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Draw Mokona - Recap

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When the gan arrive in the next world they get a nasty surprise: They have been turned into CHIBIS! Tho they end up with out Mokona. They figure that since they can talk, MOkona is near. MOkona is actualy in a difrent world, and yet the same. The gang is actualy inside a drawing. Mokona sees that the artist has a feather, and is using it as a Fountain-quil. She tells MOkona in order to retreive his friends, he has to write a stroy about them. His first story goes wrong, and in the chibi world, the world becomes overcrowded with MOkona's and objects with Mkona's face. (Including a giant sunflower that tries to eat Kurogane).
In MOkona's next attempt, Kurogane is teaching a class that has many familiar faces. Syaoran is a new student and he sits next to Sakura. During lunch, they share a bento box, but they are suddenly interupted when Proffesor Fai comes and asks Syaoran's opinion about something, dragging him off to where 2 people (the couple from Shara) are trying to read a tablet sitting under a giant statue of Mokona.
As Syaoran deciphers it, Fai lets loos a black genie, which goes and attaacks Kuro, who was just minding his own business eating rice balls. Kuro is suddenly turned into a giant lizard, or a Kuro-zilla. Kuro-zilla starts attacking the city with a beam attack, and Syaoran finishes translatin the tablet. Fai gets an idea from it and tells Sakura and Syaoran that they have to kiss inorder to stop Kuro-zilla.
Unfortunatly, every time they lean in, Kuro-zilla atacks them, sending them flying. So the couple, Suzuran and Souseki (from Shara) instead share a kiss. Suddenly the MOkona statue turns into a giant Robo-Mokona, which goes and uses Mokona's "Super-Suction power and sucks Kurogane out of the lizard suit. He also sucks up Syaoran and Sakura and Fai.
The gang end up being teleported to where MOkona is, highly comfused. The artist is gone. MOkona waves Sakura's feather at them. After the gang take a short rest, talking about the changes in the previous world that Syaoran caused, MOkona teleports them to the next world.
The world they left slowlyerases from existance.