You'll Be the Death of Me - Recap

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Jason is talking to Rene who is visiting him at the jail. He is telling him that he wants to give Hoight his lucky jacket, Sookie the house, and tells Rene he can have his truck. Rene says thanks but he is giving it back as soon as they let him go. Jason tells Renee that they aren't ever going to let him go. He tells him that there is something inside of him that is wrong. Rene says that he shouldn't feel bad if he did do it because he killed a bunch of fangbangers. Jason asks if he is saying that his grandmother was a fangbanger and Rene tells him to calm down in his Cajun way and tells him that he must have had his reasons. Jason tells him that there is no good reason for what he did. Sookie comes in and Jason apologizes to her and she says she just wishes she came in before he confessed to something he didn't do. He tells her that he doesn't remember doing any of the murders, but he knows he did it. Sookie tells him that he needs to shut up before he ends up in more trouble because she is really close to finding out who really did it. This piques Rene's interest. She tells him that she found out that his name is Drew Marshall and he may have killed his own sister. Rene thinks to himself if she knows all of this then how come she hasn't gone to the cops to get her brother out of the cell. She tells him because she doesn't even know what he looks like and the cops haven't done anything to help her anyway. He tells her that she can't be really sure he is the killer and she tells him that she has seen what is inside his head. Jason tells her that he knows she is trying to help him but that is only because she can't accept the truth. He tells her that he is a murderer and he is going to hell. She tries to convince him that he is wrong and he should let her help him. He calls for the detective to make her go away. She asks the detective if they got a fax with the picture of the real killer. He tells her that he knows nothing about a fax and that they have the real killer. She tells him that he is a sad excuse for a cop and a human being. She tells him that it is only a matter of time before everybody knows it. Rene is still there listening to everything so he heard about the fact that a picture of him was supposed to be faxed.

Tara is at the home of the "social worker" sleeping. She wakes up on the most luxurious bed and realizes that she isn't home. She gets up and goes outside to see that a man is serving her breakfast. He puts a napkin on her lap and walks away. The woman comes outside and says she thought she might be hungry. She tells her that it isn't food it is a sculpture. Tara tells her the house is beautiful and asks if she is just a social worker. The woman tells her that she is many things and pours her coffee. She tells her that she isn't just a bartender or a drunk driver--she is resourceful, strong, and a survivor. Tara tells her that she doesn't feel like any of those things right now. She tells her that she didn't just wreck her car--she totaled her whole life. The woman tells her that it is one way of looking at it and she tells her that she would see this as an opportunity. Tara tells her that she just got a fake exorcism and a DUI. She tells her she probably lost her job and all of her friends. Then she says that her mother disowned her. She doesn't see how that is life working out for her.

The woman tells her that maybe life just got rid of all the things that weren't working for her. She tells her that it is time to rebuild and make life exactly how she would like it. She asks Tara what she wants her life to be. Tara tells her that she never let herself want anything. The woman tells her that it breaks her heart. Tara tells her that there are people more worse off than she is and that she should probably let her get back to that instead of watching her cry all over her nice breakfast. She tells her that she appreciates what she has done for her. She goes to walk away and the woman tells her to sit down because she hasn't touched her food, her dress isn't dry, and they both know she has no where to go. She tells her that she is willing to give her a place until she figures it out, even though she knows that Tara doesn't trust her. Tara asks her why she would do that and the woman tells her that it is just what she does. She just wants to help people with nothing in return because she deserves a chance. The man that is making the bed picks up Tara's phone while it is ringing and ignores the call and then puts it in his pocket. Then he goes back to meticulously making the bed.

Sam is leaving Tara a message and Sookie shows up to work. He asks her what she is doing there and she says that she has the lunch shift. He says he just thought that she would take the day off because of what is going on with Jason. She tells Sam that she isn't going to hide in her house to make people think that she is ashamed of her brother. Then she tells him that she is going to need all the money she can get to help to hire a private investigator. She tells him that Drew Marshall is in the town and who knows how many times he has been in the bar. Sam asks her if he was in the bar wouldn't she have heard him? She asks him if Sam would have smelled him. She tells him that she spends most of her time trying not to listen to people.

A man comes in to talk to Jason and Jason tells him he doesn't need a lawyer. He tells him that he isn't a lawyer, he is there on behalf of The Fellowship of the Sun. That is an anti-vampire church. He is part of a religious organization that is dedicated to preserving humanity. Jason says that he just thought they hated vampires. He tells him that he did too until he got to know one and he was a pretty decent guy until he got him killed. The man tells him that what he did was a service to his race and to Jesus and he should be proud of that. He tells him that there were 800 vampire related attacks in the past year in Louisiana alone and the law won't do anything about it because they are too busy respecting the vampires and their civil rights. Jason tells him that he knows nothing about that. The man tells him that officially the church cannot condone what he did to the four women because they tainted themselves. They recognize that while his methods may have been flawed, his intentions were pure. Jason tells him that he has no idea what he is talking about. He tells him that the church has started up a fund for his defense and gives him a pamphlet on the search. He tells him that he is a brave soldier and that God loves him and he will be saved.

Tara decides to go swimming in her pool and she does a cannon ball and just has fun. She goes back inside to the house and looks around at all of the fresh flowers and fruit everywhere. She eats a strawberry and notices that there is a man playing guitar on the couch. She tells him that she didn't mean to interrupt as she was looking for the social worker. He introduces himself as Eggs as his name is really Benedict. She tells him that Maryanne (the social worker) didn't tell her that she had a boyfriend. He tells her that they aren't together and he is just staying there until she gets on her feet. Tara asks if collecting stray black people is a hobby of her's. They sit down and talk about what happened to bring them there. He tells her that she is a miracle worker and Tara says she won't be sticking around that long. He tells her that is too bad and Tara tells him that when her mother thinks that something is too good to be true she says that it is Satan in a Sunday hat and Tara says that it is exactly what this is. He tells her that it took him a long time to stop looking over his shoulder, too. He tells her that there are good people in this world and sometimes good things happen. He continues to play his guitar. Maryanne is outback with a pig and she is flickering like she is about to shape shift.

Rene is in his truck blasting old backwoods music and singing a long to it. He drives to Merlott's and says hello to Sookie. The detective is telling about how he got Jason to confess. He was exaggerating and the sheriff got upset and excused himself. Sookie is hearing all of the thoughts of the patrons and they are talking about how Jason is a sleazy man slut that is also a murderer amongst other thoughts. Sam asks her what is going on and she says that he was right about her coming in. She said she needs to get out and he says it is too dangerous. She said that she'll keep her doors locked, she'll just drive around in her car. She says she just needs to get their thoughts out of her head. He lets her go. She gets into her car and the car won't start. She gets up and Rene comes up and asks if everything is okay and he asks if she wants him to take a look. He tells her that he doesn't know much about cars. She says she'll call a tow truck. He offers to give her a ride home and he'll hang out with her until Sam gets off of work. Terry pulls up and tells her that he knows killers and Jason isn't one. He says that no one ever listens to him but they should. It turns out that Rene completely destroyed her motor. Rene is driving her home and she tells him that she can't believe that Jason gave him his truck. Rene asks if it is really true that she can hear what he is thinking right now. He tries to think about nothing and she tells him not to bother thinking about nothing. Everyone has tried it with her and sooner or later he has to think about something. This makes him uncomfortable. She says that it is funny that his thoughts don't have an accent.

Rene says that it must be hard on her hearing everyone's thoughts. She tells him that he wouldn't believe how sick people can be. It is one thing about her but when it is about her brother it upsets her. She tells her that he is all she has left. Rene offers her a tissue. He tells her that he has lost people, too. It doesn't ever get any easier but he finds ways to cope. Arlene's kids are watching the porn video of Maudette and the vampire. She asks where they got it and they said it was Rene's that they found it in the garage. She finds all of these tapes and a tape on Cajun dialect. Rene and Sookie end up at her home and she tells him that he should have a seat and she'll fix him some iced teas. He looks in the livingroom and notices the shotgun.

Lafayette is cleaning tables and he notices that Rene left his vest. Sam says he'll take it to the lost and found and he smells the vest and realizes that it smells like what he smelled when he was rolling around in Dawn's bed. He runs outside and asks Terry if he's seen Sookie. Terry tells him that he saw her leave with Rene twenty three minutes ago. Sookie asks Rene if he takes it sweet and he comes up behind her and says yes ma'am. She tells him that he scared her. He says sorry. Then he starts thinking about what happened with her Grandmother. He killed her and was completely distraught because she wasn't supposed to be there. Sookie drops the tea because she reads his mind. Rene asks her if she is alright. She tells him that she is so jumpy these days and he offers to help her with that. She says she's going to go get a mop and Rene follows her. She grabs the shotgun but he took the bullets out. He tells himself that she deserves to die because she was with the vampire. She screams and hits him over the head with it and runs out right when he takes his belt off to choke her with. He gets up and starts chasing afer her. He yells that he should get back there. She flashes to a memory where he says to his sister when she is covering up bite marks that she is the one who is a freak for having sex with a dead man. He tells her that their mother would roll over in her grave and his sister tells him to get the f*ck out of there. He takes off his belt and then he chokes her to death. He is thinking about it and freaking out and says he can feel her in her head. He flashes to all of the other women he choked with the belt. He tells her to stay out of his head. Bill is sleeping and he can hear her in distress. Sam makes it to Sookie's house and he notices the belt and the blood. He sniffs and takes off looking for her and Rene. Bill senses the danger and he gets up despite it being daylight. He is walking out even though the sun is burning him. Rene is still chasing Sookie and stops running. He tells her that they should be friends, he apologizes and says that he didn't mean to scare her. He is getting closer to her and she is hiding in a grave. He ones up her and thinks that he better go check if she is in the woods. She thinks she is safe and stands up and he pulls her out of the grave. He starts punching the heck out of her. Bill is walking through the woods as he basically melts due to the sunlight.

Rene is choking her to unconsciousness and Sam as the dog attacks him and he hits the dog with a stick and knocks him out so Sam changes back to himself naked. Rene flips out and starts kicking him repeatedly shocked that he was a shape shifter. Bill is walking across the lawn and he finds them. She wakes up from unconconsciousness because he said her name. She hits him over the head and then he didn't get knocked out. She then decapitated Rene. She sees Bill burning and she goes over to him. He tells her that he is sorry. Sam tells her that they have to get him out of the light and buries him into the ground while Sookie cries. Sookie wakes up and Tara is there. She wakes up and tell her that she looks pretty and she thinks someone turned the light on under her skin. Sam tells Tara and Lafayette that the hospital gave her some pretty hefty pain medicine. Tara says that she told her that she would lose her sh*t if something ever happened to her. Sookie says in the sweetest, cutest way possible "don't lose your shit, I'm fine". She asks Tara if Sam told her that he saved her life. She tells them that he turned into a dog and he laughs. She tells Sam that he needs to let people see the real him because he is kind and brave. She tells him that there is nothing there not to love. Arlene comes in with flowers and starts crying because she is so sorry with what happened.

The sheriff gets off the phone with the DA and he tells the detective that they are dropping the charges against Jason because the ligature marks around the victims match Rene's belt. The detective has a temper tantrum and the sheriff tells him to get ahold of himself. He doesn't need them to screw things up even worse. The detective says "so we're just going to let him go" and the sheriff tells him that it won't be "we" but HE will let him go because he brought him in. The detective lets him go and he asks if it is a trick. The detective tells him it isn't a trick, it is a miracle. Arlene is still at Sookie's house apologizing to her because she feels if it weren't for her then this would have never happened. She's upset because she brought him around her kids and slept with him every night and the whole time it was nothing but lies. Sookie tells her that nothing is her fault because no one knew. Arlene takes the blame for that because she told her to stay out of her thoughts and asks if that is why she couldn't read Rene's thoughts. Sookie tells her that it is like he kept that part of himself locked away in some dark corner of his mind. Arlene wants Sookie to promise that if she ever finds another man that she looks inside his head and reads everything that is in there to tell her. Sookie tries to tell her it doesn't really work that way but Arlene just wants her to promise her because she has the worst taste in men.

Arlene asks her if Bill is going to be okay and Sookie doesn't think so. She starts to cry and Arlene comforts her. Lafayette tells Sam he is going to head to the bar to make sure that Terry isn't "PTSD'ing" all over his clam chowder. Sam thanks him for holding down the fort while he is away and Lafayette tells him not to worry because he is going to hit him up for a raise as soon as the stitches come out of his forehead. Sam asks Tara where she has been. Tara tells her she didn't get any messages and says that they don't have to talk about this now and she would have if Sam wasn't there. Sam tells her that he was worried about her. Tara tells her that Sookie is right and that he is an amazing guy. She introduces Maryanne to Sam and she drives off. It turns out that they know one another. He asks what she was doing there and Maryanne asks him if he thought she would never find him and then she leaves. Arlene and Sookie are talking about how Arlene should have known there was something wrong with Rene because there are things he liked to do in bed that no normal guy ever does.

Jason comes home and hugs her. He says that he has never been happier to see her. She tells him that is nice but she is black and blue all over and he is squeezing her. He looks at her and says that he can't believe he gave Rene his truck after realizing how beat up she was by him. He says that if he was still alive he'd kill him again. Arlene cries and excuses herself. He tells Sookie that he was sitting in the jail and thinking about all of the stupid things he had done. He says that he knows that all he thinks about is himself, drinking, and chasing women but he says that that is because that is all he thought he was ever good at. Sookie tells him that that isn't true. He was good at football and he tells her that he wasn't good enough for a scholarship or anybody. He realized that he hasn't done anything worth it. He tells her that he was saved and given a second chance. He knows that it happened for a reason and he knows that he is meant to do something important with his life and now that he knows that he isn't going to mess it up. He tells her that he loves her and he is going to take good care of her. She tells him that he should worry about himself and stay out of trouble. He gets up to walk away and says she doesn't have to worry about him as he trips over a chair.

Lafayette is taking trash out and all of the garbage is on the side of the garbage can. He puts the trash in the can and something comes at him and Bill shows up at Sookie's house. She is happy that he is alive but he is healed. He tells her that he fed and she invites him in and hugs him. He offers his blood so she can heal. She says no and that she just needs to feel human. He says that he failed her and she says that he sacrificed his life to save her. They embrace. Two weeks later they legalized vampire marriage. They say that the courts will stay open after dark for that. Arlene tells her that she should get married to Bill and sarcastically offers to throw a party for Bill and Sookie if they got engaged. Tara tries to tell him that he just needs to get what he wants because that is what Maryanne says. He tells her not to talk about Maryanne to him and then asks if she's seen Lafayette who has been missing because he's about to give away his job. She tells him she hasn't seen him but one time he left for one night and ended up gogo dancing in Florida for eight months.

Terry tells Arlene that people disappear all the time but the good parts of them stay put. She tells him she hopes she's right. He tells her that her hair is like a sunset after a bomb went off--pretty. At Sun church Jason is listening to a testament. The Reverend says that God gave them the best weapon against the vampires--the sun. Jason feels he has found his place with the army against the vampires. Tara is cutting off the detective at the bar and he tells her that his family used to own the whole town. She tells him that even a bird that flies so high has to come down at some point. She goes to take his drink away and he grabs it to finish it up. She decides to give him another drink for the pity party he is having. Sookie brings a beer to Hoight. He tells her that he is happy for Bill and he doesn't care what anyone says--if he met a nice vampire girl he would definitely marry her. He asks if Bill knows anyone "his age". Eric and Pam brings Jessica back to him and they tell him that the new vampire is his. They leave her with him because she is annoying. When they leave she asks who is good to eat around those parts. Back at the bar, Sookie goes to get the Detective to cheer up. She tells him to give her his keys and he tells her he's not giving her anything. He thinks that she is probably happy that she was right about him being a failure. She tells him that it will never make her happy to see anyone in pain and tells him that she is going to call his sister. She also calls him Detective Belflour and that makes him happy.

Sam goes to his office and he is upset. He opens up the case and pulls all of his money out of it. There is a lot of money in the locked case. He is putting the money into a bag. Sookie and Tara are following the detective out to his car and he can't find it. They ask for his keys and he says that he doesn't have them because he left them in his car. Sookie tells him that his sister is on her way. He's convinced someone stole his car. He tells them that that the town is going to hell in a handbasket because people are killing left and right and stealing cars. They find his car and he notices there is something in his backseat. He opens the backdoor and a leg falls out and then Tara and Sookie screamed at what they saw.