Season 1

1 :01x01 - Before and After

When Mason wins a promotion within the advertising agency, he must leave behind his best friend Connor. This forces them to reexamine their relationship as both brotherly friends and colleagues in the fiercely competitive ad agency world.
Guest Stars: Heath Freeman as Andrew Hunter | Uriah Shelton as Jack McGuire | Jason O'Mara as Stu Hoffman | Tim Russ as Gordon Benedict | Jonny Rees as Simon Cochran | Kathleen Rose Perkins as Amy | Sally Ann Brooks as Focus Group Woman | Bob Morrisey as Focus Group Man | Adilah Barnes as Focus Group Woman | Jeff Witzke as Focus Group Moderator | Shane Edelman as Focus Group Man | Adam Scott as Sarah's Former Boss | John Getz as Peter Derby

2 :01x02 - All Hell the Victors

Connor must save the day when a client rejects a pitch, which puts Mason's job on the line. Meanwhile, Sarah adds Mason's anxiety.
Guest Stars: Dan Sachoff as Focus Group Moderator | Kathleen Rose Perkins as Amy | John Getz as Peter Derby | Cody McMains as Chip Lyons | Danneel Harris as Jessica | Kimleigh Smith as Focus Group Moderator | Pamela J. Gray as Focus Group Woman | Uriah Shelton as Jack McGuire | Lorna Scott as Focus Group Woman | Tahmus Rounds as Focus Group Woman | Cyd Strittmatter as Focus Group Woman | John Wesley as Focus Group Man | Shannon Burbridge as Focus Group Woman | Mary Warren as Focus Group Woman | Rachael Gillam as Spokesmodel

3 :01x03 - But Wait, There's More

Mason risks it all by promising the company CEO that Sarah will lead the team to complete success. However, this proves to be easier said than done as Sarah begins to consider other job offers.
Guest Stars: Jonny Rees as Simon Cochran | Kathleen Rose Perkins as Amy | Bellamy Young as Carrie Taylor | Adam Scott as Josh Burkett | Stephen Rannazzisi as Jonah Quarles | Andy Milder as Awards Show Emcee | Derek Riddell as Carrie's Husband | Camille Langfield as Luscious Hair | A.J. Tannen as Waiter | Amy Tolsky as Curly Hair

4 :01x04 - Au Courant

Mason gets into an ad campaign problem after reneging on a promise he made to a client. Mason's latest pitch falls short after basing his abnormal teenage daughter's habits which don't exactly translate to all teens her age. Meanwhile, Hector and Tom have a battle over who will escort Sarah to a party.
Guest Stars: Vanessa Marano as Haley McGuire | Sufe Bradshaw as Receptionist | Jonny Rees as Simon Cochran | David Burke (1) as Jim | Ryan Devlin as Scott Chernoff | Scott Klace as Client | Chet Grissom as Client | Samantha Smith as Beverly | Ashley Jones as Amanda Patterson | Brian Palermo as Richard Donarelli | Matt McTighe as Bouncer

5 :01x05 - Way Beyond the Call

Connor makes a bold move by continuing to produce an ad after the client pulls the plug to rethink the entire campaign. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to get back together with her ex-husband and Tony receives devastating news.
Guest Stars: Rhea Seehorn as Tony's Assistant | Peter Cambor as Andrew Hunter | James Black as Commercial Director | John Ross Bowie as Commercial Actor | Terry Walters as Commercial Actress | Peter James Smith as Commercial Editor | Jason O'Mara as Stu Hoffman | Tim Russ as Gordon Benedict | Joseph Limbaugh as Commercial Actor

6 :01x06 - Promises, Promises

In hopes of latching onto a coveted account for Chicago's Olympic bid, an ad group decides to network. Mason grudgingly hands over the Conner managerial control for the group so he and Erin can have a long-weekend at a Ritzy Chicago hotel. Meanwhile, Sarah ads a new partner who left the ad business earlier to raise her children.
Guest Stars: Leslie Grossman as Julie Finn | Mercy Malick as Shannon | Cody Hamilton as Ellison Finn | Liza de Weerd as Female Masseuse | Gino Anthony Pesi as Male Masseur

7 :01x07 - Damage Control

Mason and Conner both seek employment when hit by financial difficulties. But they find a lack of trust between each other as they discover their secrets. Elsewhere, a shampoo account has Sarah up to her neck with problems. And, Tom finds himself involved in an interoffice romance.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Rose Perkins as Amy | Michael Kostroff as Bruce | Christine Dunford as Jan

8 :01x08 - What's the Rush

The Mink Group's chances of landing a new energy drink may be jeopardized by a concealed relationship of a team member. Elsewhere, Sarah uses a dating service to find a love match. And Mason's wife believes he may have a roving eye, so she shows up to his office unexpectedly.
Guest Stars: Vanessa Marano as Haley McGuire | Rhea Seehorn as Brooke | Jeff Daniel Phillips as Hal | Amy Pietz as Diane | Katie Walder as Jacy | Bryan Cuprill as Dave Schanoes | Kevin McCorkle as Stan

9 :01x09 - Odd Man Out

Conner's ex-creative partner is offered freelance work by him, only to discover he doesn't posses the skills needed for the job. Meanwhile, Sarah looks into a high profile beer account, which causes Mink nemesis Simon Cochran to be drawn aware. Back at the McGuire home, Mason attempts to help daughter Haley with her romantic growing pains, which backfires.

10 :01x10 - Thanks, I Needed That

The agency taps into an imported beer account, but find that all is not bubbly as Tony spirals into an uncontrollable rage after learning that adversarial Cochran Group is allowed to join in the pitch. Meanwhile, Conner unearths office secrets while shooting a tribute to Tony for his birthday.

11 :01x11 - Norming

Mason receives an unfavorable evaluation at work, causing an angry outburst and Tony to hire a corporate therapist to help the group through a number of issues. Meanwhile, Sarah finds her new relationship blossoming and seeks the blessing of her ex-husband, only to discover the brutal truth of why he divorced her.

12 :01x12 - You Got Chocolate in My Peanut Butter

A soap product's commercial shoot becomes chaotic when Sarah tangles with the director, which causes friction between herself and Mason. Then Tony gets his hands on a rival group's account and delegates Conner as his partner in the act, making a further rift between Conner and Mason.

13 :01x13 - The More Things Change

Season one closes as the Mink group wins a crucial account, inspiring Denise to offer Mason a huge promotion. Elsewhere, Conner receives important news concerning his affair with a marketer from a energy drink client; and Sarah thinks over which way would be best to break up with her boyfriend.