The Last Wish - Recap

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The gang end up in the next world, on top of each other, where there is a legend that the fist person who makes it to the floating palace gets a wish. All those who have gone before have died so no one is allowed to go there. Mokona says that thats where the feather is so they all go there. The palace is guarded by strange soldiers, the same ones that attacked the Clow Kingdom in the fist episode. First Fye stays behind to fight off the first wave, thinking about his king whiole doing so. They make it to the palace and get surounded by more soldiers. Kurogane stays behind to fight them so Syaoran and Sakura can make it in. There is one last soldier for Syaoran to fight while Sakura makes her wish. She gets her feather from the god and regains another memory. Its similar to the memory that Syaoran was thinking about eariier, about a secret garden he planted, only Sakura's is of course missing a piece.
Later it turns out that Sakura wished that all the dead villagers to be resurected. Mokona then swallows up the gang and they head off to their next adventure...