie is sitting out on her porch in the rain and decides to go inside. She lights a candle and puts together flowers to put out on Bill's grave. She starts crying and gets up to turn around and walk back to her home. When she is walking someone puts their hand out of the grass and pulls up and Bill says that it is him and then they make love with the dirt all over him and everything and his fangs come out and she tells him not to bite the neck so he bites her on her shoulder.

Jason and Amy go to the bar and she talks about the animals up at the bar. Sookie shows up to work late and she is happy because Bill was really alive. Jason's friend wanted to help her out with waiting because she seemed busy. Tara goes outside and finds all of the clothes drying and went to take them down but her mother tells her to stop that she will get all of that done. She has just come back from church and her and her friend talks to Tara about going back to church. Tara soon snaps on her mother and her mother's friend.

Terry offers to babysit Arlene's kids and she says only if he has a female friend with him. Sookie has a conversation with Amy about how Jason is a dog and Amy tells her that she doesn't think Jason has realized even half of what he is supposed to become so she shouldn't be too quick to judge. Arlene goes up to Sookie after the conversation and says that she has been meaning to talk to her. She apologizes to her about all of the things that she has said her. Sookie forgives her and then says she will babysit the kids that night. That night Tara is cleaning a table and she gets a compliment by a sweet man and says "fuck you" to him. Sam asks if they can talk in the back and she says she knows that she shouldn't have done that and if he wants to fire her she gets it. Sam says no and then he says that they are the only two who get it, it is everyone else who is "fucking themselves up" and kisses her.

Sookie and Bill are laying in bed and she asks him if it ever gets old having sex. He tells her that it doesn't get old with her. He says the beauty and the tragedy of it is that she doesn't know how different she is. She tells him to tell her if she is doing something wrong and he tells her that there is nothing more natural than the act of making love. He tells her that he wouldn't change a thing about her. She asked him what it is like to sleep in the ground and he tells her that it is not exactly comfortable but it is safe, which if he recalls from the three voicemails it was required of him that night. The doorbell rings and she remembers that she said she would babysit the kids. The kids are excited that Bill is there but Arlene isn't. She is worried and she puts her silver bangles on her children. Renee tells her to calm down as Bill has raised a few of his own. Sookie says they are having pizza and Renee asks Bill if he can eat pizza. He says unfortunately he can't but from what he hears it is delicious.

Tara and Sam are talking about what is wonderful about sex. She says that for five minutes to an hour you forget about your messed up life. Sam says only if it is good and it reminds them just how bad life is when the sex is bad. She tells him how good he is in bed and he tells her that she isn't so bad herself. She takes it the wrong way and assumes that she is doing something wrong. He tells her nothing. He says that sometimes she grunts like an athlete. She then calls him a racist and gets angry and leaves. Sookie and Bill are giving the kids ice cream with whipped cream and they ask if Bill is her boyfriend. She asks Bill if he is her boyfriend and he says that he must ask permission of the kids. The little girl asks if he buys her flowers and tells them that Renee buys their mother flowers all the time. He says that he hasn't yet but he will have to mend his ways. The little girl tells him that he should do that and then they'll talk. They ask to see his fangs and he jokes around with them by putting fake fangs on.

Arlene and Renee are on the road and he puts a ring in a flash light and he proposes to her romantically. She of course says yes and then they go back to Sookie's house to tell her and pick up the kids. She asks if she can be a bridesmaid again and she says of course, she doesn't even have to ask. Renee says maybe they are next when it becomes legal. The little girl comes in and asks what is going on and Arlene tells her that she is going to be her flower girl. Sookie is having a dream that she woke up the next morning and Bill made her breakfast. He tells her that he borrowed recipes from her Grandmother but the handiwork is all his. He is reading the newspaper and she doesn't even know where to begin. He tells her to start with the biscuits as they just came out of the oven. He tells her that it is supposed to be clear skies today and she says that it is light out. He looks out the window and he starts to sizzle and says that he supposes it is. That is when he burns up in flames. She wakes up alone and realizes that it was just a dream.

The coroner finds out that the fourth person to burn up in the fire was the coroner's apprentice. The sheriff and the detective are sitting on the bar and notice Sam walking on the property. They ask him about what he saw the night that the vampires showed up at the bar. He tells them that they may as well interrogate the whole entire town. He says that he wouldn't be too heart broken if they never found out who killed the vampires. He asks if they have any leads on Dawn, Mrs Stackhouse, and Maudette Pickings. They say that they are working on something right now and he says that he is pulling for them. They tell him if he remembers anything else they will be eating burgers in the bar. The detective comes back in and asks if he's been spending any time in the woods lately and he says yes but he knew that already. He tells him if he tells him then he is going to have to keep it a secret. He tells them that he comes from a family of naturists. He says that his parents are nudists. He says that ever since they passed he honors their memory every year by taking a naked run through the woods. He apologized to him if anybody had to see it.

Tara tells Lafayette about the voodoo woman exorcising her mother. He says that it must have been a con job and she says that the weird thing is it actually worked. She is fenced about this, she doesn't believe it worked even though her mother has clearly changed for the better. He tells her that it isn't a con job if it worked and maybe she would do well to do it, too. Tara tells him that she doesn't have another $445 to spend on "bullshit". He tells her it is because she doesn't understand it and that she should trust him when he says that this world is filled with things that we will never understand. He tells her compared to a lifetime of Zoloft, $445 is a bargain.

Sookie is taking a vitamin and he says that he never saw her do that before. He notices that it is B12 and he snaps and ends up spilling it all over the place. Jason picks up Amy and she is stressed out and says that she needs V. She tells him that Lafayette won't sell it to him. Bill goes home and senses someone in his house. He enters and finds Eric in his bathtub. He tells him that he texted to him three times and asks why he didn't respond. Bill tells him that he hates typing on the number keys and asks him what he is listening to. He tells him that he is listening to music from his younger days and it is really quite beautiful if he understands Old Swedish. Eric tells him that he has a favor to ask of him and Bill asks if it is a favor or an order. Eric tells him that it depends on how he looks at it. He then asks him if he thought he could keep Sookie to himself.

Jason and Amy are sitting outside of Lafayette's house and he asks her if it feels like stalking to her, too. She says that it is the most natural thing in the world. The hunt, she means. She says that people used to do this all the time before they started to clone beef and have pre-packaged dinners. Lafayette drives off and she tells Jason to turn off his headlights and tells him to stay five lights behind him and ten if they get on a parish road. A man lights candles and Lafayette knocks on his door. He is a vampire. He asks if he is ready to party. The man bought him merlot especially for him. The vampire is getting aggressive and he says that he wants the juice first and then they play. The man tells him that he always looks forward to Monday nights. He asks him if he only does it for the blood and if he wouldn't like him if he wasn't giving him the V Juice. He tells him that of course he likes him and he would like him even if he wasn't giving it to him. They go to the back so that they can have some fun.

Bill takes Sookie to Fangtasia (and brings her flowers, too). He says they will be there as long as Eric requires them. She says that he means her and that he didn't even have the decency to ask her herself. He tells her that she is his and that he did not need her permission. She tells him that he cannot check her out like a library book and Bill tells her that unfortunately Eric can because he is the chief vampire. He is the most powerful vampire and they do not want to anger him. As long as the requests are reasonable then they should exceed to his wishes. She smells the flowers and then they go inside. She tells him that she had a crazy dream that they were eating breakfast and then all of the sudden the sunlight set her on fire. He tells her that that wouldn't exactly happen like that. He says that the sunlight would weaken him severely and that eventually he would die, but he wouldn't burst into flames--not right away at least. She says that she guesses that they are never having breakfast together.

Tara goes through the woods to go to the woman and talk to her about the demon. The woman is right behind her and tells her that she knew she'd come. They go inside. Detective calls the nudist colony in the Beaumont, Texas area and he tells him that they don't know that name. Back at Fangtasia, Eric tells her that they are missing $60,000 off of their books. He has his accountant there and they want her to read his mind. She tells him that he's not saying anything in his mind and Eric tells her not to be coy as it is humbling enough asking the assistance of humans. She asks him why he doesn't just glamor him and he tells her that they tried everything before sending for her. He tells her that it would be a great favor to him and Bill Compton. She says she will help them as long as they promise to take them to the proper authorities to handle it there. They make a deal. The bar's accountant didn't do it she tells him that. Eric says to bring the next one in. The accountant starts crying because of the stress.

Lafayette leaves the house and drives off. They pull into the driveway of the vampire's house when Lafayette leaves. The vampire is watching the Fang Philes and the doorbell rings. He answers the door and they end up kidnapping him even though they didn't have to according to Jason. Sookie is still at Fangtasia and she is questioning a woman named Ginger. Sookie reads her mind and she figures out that she didn't do it but she knows who did. As soon as she is making headway, her mind gets cleared due to being glamored. She realizes that it is a vampire that is stealing the money. As soon as she says that, the bartender attacks her.