Tsubasa Chronicle

+In the Clow Kingdom, princess Sakura falls under a spell that causes her memories to scatter about the cosmos. Its up to her childhood friend Syaoran to retrieve them before its too late. He is sent to the Dimension Witch Yuuko for help to do this.
-In Celes Country, a wizard named Fai D. Flowright has just sealed his king into an deep long sleep. He now flees or else the seal may break. In order to continually run, he goes to Yuuko for help.
=In feudal Japan, Nihon era, an unruly ninja named Kurogane is to be taught a lesson about true strength by his princess. He gets sent away to Yuuko so he can learn about this. At first he says he want's nothing to do with Syaoran's quest, but later he becomes their protector.

These 4 people come to Yuuko, they must give up their most prized possessions in order to receive a small creature by the name of Mokona Modoki, a creature that has many powers, The group ends up traveling thru many dimensions, even transcending time, to change the future. What awaits them in each wrld is unknown, time is no matter. They end up in worlds ranging from a 19th century-esque world like Jade to futuristic worlds like Piffle, and even end up in worlds where magic is everywhere, like LeCourt.

In the Tokyo Revelations world, for the OAV, the group end up in a barren world where only one building stands: the Tokyo Governemt Building. Dangers lurk everywhere from acidic rain to giant sand worms. Can they trust the inhabitants of this world? Where is Sakura's feather located in this wasteland called 'Tokyo'? What ARE Fei Wang Reed's plans for the "other" Syaoran, who's seal breaks? Bonds are tested in the most dangerous world the group has come to yet!

[Frequent cameos from several of characters from CLAMP's other works can be seen in Tsubasa, ranging from Angelic Layer to X/1999]

[frequently crosses over with xxxHOLiC]

OP: Synchronicity by Yui Makino
ED: Saigo no Kajitsu (Last Fruit) by Maaya Sakamoto

Opening themes:
1st Season: BLAZE by Kotani KINYA
2nd Season: IT'S by Kotani KINYA

Ending Themes:
1st Season: Loop by Maaya Sakamoto
2nd Season: Kazemachi Jet by Maaya Sakamoto

thanks goes to Capella for providing me with the crossover/cameo information/

Episode Info

Prev: 3x05 -- The Latter Part (May/15/2009)

Yui MakinoYui Makino
voiced Sakura
Yui MakinoYui Makino
voiced Sakura
Miyuu IrinoMiyuu Irino
voiced Syaoran
Daisuke NamikawaDaisuke Namikawa
voiced Fay
Tetsu InadaTetsu Inada
voiced Kurogane
Kazuhiro NakataKazuhiro Nakata
voiced Fei Wang Reed
Kazuhiro NakataKazuhiro Nakata
voiced Fei Wang Reed


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recap: When the gan arrive in the next world they get a nasty surprise: They have been turned into CHIBIS! Tho they end up with out Mokona. They figure that since they can talk, MOkona is near. MOkona is actualy in a difrent world, and yet the same. The gang is actualy inside a drawing. Mokona sees that the artist has a feather, and is using it as a Fountain-quil. She tells MOkona in order to retreive his friends, he has to write a stroy about them. His first story goes wrong, and in the chibi world, the world becomes overcrowded with MOkona's and objects with Mkona's face. (Including a giant sunflower that tries to eat Kurogane).
In MOkona's next attempt, Kurogane is teaching a class that has many familiar faces. Syaoran is a new student and he sits next to Sakura. During lunch, they share a bento box, but they are suddenly interupted when Proffesor Fai comes and asks Syaoran's opinion about something, dragging him off to where 2 people (the couple from Shara) are trying to read a tablet sitting under a giant statue of Mokona.
As Syaoran deciphers it, Fai lets loos a black genie, which goes and attaacks Kuro, who was just minding his own business eating rice balls. Kuro is suddenly turned into a giant lizard, or a Kuro-zilla. Kuro-zilla starts attacking the city with a beam attack, and Syaoran finishes translatin the tablet. Fai gets an idea from it and tells Sakura and Syaoran that they have to kiss inorder to stop Kuro-zilla.
Unfortunatly, every time they lean in, Kuro-zilla atacks them, sending them flying. So the couple, Suzuran and Souseki (from Shara) instead share a kiss. Suddenly the MOkona statue turns into a giant Robo-Mokona, which goes and uses Mokona's "Super-Suction power and sucks Kurogane out of the lizard suit. He also sucks up Syaoran and Sakura and Fai.
The gang end up being teleported to where MOkona is, highly comfused. The artist is gone. MOkona waves Sakura's feather at them. After the gang take a short rest, talking about the changes in the previous world that Syaoran caused, MOkona teleports them to the next world.
The world they left slowlyerases from existance... read more.

2x10: Feelings that Surpass Time recap: As Ashura causes yasha's body to disapear, a feather apears in ts place. Ashura explains to Syaoran and Sakura(who came to the castle) how he knew Yahsa never was there, because Yasha had actualy died years previous. But his love for Yasha let him continue fighting him, so they can be together. Ashura gives Sakura her feather back and attepts to use the castle to ressurect Yasha, for real this time. it fails and the castle disintergrates. Before Syaoran can fall into a crevase, Kurogane resuces him... read more.

recap: The group end up in the next dimension, but separated from eachother. Fai and Kuro end up in a village where there are no women. The Head Priest helps them out, and explains to them about their god, Yasha
Meanwhile Syaoran and Sakura end up in a town where there are no men. In fact men arent alowed. Luckily some nice girls help Syaoran out by dressing him up like a girl. They get told of their god, named Ashura, Ashura, which is the name of Fai's king, whom he is running away from.
Suddenly, something supernatural accurs to both statues, and atear in time and space opens up!.. read more.

1x27: The Princess of the Land of the Birdcage recap: The gang end up in the next world, which is surrounded by a huge birdcage. In this world everyone has a guardian bird. Sakura, Syaoran and Mokona are separated from Kurogane and Fye, who have ended up in the water works. They encounter the Palace guards and eventually get captured.
Meanwhile Sakura and Syaoran meet a young boy who takes them to see Princess Tomoyo. Her uncle, and evil King stole her bird and sealed her voice, so she can only communicate telepathically by touch. In the palace, Fye tells Kurogane that he won't be able to break the cages by sheer force as they are protected by a powerful magic.
Princess Tomoyo and Mokona soon get kidnapped by mind-controlled drones of the king's, and they too end up in the same dungeon that Kurogane and Fye are.
The king plans to use Princess Tomoyo's powers to bring eternal darkness on the world. Sakura, Syaoran, the young boy and a double-agent solder try to break into the palace to rescue Tomoyo, but things dont go to plan as the King starts to steal Tomoyo's power. They encounter strange creatures, but are rescued by Fye and Kurogane. (more later).. read more.

1x26: The Last Wish recap: The gang end up in the next world, on top of each other, where there is a legend that the fist person who makes it to the floating palace gets a wish. All those who have gone before have died so no one is allowed to go there. Mokona says that thats where the feather is so they all go there. The palace is guarded by strange soldiers, the same ones that attacked the Clow Kingdom in the fist episode. First Fye stays behind to fight off the first wave, thinking about his king whiole doing so. They make it to the palace and get surounded by more soldiers. Kurogane stays behind to fight them so Syaoran and Sakura can make it in. There is one last soldier for Syaoran to fight while Sakura makes her wish. She gets her feather from the god and regains another memory. Its similar to the memory that Syaoran was thinking about eariier, about a secret garden he planted, only Sakura's is of course missing a piece.
Later it turns out that Sakura wished that all the dead villagers to be resurected. Mokona then swallows up the gang and they head off to their next adventure..... read more.

Executive Producer: Rui Kuroki
Music: Maaya Sakamoto, Itoh Eri
Musician: Yuki Kajiura
Based On The Works Of: CLAMP
Animation Director: Koichi Mashimo

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Recurring Guests

Maaya Sakamoto as Tomoyo (9 eps)
Sayaka Ohara as Yuuko [Dimension Witch] (8 eps)
Mamoru Miyano as Kamui (2 eps)
Aya Hisakawa as Kero-chan (2 eps)
Minami Takayama as Nataku/Kazuki (2 eps)
Kazuhiro Nakata as Fei Wang Reed (2 eps)
Hiro Shimono as TBR (2 eps)

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• Chronicles of the Wings (Animax dub. (not official) [Asia])
• Tokyo Revelations (Tsubasa Chronicle OAV/OAD), (Used In Japan)
• Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (Manga title)
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