Two and a Half Men

Chuck Lorre     Creator (2003-)246 Eps
Lee Aronsohn     Creator (2003-)246 Eps
Andy Ackerman     Executive Producer (2003)8 Eps
Kim Tannenbaum     Executive Producer (2003-)246 Eps
Eric Tannenbaum     Executive Producer (2003-)246 Eps
Chuck Lorre     Executive Producer (2003-)245 Eps
Oren Koules     Executive Producer (2003-2011)177 Eps
Mark Burg     Executive Producer (2003-2011)177 Eps
Lee Aronsohn     Executive Producer (2003-2012)201 Eps
Mark Roberts (2)     Executive Producer (2008-2010)46 Eps
Don Foster     Executive Producer (2008-2011)62 Eps
Susan Beavers     Executive Producer (2008-2012)86 Eps
Eddie Gorodetsky     Executive Producer (2008-2013)109 Eps
Jim Patterson     Executive Producer (2011-)69 Eps
Don Reo     Executive Producer (2011-)69 Eps
Michael Collier     Executive Producer (2012-)45 Eps
Jeff Abugov     Co-Executive Producer (2003-2005)58 Eps
Don Foster     Co-Executive Producer (2003-2008)114 Eps
Eddie Gorodetsky     Co-Executive Producer (2004-2008)91 Eps
Susan Beavers     Co-Executive Producer (2005-2008)67 Eps
Mark Roberts (2)     Co-Executive Producer (2006-2008)43 Eps
Michael Collier     Co-Executive Producer (2009-2012)62 Eps
Jim Patterson     Co-Executive Producer (2010-2011)16 Eps
David Richardson (1)     Co-Executive Producer (2011-2012)24 Eps
Steve Tompkins     Co-Executive Producer (2012-)45 Eps
Eric Lapidus     Supervising Producer (2003-2004)24 Eps
Susan Beavers     Supervising Producer (2003-2005)39 Eps
Eddie Gorodetsky     Supervising Producer (2004)10 Eps
Sid Youngers     Supervising Producer (2004-2005)13 Eps
Mark Roberts (2)     Supervising Producer (2005-2006)24 Eps
Jim Patterson     Supervising Producer (2008-2010)47 Eps
Tracey Ormandy     Producer (2003-2004)23 Eps
Mark Roberts (2)     Producer (2004-2005)24 Eps
Michael Collier     Producer (2004-2009)115 Eps
Jim Patterson     Producer (2006-2008)43 Eps
Carol Anne Miller     Producer (2011-)64 Eps
Annette Sahakian Davis     Producer (Pilot only)1 Eps
Mark Roberts (2)     Co-Producer (2003-2004)23 Eps
Joe Bella     Co-Producer (2004-)221 Eps
Jim Patterson     Co-Producer (2005-2006)24 Eps
Mary T. Quigley     Co-Producer (2006-)174 Eps
Toti Levine     Co-Producer (2008-)131 Eps
Carol Anne Miller     Co-Producer (2008-2011)69 Eps
Steven Banks     Co-Producer (2012)4 Eps
Alissa Neubauer     Co-Producer (2013)18 Eps
Susan McMartin     Co-Producer (2013-)22 Eps
Susan Beavers     Consulting Producer (2003)9 Eps
Eddie Gorodetsky     Consulting Producer (2003-2004)13 Eps
Jim Patterson     Consulting Producer (2005)8 Eps
Stephen Leff     Consulting Producer (2005)8 Eps
Sid Youngers     Consulting Producer (2005)11 Eps
David Richardson (1)     Consulting Producer (2009-2011)38 Eps
Don Reo     Consulting Producer (2010-2011)16 Eps
Nick Bakay     Consulting Producer (2012-2013)16 Eps
Saladin K. Patterson     Consulting Producer (2013-)18 Eps
James Vallely     Consulting Producer (2013-)22 Eps
Jeff Lowell     Consulting Producer (2013-)22 Eps
Tim Kelleher     Consulting Producer (2013-)22 Eps
Frank Merwald     Associate Producer (2003-2004)23 Eps
Toti Levine     Associate Producer (2004-2008)91 Eps
Jerry O'Sullivan (3)     Associate Producer (2009-)107 Eps
Kathy Nawabi     Associate Producer (2009-2010)22 Eps
Katie Jones     Associate Producer (2013-)22 Eps
Erin Braun     Associate Producer (Pilot only)1 Eps
John Shaffner     Production Designer198 Eps
Joe Bella     Editor244 Eps
Peter Chakos     Editor (Pilot only)1 Eps
Ken Miller (2)     Casting244 Eps
Nikki Valko     Casting244 Eps
Laura Lynn     Unit Production Manager (2003-2004)24 Eps
Carol Anne Miller     Unit Production Manager (2004-)221 Eps
Jean Zuhorski     Unit Production Manager (Pilot only)1 Eps
Marc Peterson     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Dale White (1)     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Ron Moseley     First Assistant Director3 Eps
Mark K. Samuels     First Assistant Director243 Eps
Keith C.A. Jones     Second Assistant Director22 Eps
Lorri Fischer     Second Assistant Director13 Eps
Caryn Shick     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Carol Anne Miller     Second Assistant Director24 Eps
Joseph Stafford     Second Assistant Director57 Eps
Chris Jensen     Second Assistant Director (as Christian Jensen)130 Eps
Dennis C. Brown     Music246 Eps
Grant Geissman     Music246 Eps
Mary T. Quigley     Costume Designer246 Eps
Ralph M. Abalos     Hairstylist24 Eps
Lisa Cubero     Hairstylist1 Eps
Gloria Albarran Ponce     Hairstylist9 Eps
Jennifer Guerrero     Hairstylist1 Eps
Krista Borrelli     Hairstylist1 Eps
Robert Hallowell     Hairstylist37 Eps
Pixie Schwartz     Hairstylist173 Eps
Stephen Davis (3)     Key Grip7 Eps
Bo Miller     Key Grip53 Eps
Michael Fay     Key Grip (as Myke Fay)7 Eps
John Dechene     Camera Operator16 Eps
Brian Brockway     Camera Operator16 Eps
Jamie Hitchcock     Camera Operator16 Eps
Brian Armstrong (2)     Camera Operator16 Eps
Francoise Cherry-Cohen     Set Designer9 Eps
Ann Shea (2)     Set Decorator246 Eps
Lee Lee Baird     Property Master240 Eps
David Saltzman     Property Master4 Eps
Gilbert Spragg     Property Master1 Eps
Peter Damski     Production Sound Mixer1 Eps
Bruce Peters     Production Sound Mixer211 Eps
Marilyn A. Bagley     Script Supervisor151 Eps
Carol McKechnie     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Allison Staak-Dettore     Production Coordinator9 Eps
Mary Rodriquez     Production Coordinator1 Eps
Katie Jones     Production Coordinator18 Eps
Susan Vercelli     Production Coordinator12 Eps
Kathy Nawabi     Production Coordinator29 Eps
Adam L. Taylor     Post Production Supervisor11 Eps
Dennis McElroy     Post Production Supervisor24 Eps
Matt Allen     Post Production Supervisor26 Eps
Jerry O'Sullivan (3)     Post Production Supervisor6 Eps
Tamara Johnson     Re-Recording Mixer1 Eps
Kathy Oldham     Re-Recording Mixer242 Eps
Bob La Masney     Re-Recording Mixer246 Eps
Charlie McDaniel, III     Re-Recording Mixer77 Eps
Bobby Burton     Gaffer67 Eps
Steven V. Silver     Director of Photography (2003-2013)223 Eps
Mark Davison (2)     Director of Photography (2013-)22 Eps
Tony Askins     Director of Photography (Pilot only)1 Eps
Adam Waring     Story Editor (2006)13 Eps
Max Searle     Story Editor (2012-2013)24 Eps
Matt Ross (2)     Story Editor (2012-2013)24 Eps
Susan McMartin     Story Editor (2012-2013)23 Eps
Gemma Baker (2)     Story Editor (2012-2013)23 Eps
John Shaffner     Art Director48 Eps
Francoise Cherry-Cohen     Art Director25 Eps
Matt Allen     Post Production Coordinator8 Eps
Leo Knox     Post Production Coordinator25 Eps
Jerry O'Sullivan (3)     Post Production Coordinator8 Eps
Michael Collier     Coordinating Producer (2004)14 Eps
Tatiana Nell     Coordinating Producer (2005-2006)24 Eps
Mona Garcea     Coordinating Producer (2008-2010)46 Eps
Suzanne McCormack     Coordinating Producer (2010-)85 Eps
Maria Espada Pearce     Coordinating Producer (2012-2013)23 Eps
Eric Lapidus     Executive Consultant (2004-)221 Eps
Tom Moore (3)     Executive Consultant (2006)11 Eps
Don Foster     Executive Consultant (2011-2013)47 Eps
Lee Aronsohn     Executive Consultant (2012-)45 Eps
Pat Doak     Associate Director3 Eps
John Rago     Associate Director1 Eps
Russell Sherman     Associate Director1 Eps
Lauren Breiting     Associate Director1 Eps
Tom Doak     Associate Director2 Eps
Howard Murray     Associate Director1 Eps
Rick Beren     Associate Director23 Eps
Jean Sagal     Associate Director214 Eps
Matt Ross (2)     Executive Story Editor (2013-)21 Eps
Max Searle     Executive Story Editor (2013-)21 Eps
Briana Cuoco     Choreographer1 Eps
Joseph Malone (2)     Choreographer1 Eps
Chryssie Whitehead     Choreographer1 Eps
Peter Pappas     Casting Associate219 Eps
Francoise Cherry-Cohen     Assistant Art Director4 Eps
Peggy Nichols     Makeup Artist1 Eps
Dee Dee Altamura     Makeup Artist1 Eps
Janice Berridge     Makeup Artist (2003-)230 Eps
Ann Masterson     Makeup Artist (2003-2004)14 Eps
Chuck Lorre     Theme By246 Eps
Lee Aronsohn     Theme By246 Eps
Grant Geissman     Theme By246 Eps
Technicolor     Post Production Services23 Eps
Warner Bros. Post Production Services     Sound Services By23 Eps
A Fotokem Company     Film Processing By19 Eps
Ascent Media     Film Processing By1 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2003
Ended: February 19, 2015
Episode Order: 16
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