The Battle of Wizards - Recap

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When Sakura wakes up she deides to take a walk around Hanshin. The gang are in a hurry to find her since she has no memories. During the search, Masaioshi comes to try to help when suddenly he and Mokona are kidnapped by a strange kudan! The guys start to wonder what happened when they discover they cant understand a word eachother is saying! It turns out that Mokona is a universal translator.Without him, theres no way to communicate. THey continue on to try to find Masaishi and Mokona, along with searching for Sakura. They reach a location when they suddenly relize they can comunicate again. They arrive at the palace and see Masaishi and mokona (who's having fun) tied up and haning from the topmost peak of the palace. Primrose wants to face off against Syaoran, but Fye steps up with his kudan, a bird, to fight her. Using his fighting technique, which is more dodgeing than straightforward, he tells Primrose that he doesnt want to hurt such a pretty girl. Shogo shortly arrives to tell RPimrose off.