Strength and Kindness - Recap

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The gang end up in the next world right in the middle of some tournament. Mokona senses a power similar to the feathers as the prize so Kurogane, Fye and Syaoran enter to try and win it.
Sakura and Mokona take a walk. and meat a young girl named Charme and her friend Keiffer. Charme is very ill and Keiffer is wounded.
Kurogane, Fye and Syaoran use their own skills to advance to the next round (force, agility and skilled kicking), where Kuragane and Fye face off. Fye runs around the ring avoiding Kuragane, and eventualy leaps off the stage to the seats, which disqualifies the both of them, and pisses Kurogane off.
Keiffer goes to the stadium to face of the winer of the tournament: Syaoran. Syaoran gives the prize, a relic used to pray to the gods, to Keiffer. The gang then prepare to depart to the next world noting that things definatly would have been different if the prize really WAS a feather.