Season 2

27 :02x01 - True Concert

To save the sewing/design department at school True promises to hold a concert starring Justin Bieber, before asking Justin, and has to hurry to get the musician to come to his own concert.
Special Guest Stars: Justin Bieber as Himself |
Guest Stars: Care Bears On Fire as Themselves

28 :02x02 - The New Kid / Little Shakespeare

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Special Guest Stars: Natasha Bedingfield as Herself |
Guest Stars: Tyler James Williams as Justin "Lil Shakespear" | Jordan Monaghan as Kelsey

29 :02x03 - Flirting With Fame

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30 :02x04 - Holiday Parade

Ryan joins the drama club to win the affections of Kelsey. True works with Pinky Turzo to get revenge on Kelsey for kicking them off set design.
Guest Stars: Jennette McCurdy as Pinky Turzo

31 :02x05 - True Drama

Ryan joins the drama club to win the affections of Kelsey. True works with Pinky Turzo to get revenge on Kelsey for kicking them off set design.
Guest Stars: Felicia Dillon as cheerleader #1

32 :02x06 - My Boss Ate My Homework

Mr Madigan has to go to detention after accidentally eating True's flash drive. True is in charge at the office, but has trouble when the fire marshal shuts down the entire building.

33 :02x07 - Little Buddies

True's class get to be advisers for the new freshmen comming in. True gets a shy girl who causes probelm for her at work; Ryan gets a trouble maker, who keeps framing Ryan in his pranks and Lulu's little buddy is a 40 year old woman returning to highschool after dropping out.

34 :02x08 - True Valentine

True and Jimmy have to date in secret because dating coworkers is against office rules.

35 :02x09 - True Date

Max gets jealous of Doris's new librarian aide, Lance, and the two have a fight. True and Lulu try to get them to make up.

36 :02x10 - The Hunky Librarian

Max gets jealous of Doris's new librarian aide, Lance, and the two have a fight. True and Lulu try to get them to make up.

37 :02x11 - Saving Snackleberry

True and Lulu accidentally arrange for Max a dinner party at Ryan's favorite Hobo-themed restaurant that is in danger of being torn down.

38 :02x12 - Pajama Party

Amanda crashes True's sleepover party, and the two get into a battle of who's more competitive over a children's game. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Ryan seem to have the best night ever starting with a trip to the movies.

39 :02x13 - The Gift

rue and Lulu arrange to have Max's Uncle Cheswick visit for his birthday, not knowing that he is a horse, that Max is terrified of.
Guest Stars: Nathan Kress as Prince Gabriel | J.P. Manoux as Snackleberry Junction Waiter | Oliver Muirhead as Ian

40 :02x14 - True Royal

True shows a young Prince a good time around New York. Amanda asks Lulu to pretend to be her daughter so she can get the "Mothers in Fashion" award. Jimmy gets a souped up mail cart after Ryan breaks the old one.
Guest Stars: Thor Knai as Brad Diempala | Paul F. Tompkins as Royce Bingham

41 :02x15 - True Fear

When Max gets sick, True has to speak for him at the Fashion Gang, and has to face her fear of public speaking. Meanwhile, Lulu and Ryan are convinced that Amanda's new model from Transylvania is a vampire.

42 :02x16 - The Reject Room

True learns that some of her designs have ended up in the reject room, and wonders if she can really trust Mr Madigan. Meanwhile an ex of Amanda's is trying to get revenge for her dumping him.
Guest Stars: Gage Golightly as Vanessa | Samantha Boscarino as Carla | Lawrence Palmer as Ricky Racecar
Director: Gary Halvorson

43 :02x17 - Mission Gone Bad

True accidentally sends Doris's wedding ring to Paris, so she and Lulu go off to try to get it back and end up in a bit of a bind. It's up to Jimmy and Ryan to save them. Meanwhile Amanda is arrested due to a misunderstanding.

44 :02x18 - Trapped in Paris

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45 :02x19 - Heatwave

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46 :02x20 - True Magic / True Kiss

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47 :02x21 - True Luck

True's luck starts failing when her Uncle Troy, the unluckiest man alive (he holds the record for falling down elevator shafts: 11). True thinks that their luck had been switched. Meanwhile Lulu is obsessing over the fact that she had a romantic dream about Ryan.

48 :02x22 - The Fifth of Prankuary

Mr Madigan dares all of Mad Style to prank each other, but True and Lulu think he's gone too far when they believe he is masquerading as a substitute teacher to give a fake test that is worth 70% of their grade.

49 :02x23 - Mad Rocks

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50 :02x24 - True Secret

To raise the company moral, Max holds an Office Carnival. He later catches True and Jimmy kissing and demands that one of them quit by the end of the day. Meanwhile Ryan tries and tries to win Chelsea a stuffed bear at the strong-man game

51 :02x25 - Class Election

True and her friend Shelly decide to run for class president against the current president Kyle Sandbox. Mikey J and Lulu decide to run as well thanks to Lulu's encouragement.

52 :02x26 - True Drive

True has to juggle planning a birthday party, making a coat for Mr Madigan and taking her driver's test all in the same day.

53 :02x27 - The Disaster

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53 :02x28 - True Fame

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55 :02x29 - Field Trip

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Guest Stars: Jack DePew as Jack

56 :02x30 - Principal for a Day

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57 :02x31 - True Mall

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58 :02x32 - Ditch Day

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59 :02x33 - Mystery in Peru Part 1 of 2

The Mad Style gang have a chaotic time in Lima, Peru, where they go to attend Amanda's wedding. Meanwhile, Max makes retirement plans, which center around True.

Source: Nickelodeon
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Fashion/Make-up, Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Saturdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 08, 2008
Ended: August 20, 2011
Episodes Order: 34
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