Tyler Perry's House of Payne

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In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85
How many episodes were in the eighth season Medium msd85• 62
How many episodes were in the seventh season Medium msd85• 18
• 19
• 20
How many episodes were in the sixth season Medium msd85• 45
• 46
• 47
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 18
• 16
• 17
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 35
• 37
• 38
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 251
• 252
How many seasons did the show run Medium msd85• 8
• 9
On what cable network did the show air Easy msd85• TBS
• TV Land
What is Miranda's fathers profession Medium tvlover2008• Lawyer
• Doctor
• Professor
• Dentist
What nickname did Claretha give to Janine's father with whom she had once slept Medium tvlover2008• Dimples
• Dumpling
• Danger
• Ripples
What is Ella's maiden name Medium tvlover2008• Tompson
• Taylor
• Thompson
• Tyler
On which date did the show premiere in syndication Hard tvlover2008• June 21, 2007
• July 6, 2007
• July 6, 2006
Name Ella's mother Medium tvlover2008• Eunice
• Ellie
• Eugena
• Emily
What relation is Kelly Payne to Curtis Payne Medium tvlover2008• Brother
• Father
• Uncle
Name the actor who portrayed Kelly Payne Medium tvlover2008• Allen Payne
• Lance Gross
In the episode Teacher's Pet what is the hamster's name Medium tvlover2008• Hammer
• Henry
In Season 6, Curtis and Ella discover they aren't married Easy tvlover2008• False
• True
Name the only female firefighter at the firehouse Medium tvlover2008• Angela
• Amelia
• Angel
• Audrey
At the end of Season 5, CJ interviews for a job in which city Easy tvlover2008• Boston
• Chicago
• Los Angeles
• Miami
What was the cost of repairing Curtis and Ella's house Medium tvlover2008• $20,000
• $12,000
• $22,000
• $25,000
In which state do Janine's parents reside Medium tvlover2008• Florida
• New York
• California
• Maine
How much does Calvin spend on Miranda's engagement ring Medium tvlover2008• $18,000
• $4,000
• $8,000
• $14,000
Curtis suffered a heart attack in Season 4 Easy tvlover2008• False
• True
What is Miranda's maiden name Medium tvlover2008• Lucas
• Lucca
In the episode That Sounds Sweet what does Ella name her baking business Easy tvlover2008• Ella's Treats
• Ella's Goodies
• Ella's Sweets
• Ella's Heaven
CJ, Janine, Calvin, and Miranda were married in a double ceremony Easy tvlover2008• True
• False
Name Miranda's nephew Medium tvlover2008• Brenden
• Bradley
• Bailey
• Brandon
In the episode Moral Dilemma how much money did CJ find in his truck Medium tvlover2008• $150,000
• $50,000
• $5,000
In the original pilot how was CJ related to Curtis and Ella Medium tvlover2008• Nephew
• Godson
Name the website Calvin starts for posting bad dates Medium tvlover2008• She's Crazy dot com
• She's A Whack dot com
• She's Loony dot com
By which pet name does Calvin refer to Jazmine Easy tvlover2008• Little Girl
• Little Star
• Little Bit
• Little One
Name the person responsible for burning down CJ's house Easy tvlover2008• Malik
• Janine
• CJ
• Jazmine
CJ finds out in Season 4 that he was adopted Easy tvlover2008• True
• False
Name Floyd's daughter Easy tvlover2008• Kiki
• Olivia
• Dana
• Angel
Name Jazmine's favorite doll Medium tvlover2008• Miss Margaret
• Miss Missy
• Miss Melissa
• Miss Maggie
What does Curtis call himself for the month of February fireman's calendar Medium tvlover2008• Black Love
• Black Cupid
• Black Sweetheart
Name Jazmine and Malik's spider that Curtis stomps Medium tvlover2008• Charlotte
• Carla
• Carrie
What is Janine's maiden name Medium tvlover2008• Sheldon
• Jackson
• Carter
Who owns the barbershop Easy tvlover2008• Floyd
• Kiki
• Dana
• Zack
What is the engine company number of the firehouse where Curtis is the former chief Medium tvlover2008• 15
• 25
• 5
In what state does Jazmine attend a school for the gifted Medium tvlover2008• North Dakota
• North Carolina
• South Dakota
• South Carolina
Name the reality tv show that profiles the firehouse Medium tvlover2008• Flames
• Hot
• Heat
• Sparks
In how many episodes has Mr. Brown made an appearance Medium tvlover2008• 4
• 3
• 5
• 2
What does Curtis call his fire truck Medium tvlover2008• Big Red
• Ruby
• Garnet
• Redlicious
To which drug does Janine become addicted Easy tvlover2008• Heroin
• Crack
• Methamphetamine
Name the Hispanic family who moves into Claretha's old house Medium tvlover2008• Gomez
• Hernandez
In how many episodes has Madea made an appearance Medium tvlover2008• 1
• 3
• 2
• 4
In what city is the show set Easy tvlover2008• Birmingham
• Louisville
Network: tbs ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Family
Status: Ended
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 06, 2007
Ended: August 10, 2012
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