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To Love Is to Bury - Recap

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Bill and Pam are burying the girl that he has attempted to turn. She must be put in the ground. Pam is watching him as he does it to make sure that he doesn't stake her before she turns. Bill tells her that he doesn't feel right about it. He tells her that all of the people in her life will recoil from her. She will lose everyone. Pam tells him that he is a hero because now he is a maker. She says that he gave her the ultimate gift--eternal life. He says that it doesn't seem like she was ever human at all and he takes that as a compliment. She then kicks the girl into the grave buried. He has to go in with her and she says that once she goes into the earth the transformation will begin. She also says that tomorrow night Bill's "little girl" will rise as a vampire.

Sam is trying to get ahold of Tara. He is worried that she is drunk in a ditch somewhere and he tells her to call him. He is at Sookie's house. She comes out and tells him that she had to put her clothes in the wash because she felt like the killer was still all over her. He asks her if she knew who it was and she says no, but there was something familiar. He asked if it was someone from the bar but she said it was no one she could recognize. While she was being attacked she kept seeing flashes of the man's mind and the flashes showed a woman being murdered. Sam tells her that she should call the cops and she asks what exactly she would say. She says would she say that she saw a woman die but she just happened to be in someone else's brain at the moment? He asks if she got a good look at her and she says that she was pretty and wearing an apron. He asked if she looked like a mom and she said that maybe she was a waitress with a name tag but she doesn't know. She was looking at her eyes and she said that she was so surprised.

Sam says that if she wants to call Bill it might make her feel better and she says that she won't do that. He would have felt how scared she was and he would have known that she was in danger. She said that he isn't coming back. Sam comforts her and she asks him if he has heard from Tara. He says no and Sookie excuses herself to go to bed. Sam gets his shotgun ready just in case the killer shows up. Tara is speaking to a cop about her accident. She is telling her that there was a woman and a giant pig right in the middle of the road. The cop tells her to tell the truth and she says that she is. She says that she is an excellent driver but you can never prepare for that. The cop tells her that she knows that she is drunk. She tells her to do a sobriety test and she can't do it. The officer asks her what is wrong with her because she is turning out just like her mother. Tara says "f*ck you" to the cop and she tells her that she is an officer of the law and not to go there with her. Tara tells her that the only place she wants to go is home and the officer tells her not tonight and gets her into the vehicle.

Jason is completely upset and Amy wants to clean up. She says that she did what she had to do and Jason asks her who she really is. She tells him that he knows who she is--that he knows better than anyone. He said that it didn't have to end like that and she said it did because he would have hurt them. Jason again says it didn't have to end with him dying. She tells him that he shouldn't have talked to him because he knows they control your mind. He tells her that Eddie couldn't even do that, yet. She tells him that he knew it was going to end like that, he was just in denial. He calls her a dumb yankee bitch and she calls him a dumb f*cking hillbilly. They begin to try to clean up the mess of the dead vampire. Jason starts to gag over it and she tells him that it is going to be alright that they have keep themselves together. He is upset because they killed a man. She tells him that he was not a man, he was a predator and the only difference is they got him first. She says that he shouldn't let a vampire come between them because what they have is beautiful.

Sam comes out and Sookie made him eggs and sausage. She asks if he has heard from Tara and he hasn't. She tells him that she can't just wait around for someone to kill her. He says that he will be there with her and no one will hurt her. She tells him that he can't just stay with her twenty four hours a day and he tells her that he can. She is looking in a phonebook and she tells him that she remembered what the name tag of the waitress in her vision was. Her name was Cyndi and she worked at Big Pattie's Pies. Sam tells her he knows where that is. She tells him that he doesn't have to come with her and he tells her that he does and that she should eat up because she'll need the energy. She says she doesn't want to and he tells her not to sass him. She tells him that he's not the boss of her and then she says "Oh, right. You are." and she starts to eat.

Amy is pouring the vampire mess down the garbage disposal. Jason comes up and she asks if he is going to work and he goes into the refrigerator and throws the viles of blood into a trash bag and slams it down. He tells her that they are done with the Vampire blood and he wants every ounce of it out of the house. He says that if she doesn't like it she can pack her things and leave. Then he walks out before she can say anything else. Lafayette is at the bar painting his toenails. The television is on and the senator that Lafayette has been sleeping with and giving V to is talking about how vampires don't deserve equal rights, he also says that he is against the use of V juice, and that anyone who are vampire sympathizers deserve to have their rights stripped away too. Lafayette gets angry because he knows that isn't the truth. He asks Terry if he heard what he said and Terry tells him he can't listen to politicians anymore because they give him seizures.

Amy goes to the bar and she looks miserable. Lafayette asks her if Jason is pulling her into his mess because she looks a little used up. She tells him that she has no idea what he means and walks away. Lafayette asks Terry why everyone is telling him lies today and Terry says he has no idea and then talks about theme home decor shows. Lafayette asks if Terry will work for him tonight. Sam and Sookie are at Big Pattie's Pies and there is a new girl there that tells them about all the pies they have. There is a man at the counter that tells her what they'll want and he tells them that she won't tell them anything but he will. He tells Sookie that he met her about two years ago when she moved into town with her brother. He tells them that she was murdered a few months later. Sookie asks if they found out who did it and he says that they didn't. She asks where her brother is if they can talk to him. The man tells them that they don't know how but he was gone by the time they found her body. They think that either he is dead too or maybe he is the one who killed her. Sam asks what his name was and he said it was Drew Marshall. Sookie asks him what Cyndi was like and he tells her that she was always nice, a little wild and fun loving but people talked about her. They said that she was carrying on with vampires but the man says he didn't believe it because what kind of woman would do that?

Tara is in jail on the phone with her mother telling her not to cry. She said that it was only a little accident and she asks if she was drinking. Tara tells her that she wasn't drunk but they think she was. She tells her mother to stop yelling because all she needed was bail money and a ride home. Jason asks Hoight and Renee to go drinking and neither of them are going. Hoight asks him what he wants when he has Amy. He tells them that she likes V and he is trying to get her to stop because she is hooked on it. Renee asks if she sleeps with vampires too and he says that she says she hasn't but it is hard to find a woman that hasn't been bitten these days. Hoight asks him if he loves her and he says he does. He says he doesn't like the V thing, though. They had a terrible fight and she might be gone already but if she isn't maybe he should dump her. They tell him that he should try to work it out. They say tomorrow night they'll all get together and figure out what to do. Renee says that these things have a way of working out.

Sookie and Sam are at the nearby police station and she goes to talk to an officer that is thinking about adultery and how it isn't adultery if the wife isn't giving it up. When she shows up he is excited and flirty about him being there but she goes to pull her hair up in a pony tail and there are bite marks in her underarm and he asks if that is a vampire bite and loses interest and respect for her. He isn't giving them any answers and she asks if they have a picture of Cyndi's brother Drew. He asks what for because they don't know if he did it. He says that it might be a vampire. She says that a vampire wouldn't kill by strangulation. The cop says that she would know but good riddance to white trash. Sam tells him that he is out of line and she says he can say whatever he wants because it doesn't bother her a bit. She decides to blackmail him by saying she'll find his address and tell his wife about him sleeping with Debbie from church. He says that he can't give her the picture but he can send it to the sheriff of their town by fax.

Lafayette's governor "john" is having a meet and greet. Lafayette shows up all clean cut and tells him that he needs to be careful about what he is saying. He uses his play on words to make it seem like a civil visit but he essentially tells him that he needs be careful because he knows he is a criminal and a homosexual and if he goes too far he will tell everyone. Jason shows up at home and finds that dinner is ready. Amy comes out and asks if he had to work late and he said no, he just didn't want to come home. He tells her that he was afraid she'd been gone already. He tells her she can't stay thre but she says that it is all her fault what happened. He asks if she made dinner for him and she says that she'll do anything for him. She says that they'll make it right.

Bill is waiting for the girl to wake up turned. She comes out and asks her to help her and she is in complete agony. Sam and Sookie are driving home and he tells her how simple he is. She says that simple is not him and he says he wants everything any man wants. She asks him if he loves Tara and he says he wants to but she is hard to love. He says that he knows he isn't so easy to love either and she tells him he is wrong. He asked if she loves Bill and she says she thinks she did but she wonders where he is. She thinks that he thinks that vampire politics are more important than she is. She says she is so mad at him she could spit. She apologizes that he has to drive so far and he says that he doesn't mind he loves driving in the car. She laughs at him and says of course he does. She tells him that she is going to save money up and go to the gulf and bring him so they can bake on the beach. He tells her that it is a date.

Jason unbuckles is belt and asks Amy where she learned to cook. She tells him that she learned from the maid she had. Then she says she has to show him something and asks that he won't get mad. He promises he won't and then she pulls out one vile of blood. He gets mad and tells her that he can't trust her for a second. She says that they both know it will be forever that they will have a life together. She tells him that he can trust her always. She says that she wants symmetry, balance, harmony, and beauty. She thinks they started with V and they should end it with V. He breaks down and goes on a trip with her and says it is the last time. Bill is at the woods with Jessica--the newly turned vampire--and he is trying to explain to her what the process is and what happened. She's still an immature teenage girl and is giving him a hard time. She told him that having her stay out all night like that will get him a good whipping from her father. He tells her that she has been made vampire and he tells her that she cannot go home. That part of her life is over. She gets happy because she has found independence from her family and she can do whatever she wants to do now.

He is having a hard time because he is trying to teach her how to be a "good vampire" and what it means. She says that she isn't stupid, she reads. He asks what she think it means and she says it means that she doesn't have to sit like a lady and she can kill anyone she wants and there is a lot of people she would like to kill. He tells her that she absolutely cannot kill anyone she wants and she asks him why. He tells her that with new powers come new responsibilities. He tells her she is going to mainstream like he does. She says that she wants to kill people. She says that she is so hungry and all he does it talk and then she says he is so mean. He offers her true blood and she spits it out and says it tastes like shit. She calls him the worst maker ever because he won't let her do anything.

Tara's mother shows up at the jail and the officer tells her that she looks good now. She asks her to leave them alone for a minute. Her mother tells her that she isn't there to bail her out. She tells her that seeing her like that breaks her heart. She tells her that she can't come home because she won't let her. She says that she is scared for the both of them. She says she is committed to salvation and Tara is on the road to hell. She says that she would save her if she could but she can't. She tells her that she is a danger to her soul which is why she can't let her back in the house. Tara tells her that she is the only reason she has a house. Tara tells her that after all of the times that she had to clean up after her, all the times she beat her and stole her money and sent her to school dirty where she would be called names. She tells her that her whole life is shit because of her. She tells her that the first time she gets into any trouble she turns her back on her. Her mother tells her that she is finally doing right by her and she'll see that when the clouds roll away. Tara tells her to get out of her sight and that she is not her mother. Her mother tells her that she loves her and Tara tells her that she doesn't and she never did.

Jason and Amy wake up and they are tripping enough that they think they are running through a rainy, sunshine-y field. Someone walks into their home and they are really sleeping still. The man takes off his belt and starts to choke her to death. Jason wakes up to find her dead. She has a belt mark around her neck. Jason is distraught that this happened and he calls 911. Bill takes Jessica to the bar. He tells Eric that he can't handle her and she says that she wants to go to the bar and wants to be one of the dancers. Eric asks if she wants to stay with her maker and she says no because he's a dick. Eric says that it is his punishment. She says that Eric is cute and asks if she can sit in his lap. He says no and takes control telling her to shut the door and sit down. Bill tells Eric that he has important matters to deal with and Eric asks him if he has already done enough for Sookie. He tries to tell Eric if any harms comes to her due to his absence he will be without her helpful skills. He tells Eric that he would be in his debt and return the favor. Eric asks Jessica how a real vampire feeds. She says that she would love that. Eric tells him that it is really quite easy.

A woman named Mrs. Forrester comes to bail Tara out. She tells Tara that she is there to help. She helps when things go a little too far and that it can happen to anyone. She expects she has her reasons. She offers her a ride home. She has no where to go and the woman tells her that she is sure she barely slept or eaten and asks if she comes to her house to eat, shower, and wash her clothes. Tara asks if she is a Jesus person and she says that she isn't. Tara decides that she should go with her. The detective pulls up and tells the woman to move the car. He is bringing Jason in because he was the only one that was there and this is the third time that this has happened.

Sookie and Sam are at her house watching television. He tells her that it was probably the best day of his life when she walked in looking for a job. He says he means it and she says she knows he does mean it. He asks if she is looking at his head and she says that she is looking in his heart. They start kissing and Bill shows up and walks in on it. He is angry and attacks Sam. They begin fighting and Sookie is trying to stop it. She breaks a glass vase over Bill's head and he says that he is upset because Sam had his hands all over him. She tells him that he had left her with no promise of coming back and now he is attacking the man that was helping to keep her safe! He says that he is keeping her safe because he asked him to. She tells him to get out and Bill says if she knew what he had done to return to her...she tells him that she reascends his invitation.

Bill is forced out by her doing this and he asks that she doesn't do this. The door slams shut and Sam asks if he can see the way Bill really is and asks how she can think about being with him. She tells him that with all of the things on her plate she isn't thinking about being with anyone right now. Tara and Mrs. Forrester show up at her home and it is very large. Jason is at the police station and the detective is telling him that he knew he was the murderer. He is being overzealous and the sheriff asks that he calms down as he is the one who called 911 in the first place. He asks Jason what happened and he tells him that he doesn't know. He doesn't remember ever doing anything but they keep dying all around him so he has to be the one. Jason tells them that they took V with her. When he woke up Amy was dead. He says that they were alone in the house. He believes he must have done it but he doesn't know why. He says honest to god he loved her. The detective tells him bullshit--he hated Dawn, he hated Maudette. Jason tells him that he didn't hate any of them--it was fighting and f*cking just like with any girl. He says that he doesn't understand why he would have done any of it.

The detective then says that his grandmother knew what he was like so he killed her. Jason tells him that he didn't kill his grandmother and he better find out who did it. The detective says that this is the worst confession, ever. Jason says that that is all he has. He says that he doesn't want to hurt anybody else and they should lock him up. The detective says that not until they get some solid facts. The sheriff says for him to lock him up. As they are bringing him through to the cell the fax comes in from the other department. It turns out that Drew Marshall is actually Renee. The office assistant is on the phone gossiping about Jason being brought in looking all crazy and that they are glad that he didn't kill them.